I am a Virgo(09/22) in a 2 yr relationship w/a Possesive, lying, cheating Picses

  • My Picses boyfriend has created a emotional roller coaster life on a daily basis for me with his uncontrollable spending, empty promises, cheating and his down right wicked tongue. He has put himself in a situation where the fate of his life depends on my testimony. He is making me promises that he has changed and if I help him to get out of his situation he will never do these things again! Should I trust this Picses(02/27)?

  • Well, I can tell you from experience. No! They are great romantics, but they stink when mixed with Virgos. I had a on again, and off again relationship with one that totaled about five years. I could tell you some stories. LOL!!! I got my best results when I was firm with him. If he says that you guys are going to go somewhere at a certain time and he is not there, then you leave or don’t answer him. Just don’t be available. They love looking great and extravagant things. They like having the latest, greatest, and best thing, just to show off. So, chances are he will do this again. I feel it’s in their nature. He and I are still great friends, but we don’t try to have anything else anymore. Pisces are great people, full of love and understanding, but they are free thinkers. They do not understand the effect that their actions have on others around them, because they want what they want. My granny and my son are Pisces, so I gotta love them. 🙂 Believe it or not, my son shares the same birthday as my ex, and I can see so many similarities in their personalities. Hope this helps

  • Well, first I want to say you can't blame him entirely, He's from the negative side of the cusp. I am a Pisces 3/1. i am possessive, and I have been unfaithful in more than relationship.so, I do empathize, Don't forget we fish are surrounded by water,(emotions) 24/7-365, be realistic and put yourself in the other shors before becoming critical, I am a firm believer in "do unto others as you would have them do unto to you". I did this and it worked. My mother in-law is 3/23/46 she is very sharp tongued, & when we first met she did not like me, we have been round & round time & time again, shes judgmental, critical of me, my looks, my morals, my level of standard as it were. However over the years I stuck to my guns & stayed impartial, honest & true to myself & today we may disagree or even argue but there is definitely a stronger bond, mutual respect and acceptance of one another. Once you realize there is nothing you can do that change another human being, the things about that person that drove crazy or found disagreeable,are now very embracing quality s, because when you feel like you have the ability to change along w/it is a lot of responsibility how do most people feel when they have no responsibility ? Exactly. And usually the other settles down because you have. You may even find him dotting over you and vying for your affection!!

  • Just leave him. Pfff, he cant handle your love, so let him go. He had his chance and ruined it. Any man with a right mind would love to have a decent and honest women.

    I do not feel sympathy to any form of cheating - its wrong period. I say get some boiling water and show this punk whats what.




  • Um ex Pisces boyfriend here...They are LOSERS with a capital L. CHEATING nasty little devils and can never make up their minds and only think with one head. They make promises to give you the world but never do. And YES if you leave him and ignore he will crawl up your behind but don't fall for it he will continue to do to as he has always done. They will stay with someon as long as they believe their lies. Once you start questioning them they are gone looking for someone weak so they can feel that they matter.

    RUN girlfirend RUN. Why do you feel the need to stay with someone so retarded and stupid who makes you feel less then a person?

  • I have to laugh, at the descriptive characters of the pisces men, and everything one has said, I found to be totally spot on....lol. Whatever you do, do not have children with these types of pisces men....they will find every avenue to try and ruin your life. Leave and never look back!

  • First you say a lot of BAD stuff about this guy, and then you want to know if you should trust him? Hahahaha, this is really funny - are you joking or what?

    Please remember that you must NEVER believe that you can save ANYONE from themselves. If he is a cheater and totally untrustworthy as you discribed, you can not save him. If that is what he is letting you believe, dont believe it. He does not care enough about you to stop doing this. That he has already proved to you.

    Do you see him behave different towards you in, say, five years time? Do you at all see yourself with this guy in five years time? Do yourself a favour and leave this guy NOW.

    Just my humble advice (lol)...

  • Wow! This Pisces must be a man...I am marriaged to a Pisces and she is very faithful, loving and trustworth. She is never ready on time...and she does love to spend and have the best of most things. Her loyalty is impecable and I am a Leo one who demands the best of his mate. Most of my friends are Pisces and the men are more likely to stray or lose jobs after job and not want to do anything with their life.

  • I finally got rid of my loser pisces bf. Cant say I would ever date another. EMPTY PROMISES, LAZY, WONT WORK. And yes he promised me heaven on earth, pfffft. He still wont leave me alone, always trying to get me back but I know things would never change because hes so stupid, I think he believes he can get through life with his good looks. He dont look that damn good! Im gonna have to cut him out of my life for good but its for the best.

  • Oh my goodness!!! That is crazy cause I just got rid of a pisces and every single comment about pisces men are true!!! They are tooo much to deal with and Ive had 2 relationships with 2 pisces and they never seem to amaze me at all they are the BIGGEST LIARS DEALING WITH THOSE TWO WERE VERY EMOTIONALLY DRAINING....The best thing anyone can do with a pisces male is to walk the other way it's a lost cause...

