Sag wondering what to do with a libra woman?

  • well we didnt talk last night, but she responded to my bulletin i put up last night on myspace. asking what im gonna do? and i layed ALL THE CARDS OUT on the table, just now so i wait for the response, and yet the sag horoscope today seems dead on again, so maybe she responds, with good intensions, but there always that chance it wont and possibly be over with, ughh we will see, frickin A! damn my mind for thinking too much.

  • wow i finally got her to open up and tell me about her past, which i shared a little of mine earlier and the rest of it after she did hers, and let me tell ya holy crap!!! we have so much in common its not even funny!!!, maybe thats why i felt such a connection with her, and could kinda sense when shes having a bad day, etc... but this is a very big step, and i can only see things getting better from here, so now i completely understand why it seemed like she was testing me, and why she seemed so scared to get involved cause, i cant even explain and wont explain how much we have in common. its just crazy, so i think im good for a while and probably wont have any problems for a little. to post about

  • That is awesome. I wish you the best of luck sweetie! Just take it easy, take it slow and everything will work out great! all things come when they are suppose too 🙂


    i was gonna make a new post, but maybe new people can read back and put in some advice lol,

    WELL im sure people seen me talk about this Libra girl alot giving other people advice haha,

    but i have to say that its been weird the last month or so cause we havent hung out at all!!!! besides me going to see her at her work a month ago, but havent doing anything sense, which it kinda worries me a little bit but not too much, i do feel as if she thinks im putting alot of pressure on her, cause im not shy to her anymore and im a Sag/Virgo/gemini and my birth chart says that i tell it like it is haha, so now im not afraid to say things like shes beautiful,caring,sweet, great person, etc.... but i dont say that maybe only like 4 times the last month. and i tell her that i truly mean what i say, AND after every time i have said things like that, shes doesnt respond to the message i sent to her, BUT the next day i always get this "good morning!' text as i can tell that after reading what i sent that it REALLY makes her happy,which in turn makes me happy that i could do that for her.

    I still find it a little weird to see what i say or dont say to her has so much affect on her attitude, cause to me its strange to think what i say means so much to her or anyone in general, cause ive always been the person people wouldnt listen too until they tried other ways first then tried mine and it worked lol BUT even though it sounds like everythings fine theres always something not right, so i asked her what she thought about me saying nice things to her and also said that "i can see that it makes you feel good,which makes me happy" then in her response i get this "It makes me happy yes also worries me cause im scared im gonna say something wrong to it or hurt your feelings or something like that" heres another "And yes you're right im not used to hearing ppl say they think im pretty or anything like that." "most days i'm not and i kno i look like shit. lol like today i know i'm not looking good at all but who cares I'm just sittin in classes takin notes" AND still hasnt told me what it was she was afraid of about hurting my feelings, which i told her that whatever you say wont hurt as long as its the truth, and still nothing but whatever i geuss.

    maybe it just me or something, but i tend to find it attractive when girls wear "comfy" clothes, have hair down, looking like a mess(they think) LMAO just sitting at home relaxing im weird!!!

    i know shes insecure about her weight(she gained 40lbs after her break up with her ex) but honestly she must at the most! weigh 180-200lbs standing, maybe a little chubby(but that what i like lol) but everytime i tell her shes beautiful, etc..... i think shes thinking im putting pressure on her to say,show,or do something to/for me, (which in most guys cases they want something in return, but im unlike most guys) which she never said but i felt like i needed to clear it up today, so i did, and i she probably feels better now, i told her that is just what i see about you,even if you dont see it, why am i the only guy that see's this?

    one last thing we didnt text very much at all the last few days, and what i last said above happened today, she wasnt answering my text like normal, and i had a weird feeling like something was wrong with her, i asked if she was ok, a few times no answer all day, then i said, "give me at least something so i dont worry about you" and 2 mintues later i get "im fine"


    ok im done whew,

  • Hi Chevelleman...been following you and Dragonfly's responses and really impressed by her support of you. I feel however that you suffer from low self-esteem. Why not go to the gym, eat more salads, get a personal trainer and bbecome a 'babe-magnet'? You will then be inundated with offer from the opposite sex and this Libran wll fade in importance. I have never yet met a Sagg. who is bad-looking, so TAKE CONTROL of your image and reach for the stars as far as grls are concerned. Women like confident men,...the ball's in your court. Peace and love.

  • hahaha, yes when younger i had a very bad self image, and still do to a point, but not that bad anymore, honestly i have really never had any problems with girls thinking im cute or whatever, even had one girl at taco bell would studder and couldnt focus when taking my order when i went there for lunch after work, but then be normal to everyone else haha, but yep not that much confidence to go up and ask her to a date or something.

    well i started lifting weights in my senior year and i got my highschool curl record there now haha 160lbs, after that i broke my ankle and lost ALOT of my muscle i worked hard for, but over the years, working out here and there ive got it back, but still weigh 315lbs, (even though i dont look it) i want to work out all the time, but im just too busy helping my parents and everything, and when im done helping them im tired and wore out lol even since talking to this Libra girl ive gained alot of confidence, and EVERYONE has noticed lol but im also not the type of person to "go out" or "be friends" with more than one person and if i liked them both have to choose one, and risk hurting someone i dunno if i could do that. i take pride in not being like other guys, and i dont wanna act like the typical Ass****. you know?

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