Who would like a one card Tarot reading?

  • Before replying, PLEASE, take a moment to visualize your question before asking it. It will help me to give you a more accurate reading of where you in this moment in time and how you should approach the issue at hand.

    I've been doing Tarot for over 30 years with great results. Please give feedback after your question is answered. I need to know how "on target" I am, because my goal is to help you reach a reasonable solution to sensitive subjects.

    Please allow 2-3 hours before responses are posted as I only have two hands. Thank you and Enjoy!

  • Sorry, I am in the wrong forum. I saw all the requests for readings.

  • will i get my disabillity money this month? Thank you for your help.

  • Ordinarily, Social Security deposits are in the bank on the 3rd, but yours is just late.

    The card picked turned out to be The Star, which is the Wish card of the Major Arcana.

    It shows a woman who is healing after an upheaval. This card suggests there is reason to hope and a healing inside and out. Sometimes, when Pandora's box is opened, one cannot be prepared for the consequences of unleashing a power that cannot be recaptured quite as easily as it was to open the box.

    In circumstances such as this, the Star indicates a dramatic change for the better within your life. You have many wishes, but the one that shines through will come true.

  • will i get a job soon?

  • Will I be getting married?

    Thank you for doing this!!

  • Not sure Im in a relationship with the right man...should I move on?

  • Hi firefly!

    I know you've given me some great things to work with recently, but I have a general question here which may be the root of all my evils 🙂 I've drawn the Tower quite often in readings for myself. What do you see coming for me? And please be honest, even if it hurts 😞 Thanks so much my friend xoxoxoxoxoxo

  • I would like to kow if I will find love soon?

  • My daughter is going through a very rough time and recently has experienced mental health issues. My question is will she recover and lead a fulfilling life? Thank you in advance...........

  • Hi Firefly...thanks for doing this.........That surgery that I need to have ..can I safely put it off until next Jan.?

  • I need answers where my love life is concerned. Will I eventually be with my new love forever?

    Thank you!

  • MY Marriage should I divorce Philip ? And is Kenny for ME?

  • Hi Firefly! Let me be more specific. Should I divorce Tom & is Terry for me?

    Sassy44 - sounds like we're in the same boat!

  • OMG Scorpioblonde and Sassy44 -I have that similar question too! BTW I am a Scorpio too.

    Hello Firefly, my thoughts are consumed by my partners past infidelities causing me to uncover new evidence that he may stray again. I promised myself that if it plagued me I would focus on something positive so as not to loose my sanity and leave if it ever happens again. He treats me amazing and does so much for me, but I am very intuitive and lately I just want to run away. I am a hopeless romantic and My question is who is my soul mate? What is he like? I've spent years dated the same type and the same bull keeps happening. I just need a sign. Thank you so much for your time and talent, Tanya*

  • Hello firefly , How nice of you to do this for us,I am so confused about an old but re-newed relationship. 35yrs ago for 6yrs and now 4months Does he really want to be with me ??????

  • Hello I'd like to know if I will find a new love soon.

    Thank you for your help.

  • I am not sure if I am doing this correct but I will give it a try. I would like to know what direction my life is going!! Seems like the past few years have just been rotten. I try my hardest to get out of this slump but get further down it. and it all revolves around money Just don't know what to do. any ideas??

    Thanks so much


  • Dear Fantasy 022003

    The Sun card shows that you will soon be entering an enlightenment that will show you the way to go. There is a sense of happiness and all things cooperating for the good.

    This shows your best chances of employment lie in the arts, sciences and/or agriculture, and in some way, there will be a connection to these areas. Think of whatever you will be doing will have the Sun's blessing.

  • Dear Hope Eternal,

    The card that was chosen is the 3cups reversed. This card suggests that fear is greater than your faith. You need to let go of a romantic desire, as there seems to be a third person in the picture. Beware of gossip from this person.

    This card points to a sense of jealousy or rejection within your circle of friends. In order to bring about the best results, improved communication will result in a healing that is needed before further progress can be made. There are increased opportunites for romance ahead for you.

    You must listen to your gut instincts in this case.

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