Who can help with this ;)

  • So this is what I got with the celtic cross 11- card spread.

    Self - Queen of Coins

    Situation-King of Swords

    Challenges/Opportunities-The World

    Foundation-Two of Coins

    Recent Past- Eight of Swords

    Higher Power-Three of Wands

    Developments-Page of Coins

    Lesson-Queen of Cups

    Allies-Five of Cups

    Advice-Two of cups

    Potentials- The Hermit

    So so far this is what's happening with me, for those of you that may already know this concerns a job (LOL THAT I HATE cuz of my horrible new boss who's an idiot) but anyways the last time I did this it was enlighting because, If I had just quit my job (like I wanted to do earlier) I would not have come across this new (potential) Job. So I applied for it, and I asked this question for the tarot "Will I get that job that I applied for"

    Point is I enjoy this tarot and so far it's been really helpful, not just the cards but how the cards mention to use my intiution for some reason I have this ability to just "know" things, some physics have told me that I have this gift. I always just thought it was common sense. I have to say though that I have a great feeling about this new job (that hopefully can get) but i realize that sometimes my own personal emotions can cloud my judgement. So i used this celtic spread to help me out.

    The Hermit card got me because, I'm going to school for game art/design. I don't want to be training for the rest of my life, although people tell me that I'm good at it. I'm good at it because I'm good at anything I set myself to, which the page of coins seems to confirm. (I could be wrong on that interpation though. Anyways any extra guidance on this spread? To me I have to say that things are looking pretty good with that other job I applied for. but I could be wrong any other interpations out there?

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