Numerology software

  • Numerology holds a great repute among a variety of fortune forecasting methods known to mankind. Predictions using Numerology are often assumed to be correct and people seeking their fortune forecasts prefer this remarkable method for its accuracy. Owing to scarcity of Numerologists, users need to pay huge amount to them. Well, now you can get the all important numerological predictions without burning hole in your pocket, simply by trying out Numerology 369 v1.0. The program is capable of calculating numerological predictions and related aspects using the information entered by you. It presents four numerology systems and various forecast and personality reports to its users. Start calculating your future and store the generated reports, by exporting in textual and html form.

    Numerology 369 has an attractive interface that catches the user’s eye and makes it more interesting for them to get their numerological forecast. The features have been placed such that make it comfortably operable and helps in easily deriving the results. To get the forecast first you need to enter your first and last name, and date of birth to help program derive the results accordingly. Entering the data, click on ‘Calculate’ and the program presents different tables presenting the numerical data to reveal the results. The Report window displays the number calculated for your character, personality, name number, heart desire, love number, mental level, physical level, emotional level, intuition level, etc. Finally finding the numbers your can view the relevant report by clicking on the concerned number option. These reports can be easily seen with the left panel presenting the calculations. It presents four tables to the users to select from; these are Numerology 369 Table, Chaldean Table, Pythagorean Table and Kabbalah Table. Enter the simple information and get the report, it’s easy. Numerology 369 v1.0 provides interesting numerological based predictions that may help plan various activities in life. It is rated at 5 points, for its capability of providing quick reports and easy to understand feature-set.

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