Who would like a one card Tarot reading?

  • Dear Suramya,

    In your case, the card that was chosen is the 9pentacles, reversed. This #9 in this case shows that something must end in order for a new beginning to take place. Legal issues may be involved.

    In either case, there is a suggestion that this new person may not be the right one as there is a sense of him hiding some important fact from you. I suggest you do some legal investigation.

    Generally speaking, this card shows you enjoy your life as it has been up until this moment. Be prepared to face the fact that this new person may only be around for what you offer and his attentions may only be centered on material gain.

    Before you make any decision, make a careful list of the pros and cons of each and do a little more digging before taking rash action. The sense of the new man is that he is hiding something important. Confrontation may be required. Move with caution.

  • Dear Cris1968,

    The Tower card has a double meaning. Not only does it mean being shocked and unprepared for a revelation that breaks down old beliefs, rocking your world with shocked dismay. It can also mean being pleasantly surprised, as in an unexpected event that comes out of the blue.

    The Tower's presence in your life indicates a major shift that takes you by surprise.

    In the case, the card I pulled is the 6cups. While this card can indicate pleasant memories from the past, and old friends reentering your life, it also indicates a pleasant sense of awareness or quality that you have forgotten about. This card in the present sense, shows you recapturing your child-like wonder in being in a position to help others, selflessness and unconditional love surrounding you.

    In regard to the Tower, the 6cups modifies its effects by showing you what, exactly, will strike you by surprise.

  • Dear thatdog,

    The card pulled is the Star, reversed. This card shows that you are overly anxious, stumbling in the dark, so to speak, and/or too trusting; so that you need to be more watchful that someone does not enter your life to take advantage of your loving nature.

    There is a sense of doubt and a negative attittude pervading your aura. When in doubt, you must trust your gut instincts, remembering that when one is sick or stressed out, our gut instincts are more focused on our selves than in looking beyond ourselves, and one becomes unable to see matters clearly.

    The Star, in the reversed position, shows that you need to look beyond your immediate surroundings and be open and flexible with other people. Doing so will clarify your needs and desires and bring about what you most want.

  • Deat tzaras,

    The card pulled is the 9wands. This card indicates you will be required to re-educate yourself so as to be more diligently prepared to help your daughter. In so doing, you will make a breakthrough in understanding that will lead your daughter down the path she needs.

    The number 9 shows the situation is about to end. While there may be a few obstacles ahead, you are prepared to meet them head on and win, regardless of what others may think. Rely on your resourcefulness to pull you through. Talk to your daughter about life issues that happened to you. This will help her see that she is not alone. She is not the only person who has suffered in this case.

    While you did not state her age, the sense is that her thoughts got twisted in self-blame, guilt and she feels over-loaded with self-induced punishment over something she did not understand as fully as an adult may. Teenagers and young adults in their twenties often go through humiliating situations that they do not feel comfortable discussing with parents as parents tend to over-react.

    Often, having a psychiatrist is not always the only solution. A psychotherapist can help your daughter to view the situation or experience in a more healing way, turning her thoughts of self-defeat into strengths. They are trained to help those who are mentally "lost" and help them find more constructive methods of dealing with life issues.

    As her mother, you have the resources at hand to find additional help for her. Try to view the matter as though you are a bystander instead of her mother, and let her in on a few of your own secrets you experienced while growing up. This will help her appreciate you and help her find new appreciation for herself.

  • Dear eforever,

    The card pulled is the 10swords, reversed. This card shows that your health should come first. The sense is of your being caught between conflicting desires. There is part of you that believes you should go ahead and fear that is holding you back. Distractions are coming up to force you into intensifying your fears, and this is not a healthy way to handle the situation.

    Your doctor is the one you need to ask. Delaying a necessary surgery will only make matters worse instead of better. The suggestion in this card is to look to higher powers (including your doctor) to create a better atmosphere of healing.

    In this case, the number 10 shows you have the power to imagine the best and will it into being, as doing so will provide you with the new beginning you so badly desire. This card requires action. In the doing will come relief.

  • Dear Scorpioblonde,

    The card pulled is the Ace of cups, reversed. This card shows you already know the answer but are not willing to face the reality. There is hesitation on the part of one of you. My sense is that you are hesitating.

    This card also suggests you have been brooding about it for some time. Allow matters to go as they will. You cannot force another to feel the same feelings as you. Slow down.

