Sag wondering what to do with a libra woman?

  • ok heres my deal. im 21 (Sagittarius) ive met this girl 22(Libra) going on 3 weeks ago threw a dating website(my brother found her for me lol) and its scary how much we have in common. like really? is it possible to be that much alike? lol but anyway shes only had one serious relationship a few years back then they break up and then a year later he tells her how he feels but still doesnt want him back . then she finds me.and she wants to take things slow which at first i wasnt ok with cause i like her ALOT but im fine now i enjoy talking to her. we are both really shy people at first but not now, cause we both feel comfortable around eachother. we've hung out 3 times and had lots of fun. but im still wondering if i should make the first move or not cause we've told eachother how we feel but still i dunno maybe i just wait until she makes the 1st move cause shes more worried about getting hurt than i am but i dunno tell me what u think. complicated i know! lol tell me what you guys think and thanks to whoever responds.

  • Easy, make the first move, but be sure to be appropriate and also ask yourself this question -

    Do you see yourself marrying the girl?

    If your freaking out, then dont make a move. Sheezzz, the girl doesnt want to get hurt again - if that far into the future scares you, the hold off till its the future and ask yourself again. Thats how I found my hubby - I asked myself that question till I found a guy I could honestly answer the question "yes".

  • First off God Bless You both..

    I am also a Sagittarius, and I can honestly say I hear only the nicest things about a sag and a libra. So pray on exactly what you want from her, and let her pray exactly what she wants from you, put it in Gods hands and see what the outcome is.

    Abundance of Blessings.

  • thanks. i think we hanging out again this saturday, so we'll see what happens, the first couple days of us talking to eachother was crazy lol we be up until like 4:00 in the morning when she had work at 8:00 lol. but now shes super busy with school 5 days a week and work on weekends so its tight. but shes even went as far as saying "i never in my wildest dreams thought i'd meet another guy i might get serious with right now and then you show up" direct quote lol and another "I do like you lots and LOTS but yes I am cautious and scared of anything serious right now." which by the way is all fine with me cause i know shes busy and doesnt need me as another distraction cause she needs to be focused on her school work. so i think if i make the first move its just gonna push her away right now cause shes got alot going on right now. but we do text everyday still ask her how her day went etc.. just alot of flirty text back and forth. so it good right now no need to rush things.

  • well we hung out last night, i geuss it was friday instead of saturday, but it was a good night, she likes doin the group date thing cause she more comfortable that way i think, but then that puts me out of place and makes me extremely quiet lol, but it was a nice night, neither of us tried to do anything at the end of the night just a nice hug and "drive safe text me when u get home" as always lol but im really not that worried about not trying anything but then again i am about ending up just a friend,, ugh i just lost, haha i dont know my sag in me just kinda wants to run away cause its scary but then i dont want to.

  • Hi Sag. man I think she's trrying to 'draw you out' with this 'dont want to get hrt' tosh. What about your feelings? Be direct like a Sag. should be and make a move or forget it! I have never met a reluctant female Libra..theyre tugh, but not bery balanced. If you dont want t come out with it, try making her jealous and she will nab you instantly! Good luck!..I think you might in any case be too sensitive for her..I do,not think she is ...!

  • thanks for your advice, but heres the thing I have been upfront with how i feel about her, i said shes beautiful one night and she says that im the only one to ever say that to her, im very direct with what im saying but for her i feel like shes holding back ALOT about what she wants to say but just cant say it back to me which is driving me nuts lol i dunno maybe i confront her? cause shes said that "for me it really hard to say what i wanna say when i wanna say it" so maybe ask her to tell me what she wants to say and dont take no for an answer? hmmm maybe thanks again

  • Hmmmm Sag-man, you seem to have a communication problem with this female. She is like the ancient oracle = talks in riddles!. Why not "go missing" (not literally of course) for a couple of days and see whether or not she tries to contact you?. If being direct isn't wprking, why not answer a riddle with a riddle of your own and let the Libra do some head-work for a change. Cannot help feeling though, Sag., that a more direct Gemini or someone is what you need!. THis Libran seems to be playing mind-games with deserve more honesty.

