No Love for new members?

  • I have been a member of for some time, but just became acquainted with the forum and signed up. Yesterday I posted several times.... In the introduction thread, in a thread where someone offered to to a reading, and I started a topic about what it means to be a "triple" leo. Sad to say but not once did I get a reply or a welcome or any such thing. I have to say that I am disappointed at the reception or lack there of, I received. I guess I'm wondering if there is some stigma against new members, or is everyone afraid of someone new coming in and causing a rift in their comfort zone?

    I was hoping to meet some new and interesting people, become part of a community, give what I have to offer, and maybe receive a little insight in return. What does it take to accomplish that here?

    With all due respect,


  • Well for me. this internet has gone to a new level.

    the age of the innocence has left long ago.

    I have 5 different combinations of passwords now.

    I used to have a simple one for everything.

    You used to be able to log on to like yahoo or msn and get into a chat room live talking to literally thousands of people in 100's of rooms intstantly. With video and audio chat.

    And group chats. Now gone. has been offline for years now with their chat.

    Now with the need for internet security it's just too diricult and every internet social site or group like this you have to log on and password and blog. You don't know who is live.

    I was a very active member at dailyom but the past year it has gone to where it has evolved to.

    for about two years when it first started User Discussions man was it fun.

    Then eventually cyber bullies and trolls and such came in and we had to fight to keep the peace and unity.

    Now most of us have migrated to facebook.

    But still pop in on our favorite thread. But we just pop in and out.

    We no longer will hang out like we used to and really discuss a topic.

    We pretty much covered it all.

    New comers just make a quick profile and move on.

    I just joined up here too.

    Mostly to start swapping readings.

    I joined another too a cool Noosphere.

    For me there is just too much going on in cyberspace anymore.

  • Sacogirl I am sorry that you feel ignored. Thats death for a triple leo! lol I think when people do free reading on here they get backed up with requests and it takes time and energy to do so many. I am sure it wasnt on purpose. i personally dont ask for reading I try to respond to others seeking advice and occasionally I will ask for advice and post my own thread. I think it helps to just talk to people and voice your opinions. Then you may get someone who can offer you some friendly advice and such. You might get lucky and get someone who can really see into your problem that has happened for me a couple of times. If you are only coming on here to get something and give nothing back it probably wont work out so well for you on here. Most people that I have "talked" to on here are very caring people. I dont think nobody care its just that you need to try another approach to being heard. For what its worth I care. ( :

  • Thank you Jadikavi and Lovinmylife for your replies. You both have made some valid points and I understand where you are both coming from. When I joined up, the first thing I did was to make an introduction in the "introduction" thread and I have copied it below...


    I am new to the forum here, but have been a member of for a while now. I am fascinated by astrology, tarot, and numerology. By no means do I consider myself psychic, however I do feel that my intuition is very strong at times, although not consistently. I have recently come to the conclusion that my intuition is a very important part of my life and that I need to pay close attention to it, as well as develop it further if I'm able. I have many regrets as a result of not heeding my intuition, and often think of the pain, aggravation and frustration I could have saved myself had I embraced it and applied it to my life. I look forward to reading around the forum and getting familiar with you all.

    Much respect,


    Then, as I was browsing the forum, I noticed that several people had offered to read for anyone who requested. My first thought about this was surprise. Surprise at the generosity of these folks to offer their gifts so freely. As a result I decided to request a reading from one of those kind people as I had never had that opportunity present itself before, and found it quite exciting, really!

    My intention was never to join and flee, nor was it to take without giving in return. Quite the contrary really. I have belonged to other forums in the past, although different in subject matter, but I was a very active and respected member of that forum community and gave everything I had to give. I guess that is one reason I was dismayed by the lack of response to any of my postings. I have noticed that forums tend to become "clicky" and members become mistrustful of new people, who often are shunned until they prove themselves worthy of interaction from the veterans.

    At any rate, I am here to learn, give, participate, meet new people, and yes, maybe at times receive something in return. I am not a psychic, I don't have a "special" gift...other than some intuition which I'd like to develop, but I have a lot of common sense, life experience, a big heart and a desire to help people.

    I look forward to becoming acquainted with you all and hope you'll give me a chance to show you who I am.


  • Sacogirl,

    Sorry you feel ignored/unwelcomed. I log on get answers and enjoy reading people's opinions/views/problems etc, , makes me feel normal and realize I'm not the only one. I don;t get the forums everyday, but Welcome. Hope you get all the answers. I just saw the offer for a reading, but I think I may be too late. Anyhow, Good luck to you.

  • Thanks for the welcome July10cancer :}

  • No one is ignoring you because you're new. I don't recognize 80 percent of the people I talk to on this forum. People come and go like crazy. A whole slew of people with serious Cancer problems disappeared, to be replaced by twice as many. Everyone helps everyone. If no one responded to your post, maybe they don't know anything about triple leo's. Personally, I wouldn't be able to help you. If I read a topic, and I think I can help the person, I go in there and see whats up. I'm not going to write whatever just to post a response. So, maybe that's what happened.

    If you really want to get into the forum, start talking and putting input on threads. That's the only way people are going to get to know you. And, you may even get your answer from other peoples problems. That's happened to me before.

  • Thanks Mariaria,

    Your sentiments have been expressed and understood. I am putting this behind me and moving on to the forums to see if there is anyone I can be of help to! Thanks for your input and have a great day!

