A Second Opinion

  • I don't have my cards or journal with me, so can't note what the reading was but when doing a relationship reading for the new boyfriend and I, it came up very positive and I'm curious if I just let myself interpret positively, or if someone else would get the same thing.

    Also, he has a band that I did a future reading for (celtic cross) and it came across as very successful, maybe replacing the singer?

    Any insight would be appreciated!

  • Hi NoAngel,

    I drew two spreads for you and both came up with subtle cautions. There may be some developments that bring disappointment, but you will be able to overcome problems. For him, I'm noting that he is someone who prefers to 'go it alone' much of the time. Since he is a new boyfriend, simply let things unfold at their own pace. See who he really is, and let yourself discover if he's truly a knight in shining armor.



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