HI!! can you pls help me with interpret!!

  • Hi!!

    First, thank you for taking the time to read this πŸ˜„ i appreaciate all insight!!!

    My question was if my spaniard and I would make a love connection soon πŸ˜„

    cards: ( all were in upright position)

    1 present seven of swords

    2 past page of coins

    3 future two of cups

    4 reason behind question six of wands

    5 potential outcome knight of coins

    Thank you!! Thank you!!

  • Hi

    1st of all do NOT use Spaniard as to refer to people of spain, they take it to heart as to them its like a condescending name. Its like russians using churnuye for any darker skinned persons.

    Ok lets see ur cards now,

    7 of Swords:

    running away

    shirking responsibility

    sneaking off


    avoiding obligations

    being afraid to face the music

    taking the easy way out

    hiding from the truth


    being a lone wolf

    feeling you don't need anyone else

    wanting independence

    deciding not to help

    keeping something to yourself

    preferring solitude

    staying aloof

    wanting to go it alone

    holding people at arm's length

    choosing hidden dishonor

    deceiving or being deceived

    covering your tracks

    maneuvering behind the scenes

    being two-faced

    seeing others take the rap

    controlling without appearing to

    avoiding a shameful secret

    lying or stealing


    Page of Coins / pentacles:

    Have an Effect

    make your plans real

    mold the physical world

    use your body

    experience nature

    achieve tangible results

    act on your dreams

    get events in motion

    Be Practical

    take a realistic approach

    apply the tools at hand

    find a solution that works

    use common sense

    stop daydreaming

    work with what you have

    concentrate on what's effective

    Be Prosperous

    draw to you what you need

    increase your means

    grow and expand

    enrich yourself

    go out to meet success

    seek abundance

    become secure

    Be Trusting/Trustworthy

    accept that the solution is well in hand

    have faith in others

    accommodate uncertainty

    accept others at their word

    keep your word

    prove yourself dependable

    stick by your commitments

    establish credibility


    2 of Cups:

    making a connection

    joining with another

    celebrating a marriage or union

    cementing a friendship

    establishing a partnership

    working together


    helping and being helped

    seeing commonalities

    calling a truce

    healing a severed relationship

    bringing together opposites

    letting bygones be bygones

    coming to a satisfactory agreement

    declaring peace

    forgiving and forgetting

    acknowledging an attraction

    recognizing a bond that is developing

    accepting your preferences

    letting yourself be drawn in

    moving toward

    feeling a positive response


    6 of wands:


    having your day in the sun

    being vindicated

    walking away with the prize

    prevailing against all comers

    coming out on top

    achieving success

    receiving acclaim

    being acknowledged

    getting a pat on the back

    receiving an award or citation

    getting praise or a compliment

    earning applause

    achieving recognition

    feeling pride

    enjoying healthy self-esteem

    strutting your stuff

    holding your head up high

    feeling worthy of notice

    having a high opinion of yourself

    putting yourself above others

    being arrogant


    feeling self-important


    Knight of Coins / pentacles:


    is dogged in pursuit of a goal..........is hardheaded and obstinate

    will not quit..........digs into a position

    stands firm against opposition..........must have his or her own way

    stays fixed to a chosen course..........refuses to listen to reason

    keeps true to personal convictions..........resists compromise


    checks and double-checks..........is too conservative

    examines all angles beforehand..........misses chances by waiting

    proceeds slowly and carefully..........is reluctant to try something new

    prefers the safe, known path..........settles for safe, small gains

    is prudent and careful..........is afraid of risking


    takes care of every detail..........does not know when to quit

    is meticulous..........is too picky

    wraps up all loose ends..........must have everything just so

    never leaves a job half done..........is inflexible and compulsive

    is painstaking..........insists on perfection

    completes anything started..........can't leave well enough alone


    is willing to look at the facts..........concentrates on what's wrong

    faces the truth..........thinks others are dreamers

    is not lured by false hopes..........sees a glass as half empty, not half full

    assesses circumstances candidly..........takes the gloomy view

    predicts problems in advance..........dooms a project from the start


    becomes dedicated to a task..........focuses too narrowly on work

    is diligent and industrious..........can be humorless and grim

    produces as much as two people..........sees playtime as wasteful

    tackles any chore vigorously..........drives everyone too hard

    is tireless and unflagging..........forgets life should be fun


    Overall i get that if you play ANY games whatsoever, force ur way n will he will not play along. so refrain from mind games, games and behind back games. it will only bit you in the end.

    This said i will also say these cards are in THE MOMENT read. Also the whole can change because the duture is fluent like a river. future changes when people and those involved changes. So if u want this dont force it, allow it to blossom and ripen in its own time.

    By the way, what is the rush sweetie? πŸ˜‰

  • Aaaaw!! Thank you for your very detailed and clear answer!! Much appreciated!!! When I did the spread, I read each card meaning and was sooo confused. You explained everything perfectly!!

    No Im in no rush. Just curious about the instant clickspark I felt when we met on Monday (yes, this monday) and haven't been able to stop thinking about him lol.

    Will take your advice on the mind games and take it one step at a time...

    Oh and as for the spaniard comment, just the english version πŸ˜„ were both from spain lol.

    Ill do another reading once I find out his bday.

    once again, THANK YOU!!!

