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  • Hi, I wondered if anyone could give me some thoughts on this spread I did for myself. To be brief, there's a man I very much like (and who I know has feelings for me on some level) but he's already in a relationship (I was unaware of the fact he had a gf at the time of developing these feelings so it's not a case of me going after someone who's already attached). Nothing has happened between us, my logic tells me it won't, but deep down it's hard to shake these feelings I have for him as I've always felt something should and could have happened there.

    Anyway, I did a relationship spread but tweaked it slightly seen as though we're not actually in a relationship. used RWS

    Where are we now? - Queen of Pents (I had a hard time interping this as a situation. I thought perhaps it could mean were "we" are at is nowhere as this card could rep his girlfriend. I've felt she's been represented by the QoP in previous spreads).

    What is causing us a problem? - 2 of Cups (Again, the prob is that he's in a relationship. So, that's a prob for me but is it a prob for him? Possibly, if he doesn't really want to be in it).

    What are we not respecting? - Knight of Cups (true feelings?)

    What we need to express? - Ace of Cups (again, our true feelings?)

    What are our options? - Page of Cups (to begin a romance?)

    Where will we go from here? - Lovers (the need to make a choice?)

    Any other thoughts would be much appreciated : )

  • Where are we now - this could represent his girlfriend, or it could just reflect the relationship you guys have now. Stable, homely. Your friends, right? So nothing too passionate.

    What is causing the problem - Yes, I agree that this could be his relationship with his girlfriend. This could also represent your feelings for him. Without the feelings, there would be no problem ;).

    What are we not respecting? - LOL wow man, you got slammed with cups. I see knight of cups as messages of love, so yah....I can only see this as representing something with you two. If it was the affection between him and his girlfriend, I would think it would be something a little more stable. But, especially since you got the ace of cups and page of cups for the next two questions, this is probably feelings between you two.

    What do we need to express? - Yes, your feelings. Maybe express how you feel to him? Thats really the only way to solve the situation. Remember, just because he may be attracted to you, doesn't mean he's going to leave his girlfriend.

    Where will we go from here? - Lovers. Yah, a decision will be made. Or, a decision has to be made. You deciding if your going to tell him, and him deciding if he's going to do anything about it.

    You did a really good job interpreting this spread yourself. You got so many strong cups cards...though, sometimes tarot goes totally one sided even though you asked for both sides, so it's totally possible this is only reflecting what you feel about him and not necessarily how he feels about you. So, take it with a grain of salt. Especially since the two of cups was in 'whats causing a problem?'. Unless he's unhappy, that's only a problem for you. But 2 of cups isn't really an unhappy card.

    In any case, i think you should do a little more research and find out how happy he is in his relationship. If he only speaks rainbows of his girlfriend, you might as well just move on. There's no sense in sending a possible rift through their relationship for no reason. Sometimes men are dumb and they wander off the path a bit. But it doesn't really mean they don't still love their girlfriends, or that they have any intentions of leaving them. I've seen it happen a couple of times. So, that's my suggestion. The tarot seems to be telling you to let him know how you feel, but I'd suggest holding your ground for a liiiittle bit longer, just to get the right info.

  • Thank you very much for your input. Interestingly enough, I did tell him I'd liked him (sent him a note) a couple of months back but he didn't respond. Says enough really. But there's still part of me that feels he's settled into the relationship with his gf because it was the safest/easiest/laziest option. Not to say he doesn't love her. Either way, if he wants to say anything to me he knows where to find me.

    Thanks again for sharing your thoughts : )

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