Who would like a one card Tarot reading?

  • Thank you for doing my reading if you have time. I am inquiring to see if my lover born 8/8/49, and I, born 8/30/49 have a future together, or if we are finished.

  • i have started talking to the guy whom i loved since i was a teenager, and even since then i always felt we were meant 2 be together. now that we have found each other once again will we be together as a couple this time around , and be happy?

  • Hello Firefly01,

    I see that you do have many questions posted. I would love to have a reply for my question when you may have the time.

    I am a Taurus in a very rocky relationship with a Capricorn. I have chatted with a man for over 4 years. He has expressed his feelings for me & I have done the same for him. He would like us to be together. Is the possibility of a relationship between us a reality? A Taurus & an Aquarius?

    Thank you in advance for your time for this reading.


  • i have been in a long distance relationship, things have been stressful lately and have me worn out. would you please do a reading for me as to where this relationship is going. greatly appreciate a reading

  • My fiance who is a Pisces's and I a cancer have been together 2 years and he all of the sudden out of the blue came home with a uhaul one day and said he was moving back home 70 miles away but still wanted to stay together and be engaged but even though this has been about a month now he has only called me 3 times and I have not seen him at all or even been with him at all. What I want to know is if you can see what the hell is going on and should I leave him. and yes I do love him and it is killing me and his excuse was he needed to be near his kids. Is this true?

  • Stillinluv and other posters, Firefly said a few pages back that she is overwhelmed with reading and to post your own discussion to seek help whether it be from her or someone else on here. Stillinluv, I am not a clairvoyant but that is terrible, I feel bad for you. You should really post what you wrote here iam sure there is someone who would gladly help you if they can.

  • Hi firefly. have one simple question....How long will we have to wait to be together

  • Hello Firefly, how wonderful that you are offering all of us your help and guidance.

    I have had strong feelings for a man all year; he says he has feelings for me too, but he can't seem to extricate himself from his ex-girlfriend, who he was with for four years. He is confused about whether they should now be friends or lovers - and needs time to work it out - and so he says he and I can only be friends for now, possibly forever. Will he and I ever be together - and if so, when? If we're only meant to be friends I would like to move on, but it's hard...

  • would like a reading, please ....what does this relationship look like? Scorp with a Saggi, he still have attachments to ex?

  • what is my role in Bill's life and how do I reach him. I feel our lives have intertwined for a reason, I would like to know what it is.

  • Will Dan and I end up being together as a couple instead of just friends?

  • Hi Firefly:

    What do you see for a man I like his birthday is Feb. 7, mine is July 26......


  • Hey There,

    Will the man I love, his birthday is 7-14-64, and I, my birthday is 9-30-63, ever be together for real? Thanks so much.....

  • Hello again, This is Poetic again, 11/20/65. Thanks for your help! Question re: My luck is it going to be a good day for me on Friday? Things have been horrible.


  • Hi, is KF my soul mate, and will we ever be together?

    Sincere thanks.

  • Hi, I was wondering if I will get pregnant this year? Thank you for your advice.

  • Hi

    will i be debt free and will i start ,and have a successful business.will i ever return to my home

  • Hi,would u please tell me if the man I'm in love with, will make the big decision and be with me? his b/day is 3rd February and mine 9th August. Thanks a lot if u can help...

  • I would like to know if my husband has another woman as what my friends to told me . Are they separated already. Please him me with this problem of mine. Thank you in advance.

  • Hi Psychic Person! My question is about what will happen to my family's financial situation. I'm laid off from work, my husband (Libra) has a new job, I'm starting tax classes. We have a lot of debt. Thank you so much for doing this reading! Have a wonderful day!


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