Who would like a one card Tarot reading?

  • Hello Firefly

    Thank you so much for this opportunity for a Free Reading . I very much appreciate it:O)!

    I would like to know how things are going to turn out in regards to my Finances and my life in General .

    Thank you for your Time

    Best Regards.

  • Thank you v much dear Firefly,this is indeed v kind of you.I trust you are right on this one.Whenever I ve picked a card thinking about this person ,it has been the magician, which I think also signifies deception or quickness of hand!

    Thanks v much and May the force be with you!

  • Firefly01,

    Thank you for your time & energy to answer my question. I will post my question as you suggested. Your answer does support my feeling that a man I've met recently is interested but is taking his time getting to know me.

    May love & happiness fill your life

  • Hello Firefly- Your right, I can feel him, I know what he wants without him asking me. and I feel him blocking me too. It's soo frustrating because I know on the other side of that wall he puts up, is what I want to FEEL from him. I've written to him that I know he's a passionate person and that he's an ALPHA male and he takes care of those he cares about and that I am honored that he's included me. He knows I'm submissive and I cater to the man in my life. ( I'm not sub or cater to ANYONE else) I've been giving him permission to be himself . He has admitted he's not good with emotions. He has gotten way, wayy better at sharing and trusting me. You are right I need to go back into "WAIT!!!" mode. I'm usually the patient Master of Emotions. I usually enjoy the steps and discoveries made in a new friendship. It's just hard this last week I think it had to do with the planets, or almost 7 months of this. I FELT ugly towards him for dragging his feet and being SUCH an emotional conflict and putting up emotional boundries. I haven't SAID anything ugly, I've actually been very supportive. I just needed to have someone read the same "Writing on the wall ", to confirm I'm doing the right thing and that I'm NOT staying in this "unrelationship" with no possibility of him "waking up" to his feelings for me. It's like when you read a book and you want to skip the blah, blah and just want to read only the good chapters!! This month, it could be a bad chapter. I have to be careful and be very patient, count to 10 before I speak! we can have a lot of misunderstandings and business isn't going to go fast enough for him. He's NOT patient at all, there is this one company that has had a major management change and no one can make decisions right now and he REALLY wants this account! That's his life challenge, to learn to be more tolerant of others. Oct. will show results of all our hard work put in these last couple of months. End of Oct. there is a shift in our relationship but, not until NEXT year can I really expect a big change. We are in year 1, building a foundation.

    Our UNCONVENTIONAL RELATIONSHIP IS: When we first met, he kissed me, shocked me, I didn't realize until recently,with that kiss, he was claiming me. we were very comfortable around each other and soon we became lover's but, he didn't want a one on one relationship, I did so, I went back to dating other guys, they turned out to be flakes. He was there when I needed him. He's been a really good friend. But when I mentioned I cared about him, he freaks out and stopped talking to me.( bad with emotions!!) Took logic to convince him that after 6months and all hes done for me, that it was only human of me to care about him. And that I was NOT in love with him. (figured since he's a math whiz and has a PhD and Masters, logic is where I can relate to him, ) Then I did him a favor regarding his business and HE decided to put me on payroll and HE decides we couldn't be lovers AND do business. I protested and asked him to reconsider. He did but, he also said that he will try to find someone to do my job and asked me to stay in my position until he finds someone. Since I'd rather be lovers. I'm going to let it ride and concentrate on the business. So, I'm going to "conform" to his plans, for now. (VALUE SYSTEM MIRED.... HE CAN'T BEND RULES) He won't be able to find anyone to take my place, the position is a commission pay and the accounts are hard to get and the pay doesn't start for about a month AFTER the contracts are signed and the pharmacist work. plus, no one is going to do all the OTHER stuff he demands to be done. I think we can have both but, I have to be patient and find evidence of couples that have worked together that were intimate.and were successful partnership. Those don't make the news so he's only seen the bad ones.