    Peace and love

  • Update! i took the things you said into consideration and i have done a few things, FIRST OFF we text alot!! no talking really, easier for us both to show our emotions, and i got her to pretty much admit that shes been messing with me a bit, i tell her something kinda flirty and she responds with a "lol" or something thats only like 2 words, and i text her back saying " you know that those short texts you say drive me crazy dont you?" "sorry 😛 " she says then i say, "im thinking you do it on purpose too! lol" she says "maybe"

    i was like OMG! still shes really not willing to open up to me enough to trust me, plus we're both the type that dont pursue people, we wait to be pursued. so im giving in and switchin my game up a little bit. like today i really wanted to see her today badly i dont know why, so i ask her "when you getting off work maybe we can do something?" nope i cant i got to study for 3 quizzes next week sorry, im thinking in my head "bull**** she needs to study all weekend when they cant all be on monday can they? but i didnt say that to her, instead i say "ok if i get time today when im done here, i geuss i could go shopping for clothes wink" (she works in a retail clothing store),

    but i sent that text to her at 2:22 pm and it now 8:00 pm shes off work at 9:30 and still no response from her which i kinda expected lol, im hoping that she got excited that I said I would go see her today,(probably) but then i started thinking that maybe instead of me always showing interest in her out the ying yang!, instead i have chosen to stay home and make her think for about me for change, but i cant help but worry a little bit that she might take it the wrong way, my little mind game of my own, but i dunno

    i was thinking that maybe at around 10:30 to text her saying "omg im sorry i tottally forgot to come see you today" or not even text her back at all and even if she text me, dont text back until tomorrow, and then say that i feel alseep early, im debating what to do any advice? probably by the time anyone responds i would have chosen already but still wanna hear what you guys think.

  • I think the previous response is close to the truth. I don't think she is interested to be more than friends, but she doesn't want to lose you, in case she changes her mind someday. you need someone direct, maybe a leo or gemini like the other person said. I know for sure unless you met a shy leo, you will know if she is interested or not. why not go online and chat in other forums? there must be many online, doesn't have to be dating. the more you chat the more probability you will meet girls. even if nothing goes further, you will still be able to text a lot more people 🙂

  • well thats the thing ive never really had problems with girls showing me that they are attracted to me but I was always not confident enough to act on it, but now dealing with this one girl, giving me a confidence boost and people all ready say " you seem different some how" so i geuss thats a good thing, but yeah a got few girls i could get into contact with again cause there still single, but then if i kept in contact with both of them at the same time, and one day had to choose one,

    i dont know if i could do that as a person, cause i would hate to break someones heart, and that would just suck big time, so thats my feeling on that, i have told this current girl this already, and she said she would be jealous but its also not right for her to keep me at arms length(which she has been doing) and then im torn and i dont know what to do. i think ill still talk to this girl for maybe another week or two, and by then if she doesnt know what she wants ill just plain say how i feel about her leading me on and say that as of now im gonna start talking to other girls, but i wont break contact with her, i just wont text her as much as i do now.

  • life is about making an option. just make sure that you weight all your actions with the balance of heart and mind. there is no way you can be completely right about everything so don't worry about it. keep all communication open and be honest to every one of them what you like and don't like. then when the time comes for you to choose, there will be less friction because everyone else knows pretty much why you choose someone.

  • Ok Mr/ Chevelle man...let's see here. the vibe I am getting is she IS kinda playying around with you. Not saying it's a bad thing and not saying it's a good thing either. YOU ARE A SAG!!! ME TOO! 🙂 Now think about what I ask you next...What does your GUT say?...The feeling I am getting is..this girl DOES like you however....that ex of hers? She is waiting to feel him out and I have a feeling she is keeping you on the side. I could be wrong but I got a weird vibe.

    Does she seem nervous around you? Does she look around alot? Do you just hang out at her place or your place? Do you guys go out in public? How does she act. A man is just a sensitive as a woman is. Becareful sweetie. There is an underlying issue that she has not brought to your attention.

    Us Sag's when we fall, we fall hard!! We make that other person our entire world. My suggestion...STOP texting her. Make her wonder what your up to and see what happens. Nothing to hurtful or anything but don't be there every single minute until things get more serious.

    Like I said, just a feeling I have. I would find out some more about this ex there is something fishy about that. The girl seems sweet, and I am sure you too will go great together..once she stops playing 'I am going to make my ex a little jealous." That's what I am feeling.

    I have several different tarot decks I work with. I will do a reading for you an d see what I get but is the jest of it.

    She is a sweet girl, just very confused becasue of her last/first relationship and I have a feeling that was her first man that she as ever with (as in naughty things) so it's gonna kinda be a hard thing for her to deal with. Just be supportive. Be her friend if need be. Show her that you are there for her and you respect her. Basically gently but slowly and if she can't be opne with you...a Sag can't be with someone who isn't open or secretive...we can't stadn it. We rely on full unabashed honesty. We don't like secrets between us and our mates.