  • I have been ignored too, but I don't think it is something intentional. It also happens in any forum I newly joined anyway. I read your thread about triple leo. I didn't answer that one because I don't know much about leo rising and leo moon and I don't know anyone that has it so I can't relate to it either. It sounds uber creative and fun to me though 🙂 being scorpio rising I tend to be 'darker' than most happy sunny go lucky leos. It helps me becoming detached and cold when necessary though, that's the best side of it.

  • Realize that for many of us this is our first experience on any kind of forum/chat. I would never even have imagined that there were any kind of "protocal" to participating in the threads, or in joining the forum in general. I have noted many others who, upon reading some of the threads, have been moved to sign up for their first experience on a forum in order to share their thoughts, or because they have found common ground with a shared problem. I have actually become "close" with a couple of people I've met here in just that way. As I say, I have zero experience with other types of forums, but I find that the vast majority of people here are sensitive, loving, supportive and encouraging - hardly the kind of people who would intentionally ignore someone in need. Give us a chance - I think you'll grow to like us. 🙂

  • I am feeling the same way to. I have always enjoyed astrology. I often have those experiences where I can tell you what is about to transpire. I 've been a member of for over three years. I joined the forum five days ago, and I post and respond, but I am not noticed either. I did have someone respond to a reading question, but it was so short. All the other replies were so indept, that I felt thrown to the side. I won't be discouraged! So, I guess if I just keep posting the same thing over and over, someone will see it.

  • I am really sorry that many have not felt welcome. I myself wasn't on for about a month. And like many if I don't have any input I don't answer to just take up space. I sometimes have to get away from here because I can get drained. And on occasion some come on and let their egos get in the way. When someone comes on and has a different view you can choose to take it or leave it. Sometimes it isn't for you but someone else reading the samething might really need that advice and in that case it was meant for them. Don't let this get to you it should get better with some time behind you. You are welcomed here but people get busy with work and kids getting into school. And moods swing. Like this month is going to be very rough for many of us. I know its been a real test for me. Good luck and enjoy. Peace and harmony.

  • Hi Sacogirl and Nciteful,

    I think the other posters are right, in that there are people that come on in waves... and then disappear. Sometimes people are looking for readings, or looking for advice. Or... the advice they want to hear. Goddess help you if you are clinical psychologist who is a professional astrologer and/or tarot reader.

    It's possible that people didn't know the answers to your questions, or couldn't "relate" (i.e. not much experience with whatever you were dealing with).

    The other posters have some good ideas. Keep exploring other threads, see if someone has something going on you can relate to, see if you can relate your exeprience, and you may make some good friends here... or have a better welcome. And then you could swap readings perhaps...if that is what you want or might be looking for.

    Personally, I don't come on much at all anymore. I prefer to go onto UK-owned websites and forums, where the people are much warmer, friendlier, and you'll find they are quite well-educated and helpful. Best of luck with whatever you decide to do.

  • Ultimately, I have moved past any negativity that I previously felt, regarding my feelings of being treated as an outsider.

    This is in part because I was able to communicate my feelings in the open, letting them go as a result, instead of burying them inside and letting them fester, or allowing them to influence me to leave the forum it was also in part, due to the thoughtful and well intentioned replies that have been received by many members here.

    At one point I almost regretted making any issue out of it, as I feared that I might have alienated myself further or that I may be viewed as an attention seeking cry baby, which is furthest from the truth.

    Now, having read through the entire thread, I feel differently. Instead of feeling regretful, I'm actually glad I made the original post as it appears that there are others who felt the same way I did, and perhaps by giving them a place to voice their feelings and to receive feedback from other members, they too will have a better understanding of the nature of the forum and give it another chance, or develop another strategy to find what it is they are seeking here.

    I believe that with some time, consistency, and visibility, veteran members or regular members at least, will begin to recognize the new faces here and develop a level of comfort, or at a minimum, the opportunity to get to know each other better will present itself to the newbies and the oldies alike, hopefully allowing new friendships or support systems to grow.

    Peace and blessings to all,


  • Good for you Sacogirl! I am glad that you are seeing this differently. Theres no reason to feel like an outsider we are all here for each other. I hope you stay and keep voicing your opinions. I think it was good that you brought this up so it could be clarified instead of walking away from this forum. Welcome again. ( :

  • Hi lovinmylife, & welcome Sacogirl,Well I just had two day,s with my new -old partner I am exhausted , the first day he was a bit moody, he has agreed with me that he needs to do something about his drinking . so as a result he arranged to see his Dr. and started meds 2weeks ago I am really happy that he is trying., and of of course I am trying to be a source of encouragement. You see he is a bit of a ROBIN WILLIAMS TYPE AND CAN BE VERY OVERACTIVE.I AM MORE LAID BACK BUT I HAVE TO ADMIT I LOVE THE FUN HE CAN CREATE.I am just begining to try & be more open to his long forgotten personality,you see after not seeing each other for 35yrs. It feels like karma, When I had my tarot cards read by (addRN) she told me things would improve and I am starting to sense that.. I am still concerned. I laughed a lot for 2 day,s and now I am reflecting and sharing and taking one day at a time. Just wanted to keep you posted Leonida

  • Leonida I am happy for you. Sounds to me like you have rightfully earned your place in this mans life and his in yours. Its good to see people who love one another working out there problems even if it did take 35 years! I suppose its never too late to grow. He must really care about you to be doing all he can to make himself a better man for you. You paid your dues in the relationship arena now its time for you to ENJOY! I am glad to have made friends with you on here keep us posted. ( :

  • Read you loud and clear ! Namaste

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