• I have a little question or two for y'all out there:

    Is my soulmate in my life and could someone please describe him for me? Will I be with him in this life?


  • Hello Cris,

    I know you started this thread to find out about your soulmate and I will gladly help with that if you so wish, but I wanted to comment on what you wrote in my post. Actually, you must be quite psychic because you picked up on a lot of information!

    The Virgo I was involved with does have a reputation as a bit of a player. I have caught him going on dates with other women before, but we were not serious (we've really never been that serious!) and it seemed acceptable. It would make a great deal of sense to me if he were with someone else, but I cannot tell or not. His sister is my best friend and she does talk to me about him a bit, so I reckon he must like me to an extent because she's a Cancerian and they seem to have a tendency to passively explain situations. I mean that in the best way! If it were so bad, I'm sure she would say something to me, but even she knows nothing it seems. However, I don't ask her about the situations; I just try to stay cool about it, because in all honesty something like this is not worth losing my best friend in the entire world!

    I've had the inkling there was another woman, but I don't know if he's that into relationships in general at the moment. I did send him two text messages in the past two weeks and both went unanswered.

    You are COMPLETELY right about being involved with committment phobic men, but at the same time, I myself am not always so easy when it comes to completely immersing myself in a relationship either. I want to be in a soulmate level relationship, but there seems to always be something in the way either the guy I'm dating is not in the right place, has an ex hanging around or for whatever reason we are not able to make a go of things.

    That's very interesting about the dark-haired man! I will have to look out for that in the future. It's true I have an ex who is still in my life with dark hair and who is verrrry tall (6'6). He's a Scorpio and we have broken up and gotten back together 3 times, but now we're just friends and nothing more than that. I have no desire to be involved with him romantically anymore.

    The Virgo is tall with brown hair and hazel eyes. I really want to date him, but I guess I will have to see what happens when all this crazy secret information becomes available to me!

    Thank you very much for that. If you get anymore, I'd be very curious to see what you have to say on the subject! Also, I'll try to workout some stuff for your soulmate reading.

    Best wishes,


  • Thanks Dev! Glad my reading which came up with "little" actually came up with something! Tells me I'm doin something right 🙂

    I would very much appreciate a soul mate reading as my marriage has been such darned hard work and I'm tired. Thanks very much for looking into this for me. Having checked through your other thread offering readings (and my response from you) you seem to get things on the head.

    I know I'm obsessing about my situation, but that's the Cancerian way it seems, plus a bit of passivity into the bargain 🙂 and I have no-one to talk to about this face to face ... sob. Ah well, time'll tell, won't it?

    Will look forward to what you come up with xoxoxoxoxoxxo

  • Gosh, I am having the hardest time coming up with an answer to your reading. Forgive me, but I'm going to be very frank. You said your husband was a Virgo and that you are having troubles... Is would not be because he has been seeing other women, would it? I see that your relationship with him is strong, but I am not absolutely sure if he is your soulmate.

    Definitely a Mercurial person seems to be the one and someone from your past or connected to the past in some way. This is the first time I've been so blocked trying to come up with an answer! Perhaps I should give it some time and sleep on it.

    You should do a Novena to St. Jude! I know that's kind of a crazy, religious, Catholic thing, but when trying to find clear answers, he has always helped me. If that is something you'd be interested in and it doesn't seem like a bunch of crazy voodoo, I'll give you more information.

    I'll try and elaborate in a while.

    Best wishes,


  • I googled novena after reading your post, and it is not crazy. I am Orthodox, but have faith in many things. I recited the novena and thank you for leading me to it, Dev.

  • i came by this thread and noticed the post from cris1962, asking about her soulmate. I too am wondering if I have met mine, been in a relationship with him already, or if we have yet to meet. Would greatly appreciate any replies!

  • Ana, I'm glad you found that useful! Although I was not raised with any particular religious dominion, my mother and grandmother were/are Catholic and they always told me if you pray to any Saint, it should be Saint Jude, the Patron Saint of Lost Causes because he knows what it is like to wait and wait without receiving any guidance. So since I was little, I have always looked to him and in dire cases, he always seems to come through! 🙂

    Also Sacogirl, if you want to look into information about soulmates... Look at the aspects in your natal chart that come from the Sun if you are a woman i.e. Sun conjunct Pluto. These are the aspects that list how many marriages you will have and reflect with who. Also, I can do a romance reading for you if you'd like... Or try. I'm feeling gross today! Haha.

  • Hi doormousey,

    I'd love a romance reading if you're up for it! Thanks for the offer. I'm game if you 🙂

  • Not sure what you need...I'm a female, Leo ( 8/2/1970.

  • Hello again Doormousey,

    I was just looking at my natal chart and it says my sun was cunjunct the moon 2 dg. 35 min with an intensity of10.6

    The sun was also conjunct Mars 0 Deg. O Min. with an intensity of 11.9


    The sun was sextile Uranus 3 Deg. 59 Min. with an intensity of 1.5.

    I'm clueless as to what this means, unfortunately. If you or anyone else is able to explain, I would be very grateful!



  • Dear sacogirl,

    The aspect Sun conjunct Mars would indicate you will marry someone with a Marsian personality (No, not an alien!). They will most likely have Aries in their chart or be an Aries, which makes sense as you are a Leo and that's a great match.

    Not to sound crazy, but my 'favorite' ex had the same birthday as you! He was sooooo much fun, so I'd imagine you are the same really. E-mail me at and I'll give you a special reading with cartomancy to see how far it will be before you get into a soulmate relationship.

    Hope you're having a nice weekend.

    Best wishes,


  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi doormousey

    You made a comment back a bit about my husband being a Virgo and is there a chance he's cheating on me, etc. He is a Virgo, but as to the cheating aspect, I honestly can't say he would be. He's always been loyal - as I have - but as they say, there's always a first time. Anyway, if you happen to come across anything else here, let me know. Much appreciated so far! xoxoxoxoxoxox Chris

  • Hi,

    Would any one out there like to tell me if the man I'm with is my soul mate? He is my best friend, I love him and want him to be the one. I would like for some one to give me insight as to where this relationship is going to go. Does any one out there see us married?

    I appreciate any insight that you could give me .



  • hello doornousey, Would you consider letting me know what my planet ary signs at birth meant, I am in a relationship that has just been re-newed after 35 yrs. He searched me out. , and I was thrilled to meet him again we went out together for 6yrs many yrs ago as you can see. He never married, I did and was divorced 6yrs ago. there are day,s when he is all over me and then suddenly he is very lukewarm naturally this has become a yo-yo situation. We are not Kids so I feel like I might be wasting my time and I am tired of not having a partner to do things with anyhow I would greatly appreciate if you can tell me if you can read anything about me in this chart I am an Aquarius feb, 5th 1943 born at 7:15 P.M.-- he is a Taurus born May 6th 1946 no birthtime

    my chart

    sun 16deg, 21min.of Aquarius in house 6

    ascendant ... 6..deg...29min...of

    moon...0 deg....42..min..of Pisces.. house...6

    mercury 24...deg.56..min..of house 5

    Venus 5..deg..48min....of Pisces... in house 6

    Mars 7..deg..28..min..of Capricorn..... in house 5

    Jupiter...17..deg..1...min of house 11


    Uranus..0..deg...35..min..of house..10 ..house2

    I would truly appreciate any reading you could give from this chart Thanking you in advance


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