    I will do a reading though just see what's up.^^ I'll try to be on a little later. 🙂

  • damn your good lol she is playing around with me a little bit, she said "maybe" when i asked her lol but just trying to see where i stand i think, yes as a SAG i can say that i am falling for her hard but i cant call it love yet cause weve only been talking for about a month, (and plus i think she'd freak out lol) MY GUT SAYS that this girl could very well possily be the "one" cause we share so much of same interests, life experiences, etc... thats its really weird to have that much in common.

    her EX lives in colorado, and now shes in Arizona, and she still has him as a friend on myspace but i doubt that they talk to eachother, shes a little nervous around me, i am more than her though, it always an awkward moment when we hand out and then we say goodbye out by her car, just a hug is all i give cause im trying to act on her wishes on "taking it slow" but its always awkward like that 1st kiss moment awkward everytime lol,

    the 1st time we met was over at my sisters house and played some nintendo WII (so she was nervous and i could open up more in my comfort zone) we both are game players so it made it very fun and competive, i made her laugh by getting really "into the game and being playful"

    the second time we hung out was over at her friends house and i was extremely quiet at first cause meeting new people always does that, but then i opened up more we went to the movie store and got a movie to watch for later, but until then we played board games!! i was like why board games ugh this gonna be boring. which it wasnt at all it was very fun, it was her, me, her two girl friends and the boyfriend of one of the other girls, the game was "imaginff" pick a card and you say someone name and say imagine if cody(me) was a style of food what kind would he be? and it gives you options, it kinda shows what you think about your friends for fun, but everytime something came up about her, she would ALWAYS look at mine first and then comment on it, like " you think im that!!" or "oh your sweet" lol so it was fun, then

    during the movie, i did the infamous arm around her move, but i said first "you look uncomfortable, wanna get more comfortable?" and so she had her head on my chest and i had my arm around her, and the next day i couldnt help but ask her how she felt about it, and she said that she was comfortable and i said yeah" it just felt right to me"

    ok by this time weve talked on phone for 3 hours and 6 minutes this one night(yes i know the exact time! lol) but talked about of alot of stuff maybe "too deep of stuff" for only been talking for 2 weeks, then it kinda came it a head where, she didnt text me one or two days, while im going insane and then jump to conclusions, and acted like an ass " like who have you been hanging out with" etc.. which it was very weird the next two days, then my older brother is saying geez you guys need to slow it down, which he was right cause we were both going a 100 miles per hour,

    so the 3rd time we hung out we went to the movies and her friends ended "canceling" which i said was b.s lol and she was like" yes! they did cancel! lol" and well this was after we had to slow it down, and im thinking ok, im not gonna try to do anything, during the movie we sat there i didnt put my arm around her, we talked a little bit threw the movie but not much, just was awkward it seemed, then i walked her out to her car and talked for like 10 minutes then just a hug again!! i went to my sisters house cause they were still up, and told them about my date and my sister was like " you put your arm around her the 2nd date, and then you should have done it this time also", which got me worried and freaking out a little,

    this last time we hung out was a group thing again and we went to "dennys" lol (i geuss they go there quite a bit) and it was fun, i was more open cause i met all of them before and then after that she said that needed socks from walmart and all of us headed there and that was pretty fun too, me keeping my distance( we havent held hands yet, nothing touchy feely except the one movie night) she asked my opinion on shirts she was looking at and everything, me being brutaly honest (if i didnt like it i told her so lol) and she sees something that catches her eye and " omg i want that" so i would comment like ' jesus you want to buy anything and everything dont you? lol' getting her to laugh.

    so that kept up the whole time we were there, THEN she heading over to the books/ mags area(she reads alot) and her friend says hey look at this mag!. she starts saying" what every guy is thinking when you first meet them"(off of cover) and other one also, and im looking at her friends boyfriend, and i start shaking my head at him and he started to laugh, then we leave and ( i was sick with sore throat but still went) and during the hug pretty much said "too bad im sick or i'd kiss you right now" she chuckled, and then we said "drive safe and text me when you get home"

