Addressing my concerns, regarding my ex...

  • I have proudly been in a relationship/friendship, with this man for over 13+++++++++++++ years. We dated for 4 years, however he wanted me to move closer to him; location wise and I wasn't prepared to do so. Since then we have closely connected,year after year by talking on the phone every week and also by sending each other presents through birthdays and holidays. This man, whom I dearly adore and love...he confuses my heart like no other man ever has. Every time I feel....we are getting close to reuniting--he pulls away; from me. This hurts, me... more than anything; but for some unknown reason--I can't pull myself away from him. At this point, I'm asking...for some honest and respectful advice ? Will my dream, of this man...ever mature to the level-- that my own heart personally desires ? Please, I need some great guidance--here!

    With sincerity and appreciation,


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