    I don't pry I never ask him what he did during the day and I don't ask him where he plans to go. I'm not POSSESSIVE or insecure. He usually tells me in conversation what he's been doing. He gets JEALOUS, we had a double date, I was getting everyone to laugh and we all had good conversation. He had a sneaky way of pulling me away so we could leave. I didn't realize it at first, I was just concerned about the call he got and why he didn't come back to the group so, I called his cell, he sounded a bit upset, didn't want to come back so, I offered to leave, he was too quick with the "OK".. I laughed a couple of days later, when I realized what he had done, it was clever, he made his phone ring! I will NEVER mention that I know this either!! He went somewhere that he had fun a week ago cause he was talking to his mom while I was driving his car, she asked about his trip, she knew were he went, he answered "It was fun" and he stopped and changed the subject. I had just picked him up from the airport and the little trip that I had assumed was work, wasn't.. I chuckled a little, just to let him know I knew what they were talking about. I never asked where he went, I still don't know and, don't care cause he was thinking of me while he was there, he kept texting me. One ELEMENT of his life that was revealed to me recently, is something we both have experienced. If you met this man, you'd think he'd ALWAYS been conservative, upper middle class. You'd think the same of me, he certainly did.. Sad thing is it took his cousin and the girlfriend being murdered for us to find out what it is..

    I think I'm the LEAST drama in his life, I always tell him YES when he asks me to do anything. Even when he gets mad at me, I negotiate him back into a good mood. His family, which he dearly loves, there is a lot of DRAMA there. That could also be the other element too. They are very close. He's had to go back every month for one thing or another. Right now, he's there for the funeral and Labor Day weekend. He text me during the eulogy and at the wake. There wasn't any reason, other then he was thinking of me, that he had to text me at 818 my time (he's 3hrs ahead of me) to let me know the eulogy was nice and his cousin's father became a minister and he didn't know it. I think his first wife was really critical of his family. His mom can't stand her. She used to use their daughter as a way to get her way. She is the BIG HURT that had him locking his heart away and throwing away the key. When he talks about EX, it looks like he's choking. And a few females after her, kind of added to the hurt. I don't need the key, I just have to figure out how to pick the lock!! If he ever lets me talk to his mom, she might be the pick for the lock, He LOVES his mom, that's his girl!! He's kissed me with her on the phone so, I KNOW she's heard that. I love everyone else's mom since mine passed away a few years ago. I've never heard "SUCKING THE LIFE OUT OF A RELATIONSHIP" in reference to me.. Now, I can't get along with Scorpio males, soo tiring! so, that's who you MUST mean! ! lol. Sagi's were my relationship-energy suckers too. You know Scorpios can evolve into Eagles and one other thing after that. We are the only sign that has 3. I have Cancer as my moon, which is his sun sign ( good combo) and we are both Rabbits in Asian Astrology. We both love music on in the home, a sanctuary from the crazy world. We don't invite too many into our space. I have keys to his home, his mailboxes and to his other car. If I wanted to get snoopy, I could but, I don't really care. Plus, it would be a violation of his trust. At my age, trust and honor are very important to me. I DON'T like drama, my day to day life is routine, just like I like it! I'm very laid back unless you mess with my children. I will go out of my way for my friends and family. So does my Cancer. I don't take advantage of him, you can't keep taking and not expect the well of good friendship to run dry.I give back so that it can keep flowing!

    All in all, pretty good, Esp. for one card! Since I'm already doing all those things I need to, it just confirms things for me. Kudos to you!

  • Dear Firefly,

    this may sound funny but may I try a reading for you?!I just want to try reading the cards to see if I can see and also to thank you!!

  • Hello again Firefly,

    My father has MS, and he is a fighter, but I can see the changes in him daily. Before he was diagnosed he would tease me about finding a mate and settling down. He can't sit or walk to long. I was wondering if I will marry before he gets to the point where he cant escort me? And if it will be the guy that I am currently involved with?

    Thanks, Nciteful

  • Will my ex lover contact me?

  • thank you firefly.