    SO up until now we still been texting, i went out to the karoke bar last night with my brothers ex-girlfriend and some of her friends(i know what yer thinking and no it not like that shes like a sister to me after 4 years of knowing her) plus he knew thats where i was cause they still talk, but anyways i invited her to go with me but she was studying, i also included that i was going with my bros ex and her friends, so i dunno maybe that made her jealous and the fact that even though she wasnt going i still went anyway, so far today i havent text her, and im thinkin i shouldnt until she text me first, cause i wanna tell her how much fun i had last night but maybe i dont text her and make her think a little bit and wonder" hey he went out with these girls last night and hasnt text me today" or when she text me and i say say how much fun i had might make her mad or jealous also,

    so hmm i dunno dragon i think u can take the ball and run with it now and say what u think, and wow i typed alot lol

  • wow i put alot of detail into that one jesus and oh yeah the last part u said, im being supportive shes text me having a bad day, and i ask her about it and she doesnt tell me, and i always say " well ok just know if you need someone to talk too im always a phone call or text away" and i do feel like shes hiding something, but there nothing she cant tell me , cause ive told her also everything but theres one big skeleton in my closest that explains why i am so caring,and so quiet and very shy, my brother jokes and says that im like a damn woman lol her survey she last did on myspace it asked questions like" have you ever hurt yourself?" and she put that "it too personal to answer" which got me worried a little bit and also, "have you thought about suicide" she said the same thing, which i can understand about her ex being her first love and everything, but its not like i havent thought those same things in the past, ive had a very depressed life too and been dealt a crappy hand of cards also,

    and shes not the "emo chick" im not that way either, just normal people " gaming nerds really" lol also i think that shes want to take things slow and everything is because at first we started talking, we moved so fast cause we felt this connection with eachother the more we talked and it scared the hell out of both of us, thinking "omg is this THE person?"

    she never said anything like that but thats the feeling i got, and i could sense she did too, cause that day she had a "bad day' i text her first asking whats wrong cause i could just sense it some how,

  • Awww to cute! I get that you are so sweet adn caring. Very passionate and considerate. As Sag's we tend to be very docile for that one special person no matter what the circumstances. Just be careful like I said.

    I think you are right on with maybe feeling that she may be hiding depression/hurting herself issues. That is something very sensitive that someone may not want to answer. The fact that she may have her ex on her friend's list...if she doesn't talk to him why is he there? She still has some kind of emtional attachment to him and always will be she needs to let it die. It is fine to be friends with an ex but it's teh REASONS behind wanting to be friends with them is the issue. If it's just cause she seriously just wants his friendship then that's fine. If its because she wants to post pictures or you guys so he sees them to make him say to himself...damn what did I do..then that's another. Emotional tug of war NOT GOOD. Big no no.

    After reading what you have written. I think it is safe to say that I think she is just severly nervous about being in a close relationship again. Don't worry about saying you had a good time with friends. She needs to respect your individuality. I am thinking her past bf MAY have had some dominating tendancies and that is why she may have some jealousy issues because she wants to feel she is in control of the situation. Chevelle if you are NOT doing anything wrong then you have no reason to HIDE what you do. Just keep that in mind. Be honest with her, be open. If she starts in on jealousy...jealosuy and control ARE NOT LOVE. To many people think it is. It is not. If you love your mate, you trust them, you allow them to be who they are and be around the people they care about. You realize everyone has their own life.

    My ex (Cancer man) wow holy cow. He tried to keep tabs on me..oh no no no..did not make me happy at all. I don't feel ike I have to have a migratory ticket on my butt to go anywhere because he is insecure. long has it been since they broke up? She seems like a very sweet and loving girl. I think she was really messed up with this last bf she had. Give her a wide berth to mess up BUT don't let her take you down with her. If it has been a short time between relationships you guys may need to chill on the love section of you two for awhile until she can get herself figured out. Be there for AS HER FRIEND ONLY. Don't flirt with her. Just be there. She will appreciate it because it will take the pressure off. As I Sag I know what it's like. I have a similar issue. I adore this male friend of mine. We had a huge fight. At one point, I was very much in love with him. Still am to a degree BUT because of his past he is making it VERY difficult for me to even BE his friend. There will always be a tip of my heart hoping for more but I know it is better that I show him that I am there for him as his friend with no strings attached. He has been emtionally run over by a matttruck. He likes to test my patience and tolerance that's for sure. But when it gets to much I take a break and just don't talk to him when he gets nasty with me, and he can get really mean adn hurtful when he is upset. So I just say hey sorry you took it the way you did but I'm just trying to help you as your friend so I am taking a break from this righ now. After a few weeks of cooling down and thinking he usually apologizes.

