Aries female pining over Capricorn male while Gemini male

  • I'm in a relationship with a wonderful man, but the spark has gone. His birthday = June 3, 1982 and he is focused on starting his business now, so me, being the Aries I am, have been feeling neglected. But, that is not why I pine over Cappy = January 6, 1980. Have been missing him not because I want to (I don't) but because I can't seem to control my heart. I've healed it, but I can't control it. I've had an astrologist tell me Cappy loves me and Gemini is not the one for me. Another told me I would meet someone after Cappy (Gemini), but that I would end up with Cappy again. On paper and in life circumstances, it seems the exact opposite. Can anyone shed some light on my heart and life circumstances hidden from my understanding, please? I'm an old soul, but I cannot figure this out alone. Should I just be alone and forget about both of them? I'm at a loss, and very confused.

  • I'm sorry - my birthday is March 30, 1984. See how lost I am?

  • If you don't love your boyfriend anymore, you should leave him. BUT, if you just feel neglected at the moment, then maybe your affections for this capricorn is just you looking for the affection you feel you arent getting in your relationship.

    My suggestion is to sit down and talk to your boyfriend. Tell him, calmly and without blaming him, that you feel neglected with all the time he's putting into his business. You would love and appreciate him taking a little more time out of his schedule for you. You wish him lots of luck with his business, but you feel your needs arent being met.

    If he doesn't want to work things out, you know what you have to do. But dont go and cheat on him without talking to him first. Communication is key.

  • I totally feel you on this one. I am an Aries currently falling for a Cancer but my first and forever love is a Cappy. He is so wonderful and will never ever leave my heart. The other day I was trying to decide if I want to try to forget about the Cappy forever and give my heart to the Cancer and while I was thinking that I just wished the Cappy was there to help me make that decision. haha. Cappy's are just such amazing people. My guy was so sensitive and intelligent and passionate, but sometimes I feel they can become very despondent. I love and miss my Cappy still.

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