  • I don't know any good Pisces. They are always nice at the beginning, just like everyone else. but after a while then true colors always show up. Pisces female I found less aggravating than the male. It could be because I'm a leo I don't tolerate much of other people's shortcomings. But the thing with Pisces is that they can actually lie and look at you in the eye as if they don't. I certainly can't do this lol it's hard for me not to lash out on them and I usually make sure I do before I leave. I don't care if they change or not as long as I'm not involved anymore. I don't think you can change people or even expect them to change, no matter what sign. the change has to happen from their own initiative and usually it is best not to help them when they are in trouble. that way they will work on the solution themselves and next time they won't forget this lesson. I would say don't help him. he puts himself into this situation, let him solve it. I can feel you still love him, because for all that he did wrong, you still ask us whether he can be trusted. it's ok to feel that way, but remember that loving someone also means leading them to the right direction. if you love him so much, let him solve this and learn from it. he will get out of it a better person. don't worry about him not getting a solution, Pisces always finds a way. because they have 'people skill' if you don't mind me use that word. you can always consider rekindling your relationship or let it go later on, but first let him face his own mistakes and you have to be strong not to fall on his lies and cheats again.

  • What a load of .................I am a virgo woman married to a pisces man for 19 year now and going strong. The key to a pisces man is ground rules they r like a child give them a rope and they will hang both of u with it . you cant own him...you cant control him...AND YOU CAN'T TAKE ON HIS RESPONSABLITIES. When i first met my pisces man i had the same problems but with in a month i told him that if he wanted my love, my support and trust he had to show me. and he did.......But we do everything together, we have a joint bank account that i control and i keep a close eye on all friendships if any woman shows an intrerst in my man i show her the door. harsh I know but there are rewards

    So I say to you give him a choice YOUR WAY OR THE HIGHWAY ........If he loves you he will tow the line and tell him he has x amount of days to clean his mess DON'T WHAT EVER YOU DO , GO BACK ON YOUR WORD IF YOU CANT KEEP A PROMISE TO YOURSELF YOU ARE LETTING YOURSELF DOWN.

  • Im going to ramble on again about my ex pisces bf. And I have a question, do the men ALL cheat?? I think he may have cheated on me(emotionally) or watever you wanna call it, on the internet. He was on it 24/7 and I had suspicions. I think Im just a psycho magnet when it comes to guys. I was with him for about 8 months, i dont know how it lasted that long but im finally free of him, oh it makes me so happy!!

    He was manipulative, controlling, posessive, jealous. He would not work, he lived with me for 8 months and I totally supported that jackass. I felt used, taken advantage of, neglected, unappreciated. I told him my feelings and it was like he totally dismissed it all and went back into la la land. OH and he would check EVERYTHING, my text messages, everything on my phone, everything I did on the internet. After a while I just completely stopped getting on the computer because he would hover and watch everything i did on it! I felt like a prisoner in my own home.

    And he says he loves me more than anything and would do anything in the world for me!? HA! That is really hard to believe. I tried and tried and tried with this guy, He said he was going to do this and that but he never did what he said he would. Pisces guys act all innocent helpless but really they are hard and selfish. I have soo much anger toward him. Im probably going to have to change my phone number because this dude is nuts!

  • That 3/23 date makes her an Aries. They are on their own thinking. Probably the most stubborn of all signs? God bless us all .....I will be back

  • What about Pisces females. I have a child by a Pisces female and she will not let me speak with him. I am almost ready to take to court for contempt??? Help

  • What about females. I have a son by a Pisces and she will not let me have contact. HELP me understand this madness.

  • aussievirgo, I can understand where you are coming from. BUT hbblueyes22, do you really want a man that you have to do everything together with, control the bank accounts and keep an eye on all his friendships and watch out for other women, to keep him from doing the wrong thing???? I don't know.......sounds like too much hard work to me. A relationship that is that much hard work just doesn't seem worth it. (No disrespect intended aussievirgo). There are plenty of other men out there that you could be very happy with without all the drama. Just think about whether you still want to be dealing with all this nonense in 5 or 10 years time. I think you deserve better.

  • Wenchie, your right that is what it was like the first few years ,but now he knows were i stand on things . i can do what ever i like now.... go shopping with the girls or party all night and he is quite happy at home with the kids. you all need to understand pisces people, trusting them lets them b free u have to let them know your watching them but on the other hand show them your an open book and they will stop snooping into every thing........And yes I love doing every think with my pisces man,when we go out their is a large group of us and our families its great....I have a feeling i'm not a true virgo, u guys look at thinks differently to me. it has been an eyeopener so thankyou for that.........I think i'm one of the lucky ones coming on to twenty years of marriage with a pisces man and yes it is hard work when u don't let each other in but boy-o-boy when u do its great

  • Hmm well to those who have pIsces husbands and have to 'watch' friendships closely and basically coddle them (just my opnion) Kinda seems a little controlling to a point. You shouldn't have to be like that. BUT each to their own. I am just glad it works well with someone and they are happy.

    Idk I'm a Sag, I can't tolerate that kinda crap. I just kick it to the curb and say dont let the door hit ya in the rear end 😛

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