    So this girl, she WILL test you. She will test your resilience to stay with her through thick and thin. She will test your loyalty, your honesty, your compassion, and your emotions. It is up to you to decide just how much you are willing ot take from someone and if it is worth the effort. If your gut ever tells you something different then your mind go with it. I have ignored my gut instinct several times and got screwed. Follow your intuition.

    I coudl be as easy as maybe a few months down the line simply asking her 'Hey it's been so and so months now. I really like you. I would like us to be more together. As a couple. What do you think of that?" Make sure you let her know it isn't about he physical side of the realtionship because that's where her fear might be. Make sure you give her every oppurtunity to amke her choices and what she feels is best for her. It's frustrating to us I know 🙂 But it the end she will see you are more concerned with her wellfare and emotioanl state of mind then just getting what you want.

    I think you are doing quite well. The thing is don't do something because you did it on another date. You do what feels right at teh right moment not because you did it before. Women are taught in general that if a man makes a move on her she is desired and wanted and then we are also taught that if a man DOES make a move he doesn't repect us. (confusing I know.) BUt then when a man DOESN'T make a move he doesn't fidn us desireable or want us or he isn't interested. we never think hey this dude is cool cause he does respect me an wants to be a gentleman. It's very confusing. Bah! Lol

    My suggestion. Do what feels right. No over to much but a little here and there. While you walk with her, if you don't feel like holding her hand don't. Maybe just place your hand at the base of lower back. maybe when you standing next to her wrap your arm aroudnher and bring her close and kiss her on the forehead. those are sweet and gentle reassuarnace that you do inf act like her but giving the sence that you do respect her but you are still showing you care on a phsycial level without her running for the hills. Or another one, while you stand behind her rub her shoulders absent mindedly. Just littel gesture that show Hey it's just me this is what I do and I'm ok with slow.

    Hope this helped. I am at work right now so I will try to get that reading in. shakes fist damn people keep bothering me here. Geeze what they think I work here or something! 😛

  • lol thank you, i do surveys and always get the perfect guy result LMAO yeah this is all new territory for me cause ive never had a relationship, ive always been a little over weight, and that plus that i care way too much about what people think brought me down alot as i grew up, im 6'5 320lbs but i lifted weights in highschool my senior year and now im still over weight but now im confindent in the way i look, i still remember i went into taco bell for like a month straight and there was this one girl ive never seen before and with everyone else she talked just fine, and acted normal, then when i started to order she started to studder and ask" im sorry what did you say again?' lol my friends though gave me crap about it and were like " dude shes cute go ask her out or something" but i never did lol but it was flattering.

    back on to subject this girl( jennifer her name) her EX looks like a big D Bag if you ask me, he dresses like (paul wall white rapper) with the chains and the whole nine yards, which ive dealt with those guys. ive actually asked her a little bit about him and she said that , it felt like she was on the sidelines and everything to him was just a big party, and he never talked to her, never told her how he felt, and i geuss she got fed up with him and she broke it off, a year later he calls or messages her( i dunno which) and tells her how he feels about her after realizing what he lost, but she still did not take him back, and then he got mad at her cause she didnt respond like he wanted her too, and thats all i know about that. and i was worried about that if she liked being treated like crap and stayed with this guys that maybe thats the type of guy she gonna want again, cause i know i not like that. and oh yeah to answer to long ago it was, i thinking that it wasnt that long ago at all , they broke up and a year later he tell her how he feels, so but i dont know how long they dated, it was long enough because she also said that her family loved him, even the her real mom that lives in another state!, and she said she doesnt know how much she ready for cause talking to me i think got her too think about her past alot, and said that her past is creeping up on her heels. so theres a red flag i geuss, now that i just said that again, that makes me worry that im just gonna be a "DR.PHIL" figure to her, to help her threw things but then one day not want anything to do with me,

    ive been the doctor to all my friends relationships since as long as i could remember but i never had one of my own, so im very wise for my inexperience i like to think lol i even introduced my friend to his "first girlfriend and the other 1st also lol" in 7th grade cause i had her in one of my classes, JUST CALL ME THE REAL LIFE "HITCH" lol if you will

    this all took place like the first 2 weeks of meeting her. so im remembering, i still remember after the first night we met we were texting the next day, and told eachother what we thought about us meeting, and i said that when she walked in "i was wow shes beautiful and when we played wii and opened up and shes very cool to hang out with" she said " well i dont know about that" (about being beautiful) i said aww shud up yer hot! lol she say " your the first person to ever say that to me" i said "well thats a damn shame that im the only guy that can see that, god some guys piss me off, oh well its their loss and my gain" and she said " awwww lol ( i was like yes i scored big points there lol)