  • Dear Firefly01,

    Thank you for your free tarot card reading . I have been with my boyfriend of 10 and a half years. have known him forever but we had recently hit a rough spot because while he has stayed with his first wife to raise the kids we have maintained a good relationship but with my kids grown and moved out of the home I have felt lonely and let some one spend time with me because I flet that he couldnt. He knows and understands that it is not fair to ask me to wait and he does not want to wait any more either. He is currently trying to fing a way to pay for a divorce plus alternate housing instead of moving in with me until it is final and would love for us to not wait any longer and be married asap. Do you see this happening for us? He is the only man that I have ever loved and is my best friend. We want to grow old together. Thank you so much for your insight. I know how our hearts feel but will it be this year?

    Thank you


  • Hello Firefly. I would first like to say how generous of spirit you are to give help to so many people! I hope that one of us can help you back someday if you need us to. I know I would certainly try!

    Anyhow, I would like an answer to a question if that is ok?

    Just recently I have been experiancing detrimental circumstances in my job and am at the point of losing my job due to some fault of my own (I think) as people there are so deceptive and I have never really been accepted. I have been there two years and things are coming to a head. I have tried to take remedial action before but the effects are only temporary. People are not really willing to help me if I need it (we are supposed to be a team) I have been left to cope in soul testing cicumstances but have worked hard and done my best in difficult circumstances. I know losing my job may be a blessing in disguise but now I find that I don't really want to continue in another job of the same kind (although I don't have that option yet)! I was wondering if the cards could give you some indication of the direction I should take or in what vocation I should aim or train for? I just have to mention that I am the sole breadwinner in my household and don't really have any financial backup to help in the future. This is worrying me obviously and is motivating me to get another job of the same kind which will take up all of my free time so that I cannot train for any other vocation. I have been unhappy for a long time about this aspect. I thank you so much for your help and hope I may be able to help you in the future! Love and light, B.

  • Hi Firefly - How generous of you to share your gifts with the rest of us. No rush on this, but would like to see what you pull for the question "What does 'R' want from our relationship where does he see it going?". I've been getting a recurring card concerning this question lately but it's a tough one for me to interpret objectively. I'll let you know what that card is after your reading. If you pull the same card I've been getting I think I'll flip! Lol.

  • Hey firefly, i thank you for your act of love. i am a pisces female in love with a libra male but i think i am the only one in love here. could u enlighten me please. thank you very much, this would me a lot to me

  • Hi Firefly, thank you so much for offering your services.... For many of us it's a real gift.

    I would like to know whether ex cancer guy and me have a future. Gut tells me we not done just yet. Would be grateful if you can give me your insight.


  • I am playing the lottery and September is my is my lucky month will it be numbers that mean something to me or computer pick.Thanks

  • Hi firefly.

    I would really appreciate some insight into my current relationship with "m". She's been pushing me away and I'm growing tired of fighting for her. I've had to take a week for myself and she wants to talk when I get back. I would like to know if it's time to walk away.

  • Hi Firefly01

    Yes, you were spot on with this project started as creative endeavour .. though I can't see any competition in it as such. I had been thinking along those lines you stated about this being a possible start for bigger "dreams" .... and "obstacles" that cross my path are there to overcome - with kindess too as you suggested........

    Thanks for this "reading" ..........

  • Hello All,

    Thank you all for your interest; however, I'm a little overwhelmed with the responses, and while I would dearly love to answer your requests, I feel it is time to end this party. I can see all too clearly that continuing this post could amount to 200 pages of questions and answers, thus filling my day trying to find you.

    Please POST your questions under Topic for discussion as this will give you greater understanding as more than one reader may respond and answer your questions more thoroughly. There are many of us online who can offer guidance and counsel as well as readings.

  • Understandable Firefly. Will you be responding to the questions you have received up to this point or are you "calling it a wrap" as of right now? Bless you for sharing your time with all!

  • I am desperate 4 help; I don't know where else to go; I HAVE A SERIOUS EVIL EYE on me and don't know what to do.

  • Hi Firefly01

    Thank you for your reply to my question. U are spot on but o course I couldn't see it myself. My partner is perfectly focused on our future together and it is me who is not prepared to look at the future.

    I am in need of emotional balance as you pointed out and I am now addressing this issue.

    Thank you so much


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