CanCer Men//PisCes Women...Im ConFuSed

  • if two ppl have known each other for a long time, you both had feelings for each other did a lil flirting but none of you never said anything, you lost contact with him then all of a sudden you text him and he text you this" as time permits n the future demands i write you this with love, i miss you alot, thats real" what is he saying??? then again a month later i got a text saying '' I need you a friend,somebody i could wife up,Im tried of playing games"... any feedback/advice/ meaning?? THanks..god Bless

    iM A PISCES-


    ''HE WROTE THAT 2 BE IN JULY N IVE NEVER RESPONDED YET DO YOU THINK HE FORGOT ABOUT ME??? im scared now ive been busying w/ school n i had to think about what he said!!

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