  • Oh, I should mention Im a gemini, and as most know, geminis are notorious for wanting everything yesterday lol.... this is gonna be a challenge, but hopefully a good one πŸ˜„

  • Dear Marsm,

    When answering questions like yours, I purposely do not read the answers prior to my reply so that my words are based upon my first impression. Since you did not state where he is from, I get the sense that he is from a third world country and is here to help out his family.

    In the overall view, he is lying to you in order to get something of value from you. You believe his interest is genuine, but in this case, I would advise you NOT to bring him home to your apartment or house as he is thinking of robbing you.

    The 7sw indicates one who must put on a mask of deception in order to achieve a goal. This card represents an obstacle or a problem that will get in the way of forming a real relationship.

    The page of coins indicates you have recently been either a student or involved with a student as this card shows a younger person than the knight. The knight shows that the future depends on his actions. However, he is an assertive guy who makes you feel that he has more money than is the case. He is looking to fulfill his and/or others' material needs.

    The 6wands shows you desire a successful relationship but have not earned it yet as it is still in the beginning stages.

    You have dealt the beginning 5 cards of a classic Celtic spread. To get additional insight, randomly choose 5 more cards to the vertical right of your spread. The first card will represent your issues, the second card represents what others see and feel, the third shows what must happen before the outcome, which makes it the final outcome.

    In any case, please be cautious. Leave your purse at home. Put your driver's license in your pocket as well as any small amount of money you may need. Hide your valuables.

    It pays to be on guard when you enter a relationship with any man from another culture.

  • Spain is not 3rd world country. its a UN country. Both girl and man are spanish. read properly. bsides if u have bad news ask them if they want this news or not. this will scare them.

    on that well done job on scaring her.

  • Hi Firefly01,

    first, thank you for taking the time to read and reply to my post. But, i so wish that you would have atleast taken the time to read the previous reply, or atleast read my response...maybe then, your insights could have been a little more indepth. Regardless, I will take your advice and draw up 5 more cards and post the results. I will also keep in mind that he is still a complete stranger and will be on guard, but we are longs ways away for him to be invited to my humble abode πŸ™‚


    Thank you!!!

  • So, I'll do a quick summery for you. It looks like right now he's being a bit dodgy, right? or....maybe you are? 7 of swords is a card of deciept, generally, but it could also mean (and has meant for me) avoiding commitment. Wanting to have his cake and eat it, kind of thing. The past is the page of pentacles, which is of beginnings, but beginnings based on firm foundations. So you guys seem to have a pretty good past. Maybe he's just being dodgy now? Or you? The future as the 2 of cups is good any way you look at it. You will either grow closer together with a lot of romantic affection, or your relationship as friends will grow. Either way, it looks good. The outcome as the night of pentacles is slow, but steady progress. Is this man a Cancer...? It looks like he (or you..?) really wants to have a solid foundation to your relationship, and doesn't want to rush into anything.

    So, the present isnt so nice, but the future doesn't look bad at all.

  • Ive gone back n' forth about wether or not I should post my own insights about my spread.... and i finally came to the conclusion, that it would only be fair...

    If their would be any deception it would be from my end....prolly due to the fact that im still kinda-sorta hung up on my ex 😞 ....why?! well as the old saying goes, with the good comes the bad, and im no exception.... heartache is no picnic 😞

    This new guy I met, works on the same block as my firends store ( who i help out every now and then,but i mostly go so we can catch up on gossip and stuff lol) When I went into the store he works at, for the sake of sounding repetitive, im going to refer it as "his store".... and while he warmed up my paella, we got to chatting and i must say, i was surprised that he made me nervous and i couldnt help but blush and smile at him...i noticed my attraction to him, right away and was sooo giddy lol. He has the most beautiful smile and a fun sense of humour....seems like a serious guy, but can also kick back and have fun.

    Im really surprised and shocked, that i took a liking to him right away...he's the first crush I've had in 2years...and the nervousness i feel when i talk to him is a good one lol.

    Okay, enough about me and my feelings and more info on him....ummm he's from Madrid and has been here in montreal for 4months, just working at a family friends store and they have suggested he extend his stay through out the winter....

    To me, he seems, open and genuine, and I KNOW ok, feel and hope, that the attraction is mutual.... he smiles at me alot lol

  • THANK YOU MariaRia!!

    Im in the process on finding out his bday lol...gotta play it cool you know πŸ˜‰

    Im a Gemini with Taurus rising and Cancer moom.

    Yes, the reacurring theme, seems to be slow and steady wins the race lol. Patience and gemini dont go together lol.....but i am very persistent. And YES, I do WANT and Im READY for a solid stready mature realtionship. πŸ™‚ I just want it NOW!! lol....

  • I lean toward MarieRIaΒ΄s assessments.

  • As suggested by firefly01, I've gone ahead and picked out 5 more cards to complete a celtic love spread.... (all cards were in upright position)

    The first card, ACE OF CUPS

    the second card, THE SUN

    the third card, 4 OF COINS

    the fourth card, PAGE OF COINS

    the fifth card, DEATH

    My original question and cards were: if my spaniard and I would make a love connection soon

    cards: (all were in upright position)

    1 present seven of swords

    2 past page of coins

    3 future two of cups

    4 reason behind question six of wands

    5 potential outcome knight of coins

    I thought I understood, but now Im more confused than before lol but Thank youuuuuuuuuuuu a million to all who take the time to reply!!!!

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