Question about head sensations

  • I feel quite odd tossing this question out there because I may sound like a looney toons

    person but I have noticed for many years that when I say certain words that have strong

    emotions attached to the word ie: joy, sad, angry....I get very strong vibrations in different

    parts of my head.....I have never mentioned this to anyone but would like to know if anyone

    has heard of this and what it is.


  • Sensations or visions as in small flash movies?

  • dear BenteStoker,

    actually I just check with a psychic/medium I know and she said what I am experiencing

    is normal...I am sensing the vibration in words as all words have their own vibrations

    and I these experiences will increase with practice/time and I can use them to help me in reading for others and knowing things about my guides etc. Oh phew....sometimes I really

    get afraid of my experiences when they are things I have not heard people discuss...

  • well ur psychic buddy confirmed what i suspected. i juss had to ask further into the core of the issue. congratulations of ur gift sweetie

  • Dear imwonder,

    The experience you are dealing with is quite common with sensitive people. Your emotional nature "defines" the word so that you feel its effects.

    Some people, like Scorpios, hesitate to use strong words because they are afraid of how it will reverberate back into themselves, emotionally. Since they feel things on a much deeper level, they do not always recognize what it is they DO feel. They require time and solitude on other matters before realizing a certain emotion does pop up more often. That's one reason why they seem so mysterious. They are complex and have complex inner natures that are a mystery even to them!

  • This means that you have a strong sencitivity to words.

    It means to me that you have strong prayers if you do prayer "excercises". I mean to pray and let the words happen inside of you.

    I am just saying what I think, otherwise I dont know.

    You can use it for your self to make things happen.

    For example if you are without money and you say: I have a lot of money. Then you let that feeling come to you, even if you have never felt that feeling before. By feeling it, you are attracting it to you so that it happens outside of you aswell.

    Or you are in love with a person. When you think about how it would feel to be with this person, the feeling fills you and you at the same time attract it. Some time later you might get your wish.

    I think that is what you are expreriencing.

    The problem with this talent, is that you might attract excactly how you feel. For example you are really angry with a person, and the person dies in an accident the same moment. An extreme example that was.

    Or if you complain a lot of something, and you just see the problem become bigger and bigger.

    I just think that this means that you might have a talent in making things happen in your life - and in others even.

  • thanks folks for reading my post and responding...sure appreciate your feedback!

  • I just want to add one more thing:

    Dont forget what says in the Bible in the new testament, in Johns book:

    "In the beginning was the word."

    This is not just about Gods word, even if "everybody" would think so. It says also something about how the power of word can attract something big to happen even if there is nothing to begin with. This "word" (power to create) is also planted inside of every human being. That is also why it is said in the Bible: God says to the human beings: You are gods. You are all children of the Highest. When Jesus is accused for calling himself a god, he confirms it and refers to that phrase.

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