Who would like a one card Tarot reading?

  • Hi Nautica89,

    Sorry for the delay.

    The card I pulled is the Queen of Wands. This card shows that you have some great qualities in you that have not gone unnoticed. It is within your power to choose your own man and be surprised when he accepts.

    The men around you in your day to day life have great respect for you as you are well=liked and have an honorable nature. Some men may be put off by these qualities as if they feel they are not worthy of you.

    The sense of this card is to pay closer attention to men who have the same interests as you. They tend to shop where you shop. Think of all the people who you have a talking relationship and take it a step further, like asking one to join you for a cup of coffee.

    I believe the amount of interest stirred up will surprise you.

  • Hi there Firefly01!

    Good work you're doing here.

    I'm working on a project and am close to the end of it.

    My question is if it will be finacially rewarding too?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Hi Firefly. Thanks much for taking the time to answer. If I'm not mistaken, what I understand from what you've written is that I stay in my current job right? Coz there were a lot of times I wanted to quit and look for another job I even thought of applying abroad. I hope the small business I ventured is was not a mistake...

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  • Thank you Firefly01. I am guessing that my card was the judgement card? I was a little confused when I read your response. Typical Virgo I guess, always further analizing things and becoming more confused. LOL. I am afraid to approach him because I don't want to be rejected, so I have been just waiting (stubborness I guess). And if he doesnt call Monday, on my birthday, I dont if I will be able to deal with that. Thnk you for you insight. It was greatly appreciated!

  • hi firefly,

    will jj come back into my life?

    me: 9.27

    him: 1.11

    thank you so much...

  • Hi Firefly,

    Any luck on mine...Posted on page 5

    Many thanks


  • Hello Firefly. I'm 11/6 and he's 10/7 both same year so we are the same destiny number, day and month vibration and in the year 1 of the 9 yr cycle. my question is this: Will he ever acknowledge that he loves me and actually let me get closer 1 day? He scoots from love like a scolded crab! and he blocks feelings soo well. Sometimes when I kiss him passionately, it feels like he's analyzing my kiss! I don't want to fall in love and then have my heart broken, just because he fears relationship and commitment. Man will go out of his way for me, let me keep his car while he's out of town but, won't let me close to his heart. He loves what I do for his business!

  • Hi Firefly

    My partner and I went to a fortune teller, same person, different nights, different locations. He was not in my cards at all no partner. He was given details about me to comfirm it was his current love he would marry. Am I in the wrong relationship for me?

    Thanks for help will post reply


  • hello firefly, thank you so much for your answer to me , yes there are issues and they need to be worked on, but I think like you said theres a reason for everything and I am still wondering what will truly happen with this new complicated relationship. It almost feels like it is meant to be. FLAWS&ALL. that scares me , as we are so different, but there is much love there. Leonida


  • Hi.. i had been seeing a man named "m" for a reasonable period some time ago.. we had broken up probably for all the wrong reasons... I had tried to reconcile with him, sent him gestures that I still cared for him, but he has not replied... Will there be a chance to communicate with him again ? I have been wondering for a while... we are both in Europe now... thank you...

  • Thank you, My husband died 3 years ago and you are right. Keep me in your mind

    and let me know if you see anything else promising. God bless you.

  • Hello firefly01 ! I got married in 04 and we seprated in 07 but we still see each other like we are still together. I live someone and he dont know. The person I live with dont know I still see my husband. My question is should I go back to my husband or is my happiness with the one I live with?

  • hi Firefly01'

    I've recently done a lot of emotional cleansing & let go of past hurts/disappointments. I look forward to having a new man in my life. I feel as if he's just beyond my reach - as if he's in the middle of a maze & I can't find my way to him. Any insight as to my net move?

  • in the las two years my life has completly out of balance. my husbans health went down the hill.our finances did also emotionaly i dont seem to be able to find balance ,. my family life is not good and i have starting seeen some one that i goten close to he has separated from his wifr he saes that he loves me he has given comfort and attention and help my mind not to obsses with al my issues but i feel terrible cause ythis relationship is not moraly right. Iam hanging on to him who i have follen in love with even though i have tried to bake it. to me this is not a sexual fling.

    i feel conectect to him in a very different way he saes he loves but i dont really know and i just dont want to hurt my husband or anybody can you enligthen me ? does this guy realy loves me or i am just fulling myself and taking a chance that i will regreat. Is there anything that u can tell me about my situation that would help me to undetangle my life,

    thanks so much for serving being willing to help us with your talent. if you can help me great if not i will understand. thanks

  • Dear Gez09,

    The card I pulled is the Fool, reversed. This card indicates that your inner being knows the relationship has been a mistake from the beginning. Listen to your body concerning the signals it gives you about this person.

    The sense of this situation is of impulsiveness, rushing headlong into a bad situation. There is a tendency to ignore the danger signals with more belief in your idealistic view of a situation rather than its reality. Holding on too tightly to this situation shows that, in the final inning, you will eventually be forced into a recognition that you should have let go long ago.

    The best possible choice in this situation is to listen to what your friends and family have to say and make a wise choice based on gut instincts and facts rather than dreams.

  • Dear Perfumella,

    The card chosen is the 6 of swords, reversed. This card shows that patience is needed for matters to unfold of their own accord.

    Since this card is part of the Minor Arcana, this card shows your best prospects lie in creating harmony around your workspace on a daily basis will bring you the recognition you are looking for in this matter. Rushing into deep waters without being prepared will not give you the results you want.

  • Dear Gritssc,

    Regarding your question of your part-time job turning into full time work due to back injury.

    The card pulled is the Lovers, reversed. This card shows your best bet is to seek another position in your work as you owe this company no loyalty. There is a suggestion that others see your health issue as a weakness and how you should be "grateful" for what little crumbs they offer you. This job is not one with which you have pledged your loyalty. In this respect, you need to be loyal to yourself, above and beyond what is expected of others in the same company.

    In this particular case, you are sensitive to your environment. If you stay, there is a greater likelihood of arguments and interference. Stay with your employer while seeking other employment, being ever mindful of the need for harmony in your surroundings and the need to keep the matter secret.

    As a final word of caution, keep hold onto your emotions. Do not allow others to know how you feel. Keep emotion in check.

  • Dear Sable31,

    The card chosen is the Fool. This card shows this is a new relationship that makes you feel freedom on a different level. You are eager to push ahead with this man, and the Fool urges you forward on your quest for enlightenment.

    Along this path, there may be many issues to come forth and obstacles to overcome. If you maintain this same mental frame of mind, you will enjoy your adventure. Be sure to make wise choices based on instincts and the advice of family and friends. They will never steer you wrong.

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