Do you think a Leo and a Gemini can last long?

  • Tomorrow, Im marrying my Gemini. Ya, its been rough, but nothing we cant take care of.

    However - Im starting to wonder our LONG time capability ...

    Im a Leo with a moon in Taurus and my Ascendant in Virgo. (My Venus is in Gemini btw)

    He is a Gemini, with a moon in Gemini and his Ascendant is in Cancer. (His Venus is in Cancer)

  • i think you can see a bit of a pattern if you summarize how many Geminis you have dated or friends with in the past that didn't work out. Say in my case I have some sun signs I'd rather avoid like Cancer, Libra and a few more I forgot what LOL but I found this out due to past experiences. Some sun signs I can trust and some can't, and so far being cautious like that have made my life more peaceful. I have never had much problem with Caps and therefore I was not worried about marrying a Cap although astrology compatibility just doesn't say we are a match. We have been in a great relationship for almost 9 years and get stronger every day. It's true every relationship needs work, but there are people that won't put into the relationship as much as we give into it. I've never had a relationship with Geminis before, it's seem safer to me to keep them at arms length so that's what I do. But then again my rising is in Scorpio so what works with me may not work for you. Congrats btw, hope your marriage will last til death do you part

  • Awwwww! That is the sweetest thing I have read all week. It seems to me this should be a really perfect match. I'm a Gemini and I've always gotten along rather well with Leos. Not to mention, you have the loyalty of the Lion and all that Earth to ground you. He might be a super Gemi, but he does have a bit of Cancer to stabilize him as well. I'm sure you have looked at compatibility reports - they do the best to show whether or not you will have a longterm match.

    Also, if you look at the Sun aspects from your chart i.e. Sun conjunct Mercury and the Moon aspects from his chart i.e. Moon conjunct Sun then you'll get a better idea of how long the marriage will last.

    I'm sure it will be a very captivating and wonderful marriage. Gemini/Leo matches are incredibly invigorating. I hope I am lucky enough to marry a Leo! 🙂

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