  • Thanks firefly, I'll ponder on that. I seem to be struggling with the "wait" so to speak, while knowing I can't go on the way I am much longer. Ah well, my life's always been a struggle, so why on earth should that change? Thanks again šŸ™‚

  • To sassy and scorpio blonde,

    The card pulled is the 3pentacles. This card shows you need to work on your present relationship and not turn away from what has already been established. Negative thoughts always equal negative consequences. You must turn your thinking around to what is best for all concerned.

    This card indicates that fulfillment of your innermost desires requires work. If you divorce your husband over minor issues, you will still be carrying the same negative issues with you. Karma teaches us that we reap what we sow. Unless you are willing to work on yourself, creating a more positive environment and seek counseling, other relationships will not bring you the satisfaction you believe will occur.

    The number 3 shows there is one too many people in your life. In order to benefit all concerned, you must be willing to accept constructive criticism and make changes in yourself before you can move forward.

    Making your dreams a reality requires a lot of work on your part. Are you willing to face reality?

  • Hi firefly. You have responded to me well in the past. I want to know what to do about my ex .

  • Dear Polishedblack,

    The card pulled is the 6wands, reversed. This card shows someone may be making trouble for you. It suggests false accusations unfounded by concrete evidence.

    You would feel like a fool if you falsely accuse him and find out he is faithful. My sense is that he loves you, and your emotions are near boiling from brooding too long on an issue that does not exist. He will prove himself loyal, but not immediately. You will find it to be rewarding for you to acquire patience as the rewards you seek will be delayed as time needs to pass as your suspicions are ungrounded in reality.

  • Dear lovinmylife,

    The card I pulled is the Queen of Pentacles. This card shows you are deeply generous and giving towards those you love. Continue the charity work. He will appreciate you more for having an open mind. Besides, you know and understand him. You can help him with his issues when asked.

    Allow him to contact you and remain friends. This promises to be a rewarding effort.

  • Thank you firefly. you are really good at this. Thank you for your time and energy. I really miss having him in my life but I am afraid of him leaving me again and I cant go through that again. So i have been really confused about letting him be friends with me. So thanks again.

  • Dear lovinmylife,

    Relationships do not come with a guarantee, a lease or a leash. Allow him room to roam and trust that he will return when he is ready.

    The sense I get is of a closeness that will not end just because you are apart. Life your own life as if he is not around. That's part of the friendship deal. When you love someone enough to let them go their own way, you are also giving your inner self the reassurance that you need. Don't expect a miracle. Just live your life fully as it is now.

  • Hi firefly. You've given me advice not too long ago which was very helpful. I'm wondering about my ex..will we get back together again someday?

  • Dear SherryBlossom,

    The card I pulled is the 6pentacles. This card shows that when you make your request known to the universe, the bread you through upon the waters will come back to you threefold.

    Focus on doing good deeds for others. Philanthropy is suggested as a means for you to focus upon in order to achieve the best results. I sense there is someone you know that is close to him that is in need of help and/or advice. Perhaps, lending a helping hand out of the goodness of your heart will bring to closer to your goals.

    In the meantime, you need to focus on doing good things to build yourself up. You need "me" time to prepare yourself to meet the demands of your request. When you take time for yourself, you allow the goodness in you to shine forth.

  • Hello Firefly01 šŸ™‚ If you would be so kind, I am wondering where my future is headed with my current boyfriend.

    Thank You,


  • Hi Firefly01,

    thank you so much for the reading, I really appreciated it.

    much love and joy to you


  • Dear Sacogirl,

    The card I pulled is the 8 of cups. This card represents walking away from of all you held dear. 5 cups are empty, but three cups remain full. This shows you have unexpressed feelings and doubts. You need some solitude and relaxation right now.

    Like others in your case tonight, there seems to be a lot of over-analyzing going on right now.

    In relationships, there are no guarantees that all will run smoothly without any speed bumps crossing your path.

    Let go of analyzing and enjoy your own freedom for a change. Take a bubble bath and listen to your favorite music. Do something positive to feed your inner being. Be positive that the efforts you make do not go unnoticed.

  • Hi! When is the best time for me to work abroad or look for another job? What field do i work best? Should I pursue my interest in working with my small business? Thanks much!

  • Thank you so much firefly for your help......many blessings to you and yours.

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