    but yeah i still havent text her today, i do feel like im smothering her a little bit, so im takiing it easy cause im more relaxed and confident that shes not going anywhere from me, and she should feel the same way but i dunno but yesterday i didnt text her until about 10 pm and asked how her day was, she responded super fast lol i was like holy crap,

    and her friend has taken a picture of me and uploaded it straight to her myspace page lol, and its still up so thats good i geuss, i do wonder if its up there to make her EX jealous, his profile set to private, so i cant see more pics of his dumbass lol, i have DAY DREAMED that he came down to AZ when me and her were hanging out and he gets super pissed at her and actually hits her and then i go f***kin berserk, and beat the living hell out of him lol and then she has to stand in front of with her arms out saying "no more!" and it calmed me down, i failed to say that i have a really bad temper, thats why i liked the "hulk" movies cause he'd do anything to protect who he cares about.

    ok i ran out of things to say again, and thank you dragon, your very helpful, and i can tell a very nice,caring, person, i hope you find someone( if u havent already) thats treats you the way you deserve to be treated.

  • Well one can hope can't they? 🙂 Even after being hurt so much I still believe in falling in love no matter what. I too can be..suffocating..I have learned slowly that it takes time and I need someone to be patient with me cause I can't change over night.

    Hmm as far as feeling like the advice doctor. For some, that may make them fall for you, others itmay not. But don't lose sight of what it means. It means you helped someone and for that you should feel great. It may hurt if she doesn't want a relationship with you but it showed you cared enough about her to take that chance and you shouldn't hold that against her.

    You should add yourself to the myspace I have. I am too 6'5 and aboutt he same wieght (and I am a chick!) So I feel the self sonciousness of being the 'big' one per say. BUt I am comfortable enough to know that I am a good person on the inside no matter how I look. If someone can't see that it's them not me. I do good things for people, I try to show love in all aspects of my life for some it's just really hard for them to accept it becasue they watn to believe there is no good cause misery loves company.

    The man I was speaking of (We will call him Mr. PoopyPants cause that's how he is acting>) He told me once 'It is easier to believe in the Devil you know than the Saint you don't." It is very true.

    All I can say is time will tell. I know we Sag's HATE hearing that idk if your like me but Ihave no patience. At all. But I know if I wnt this friendship to work and show him that I do care and love himunconditionally no matter what happens. Ihave to have patience and be very gentle with him. It's not EVEN about romantic love. Ijust want him to know he has someone who loves him for him with no strings attached to it. As a friend. But we will see.

    Anywho myspace is if you join just put in the friendship request who you are that way I can log onto my myspace adn contact you through there. Don't hesitate to ask for anything. I try to help where I can. It's a calling and I love to help people and show them the world isn't as bad as they thought.

  • hmmm i feel a little weird today, she text me yesterday at 1:00 pm, which at that time( my brother had my phone,his turned off) and didnt even tell me that she text me, and im looking threw my text she it!! and this is like at 9:00 pm, she asked me at 1 "did you have a good time last night" (i went to a karoke bar), with my brothers ex cause hse kinda like a sister to me now, and i text her at 9 saying "dammit my bro didnt tell me you text me, im sry, but theres too much info about last night to text about, so just call me when you got time" and now i havent heard a word since, she hasnt said anything,

    so if my SAG horoscope is correct today, AND hers LIBRA, then i think we are gonna have a deep and possibly heated conversation, cause hers today says "that u might say what you truly feel today" or something like that, so i dunno, cause i can just feel the tension building like she might just blurt out how much she likes me(i can only hope). i just got got from my interview i had today, and im gonna text her, saying that it went good and i think ill get hired, and then see if she actually responds to that, im thinking that if she doesnt then thats bad news and she might be mad at me

    cause i havent text her that much the last two days, when previously i text her alot during a day, so she might feel like i have forgotten about her, or maybe just dont care anymore,or just moved on, when thats not the case i just thought id give her some space, from me texting all the time lol,

    just text her, so ill wait for a response, i geuss,

  • Hmm well we will see.....She could just be busy with work or whatever she is doing. But if your getting a strange feeling you might be right. Just remember stay leveled headed and don't get to fussed about it. If you didn't do anything you have nothing to worry about.^^

    Hey thanks for the add btw I love your car! LOL Ur a sweetie! Hoep everythinng goes well!

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