Who would like a one card Tarot reading?

  • Dear Gansblume,

    The card pulled is the 5 of wands, reversed. This card shows this project was begun primarily as a creative effort and some type of competition has been involved as well as a lot of wishful thinking.

    This project will give you new opportunities as a result of your efforts. There is nothing wrong in dreaming big, as long as you realize it is a dream that can be realized with effort. Any conflict that occurs because of and/or indirectly due to this project will be overcome with kindness.

  • Dear pinky9dec,

    My first instinct is to tell you to concentrate on taking care of yourself first, then business. After that is done, everything else will fall into place.

    The card chosen is the 3 of pentacles, reversed. This card shows you are scattering your energies and attempting to "multi-task" with a lot of different projects happening at once, which results in inferior workmanship.

    Concentrate on each task at hand, returning to it to look for mistakes. With each project in life, our full concentration is required on one task at a time. Before stopping one task and flipping to another, be sure to make comments so that you will remember what needs to be done next.

    A word of caution is needed to NOT feed the gossip mill. Doing so will harm your reputation and rebound upon you. Keep personal issues out of the work environment and keep your personal life to yourself.

    Above all, whatever you do, do it with your whole heart. In the doing, there will come satisfaction.

  • I wish for some general guidance as my life has been change filled as of late. (Changed jobs, ended a long relationship, moved states, possibly moving states and changing jobs again!)

    What do you see in my immediate future?

    Thank you for your help

  • Dear Toledo51,

    The card pulled is the Hanged Man. This card illustrates the need to let go of old situations and beliefs in order to make progress. This period of time seems to be one of indecision in your life and the fact that you may feel pulled in two directions at the same time. This letting go should be more of a willing self-sacrifice for the greater good.

    In your gut, you already know the answer and have known it for some time. There is also a suggestion of the need for viewing the situation from a different viewpoint that sheds light on the matter and clarifies the issue for you.

    The objective of this card seems to point towards a need for seeking higher wisdom rather than relying on the advice of others.

  • Dear kittykats,

    The card chosen is the Sun, reversed. This card shows that a fog has temporarily blurred your vision. You have much work to do to realize your dreams. Even though your vision is clouded for the moment, it will clear with effort.

    You are being advised to find a creative answer to your life situation. In this way, success is assured.

  • Dear 2KnowMe, etc.,

    You are a Scorpio and you cannot sense how he feels??? There is a sense of deep trust and an element of his life he has not shared with you.

    Unfortunately, some people are locked into their fears on such a deep level that they lock away their hearts and throw away the key. Scorpios have done that with me and my belief is that some are not mature enough to handle relationships. To some men, appearances matter more than inner beauty. There is an "ideal" held aloft in their dreams and a reluctance to face reality.

    Okay. On with the reading. The card pulled is The Hierophant, reversed. This card definitely shows an unconventional relationship. One or both partners have a value system mired in the ultra conservative and is not flexible enough to bend the rules. This person has a firm vision of how a relationship should be conducted that is tied to a feeling of insecurity.

    The suggestion of this card points to a need for conformity. Allow your partner space to breathe freely and allow him to be the dominant male. Scorpios have an innate tendency to suck the life out of any relationship and become bored with the daily tasks of life as they crave intensity and passionate dramas on a daily basis. While life may never be dull, the drama may be too stressful for him.

    Such possessiveness can become stifling and suffocating to your man. While it may be difficult to restrain your impulses, it would be wise to take a waiting stance. Allow him to reveal himself at his own pace.

  • Dear Parcifal,

    While there is nothing wrong in developing friendships outside of marriage, your involvement with this man is only complicating your life instead of helping you deal with it in a more effective manner.

    The card pulled is the Page of Wands. This card shows you need to put your needs ahead of the needs of this man. Taking time out for yourself, whether it is a bubble bath or a movie, will ultimately build you up emotionally and physically. You also need to seek spiritual help, perhaps thinking upon poetry or other artistic, creative projects will strengthen you.

    The Page of Wands is typically one who is a messenger whose message is of vital importance. Face the reality that is now and build yourself up as for battle in order to face what lies ahead. Strengthen yourself in all ways and put HIM behind you.

  • Hello, and thank you for your time. I was wondering if you could tell me if I will have a lasting loving relationship? If so, is it with someone I already know? Could you also tell me if there is anything important i need to be focusing on at this time, wether it be financial, change of job, a change in residence? Anything at all? Thank you again!

  • Dear Aeleven,

    The card pulled is the 2 of swords. This card shows the need for direction in your life as things are at a stalemate. In the Rider-Waite deck, it shows a woman blindfolded. In the Mystic Tarot, it shows a woman covering her ears with the jagged rocks of hard fact shown in the background. In either case, one of you does not want to know what the future holds.

    This is a stalemate, a period of indecision and a need to balance your emotions.

  • HI Firefly01,

    I am new member. I shall be greatful if u do a reading for me . I am as such having a bit of financial crunch. People have deceived us on monetary aspects. Will i get the money back? My date of birth is 3-6-1969 born in India.

    Thanking you in advance,


  • Sweet crystal,

    Please clarify your question.

  • Dear Magmary,


    The card pulled is the King of Pentacles. So, there is no doubt you will see him again.

    This man is very creative with money-making ventures. The presence of this card shows he holds a dominant place in your life.

    I suggest you post a question in order to receive more feedback as this is an interesting case.

  • Dear Amused,

    The card chosen is the Ace of Hearts. He's just around the corner.

    I get the feeling he is someone you already know. He is biding his time, waiting for the right time to approach you. Since there is no hesitation on your part, this card shows the first steps taken in the beginning of a relationship.

    Please post your question as a topic for discussion. This question requires deeper insight than one card can provide.

  • yes pleaseeeee, i would like to know about my love life! i am a virgo, he is a cancer! i like him sooooo much but cant stand his disappearing mode! i need to know if we will stay together, get married or just i should move on in my life....

    thank u soooooo muchhhhh

  • will anthony be around to help take care of his daughter or will be by myself

  • Im in desperate need of help. Please tell me what the cards show for me. Having financial problems and pregnant teen daughter. I have given up on hope,everything seems to be getting worst. Please help!

  • firefly,

    thank you in advance. My question , Will I be changing jobs soon or at all?

  • Hello Firefly,

    I would greatly appreciate a reading, My question's are 1: in regard to my love relationship "husband" & there after? 2: We are expecting a lump sum on the 15 of September 2009, do you see this happening and what or how will the money be spent or will something else happen? Thankyou for your kind and generous wisdom!

    Live,Laugh,Love often life is too short not too!


  • Thank you so much for your wise counsel, Firefly.

    Blessings to you and yours.

  • In regards to finances. Will I ever be wealthy, financially...secure & comfortable?

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