Are we a lasting match? taurus male pisces female?

  • female: 3/20/79

    male: 5/06/82

    I feel it in my gut! Just want to make sure. As I have looked into the birth charts but don't know exactly his birth time or mine.

    Many Thanks!!

    Missfissh 🙂 xoxoxo

  • My sister is a Taurus (may 1) and her husband is a Pisces (march 19) and they have worked well for over 20 years, have 2 kids, and are still going strong! Always go with your gut! 🙂

  • The sun signs are just the egos/personalities so looking at the whole chart will tell give you far more pertinent information. Having birth times is important however you can still have a look at the aspects being made between your planets to get an idea of how you are most likely to interact together 🙂

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