Can Anyone Please help with Lovelife / Life Path Reading? I'm So Confused!

  • Can anyone please help me with the confusion I have with a man? I'm not sure whether to hang in there or let him go.

    I am waiting on a guy I have been seeing casually for nearly 9 months to decide how he feels about me and if he wants a "real" relationship. He is Taurus with Cancer moon and Cancer rising sign and I am Taurus with Virgo moon and Virgo rising sign. I have been healing after divorcing my husband and going through a tough time with him not accepting the split, and wasn't ready for a relationship and wasn't prepared to let any guy get too close. Then it just kind of hit me one day how special this guy is and although the situation with him is frustrating me a little, I feel like we are meant to be and I don't seem to be able to walk away from him and have him on my mind constantly.

    I have asked him for more, told him I want to take things further, he has said no. But he gives me lots of mixed messages and confuses me no end. I get the feeling that he has more feelings for me than he is letting on and I can truly "feel" what a really lovely guy he is, how lovely and good hearted and kind and gentle and compassionate etc etc etc that he is, although he doesn't show that side of himself to me. He remains closed up and shuts me out. Am I doing the right thing by waiting for him to realise that there is more between us or am I perhaps wasting my time with my wishful thinking. I'm starting to worry a little that maybe I'm too emotionally involved to be subjective here!!!!!!

    My birthday 4th May 1971, his 2nd May 1979.

    Any help / insight / advice would be sooooo appreciated. Thank you 🙂

  • My second issue is that I am not sure where my life is meant to be heading and what I am supposed to be doing. I am on a growth path and feel like I am here to give service and my current job is definitely not where I feel I am meant to be for the rest of my life. I want to heal and am happiest when I feel like I am contributing something worthwhile or helping other people but am not sure what I have to give or where my abilities lay. My whole life has turned upside down since I left my husband two years ago and I feel like now my real life can begin but I'm not sure in which direction to go.

    Can anyone please give me any insight here too? Thanks again.

  • Dear Wenchie,

    You are not alone. Rushing into another relationship is the last thing you need to do. Why not take some "me" time and allow yourself the freedom to do as you please without worrying about other men.

    Taurus men (I have a brother born May 2) are known to be more than a little stubborn in their views on life. He may have other issues that do not even concern you. Don't take his reaction personally. He's just not ready, yet.

    In the meantime, take care of yourself. Read good books. Take long walks. Go to the movies or a museum. Allow yourself to grow naturally. Everything will fall into place at the right time.

  • Hi Firefly, thanks for your kind words.

    Your advice certainly makes sense and I know you are right in saying I should have more "me" time, I think though that I am missing having "we" time. I've had 2 years of freedom to do what I want without worrying about men and to be honest, I would love to have someone special to share things with. I work long hours at the moment because it's easier for me to keep busy than to go home to an empty place. I really only see this guy probably once a month.

    I do read alot, both books and interesting websites (talking of which I stumbled across this one the other day.....maybe meant to be to help me on my way and I know I need to get out and walk more, I do feel alot calmer and grounded when I do that.

    I think you may be right in that he is not ready and has his own things to work out. I guess if it is meant to be, he will still be there further down the track.

    I sometimes just want to know where I am going and what I need to be doing and want to get on with it!!!!!! Feel like I need a sense of purpose. I feel stuck and confused and I don't like feeling this way.

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