Did my spirit guide (ghost guardian) made contact?

  • Hi, this is the first time I've ever thought of asking anything about spirits in forums. I'm just curious about something that had just happened.

    The thing is, I've never seen or felt ghosts or spirits before. Not in my entire life. But my boyfriend does. He sees ghosts/spirits. Although he can't really see their faces. He can feel their presence. What he told me is that he can see/feel their "aura". He knows if the spirit is good, bad, angry, happy.. But he never really talks to them or communicates with them. He said he has 2 guardians. I don't really know what they are called. I just googled and read about spirit guides. But yeah, so he has 2 spirit guides if that's what they are properly called (please correct me if i'm wrong). He said, those spirit guided usually keeps him safe from other bad spirits or they comfort him when he has problems. He said one of his spirit guide would caress him when he's being comforted...

    So yeah, he also told me that I also have one spirit guide. And he said that my guide is a male and he's white (like a good spirit)... Something like that. He said he can sometimes see it. And he's also seen my spirit guide try to hold/hug me when I am having troubles/depression. It never really bothered me before, as long as my spirit guide won't scare me or anything I'm fine with it. I just get scared with ghosts, you know.. So anyway last night, I went to sleep around 2am. And I realized I was in sleep paralysis. Where I know I am in my bed dreaming awake and I can't move or scream. And in my dream, a man was slowly hugging me from behind.. Until I could feel his breath on my neck. And it felt so real. For a moment I thought it was my bf, but I realized that my bf was away working out of town. So I panicked and started to force myself to wakeup. In my dream, I saw the man get up and walk away and he was wearing white. And then I wakeup. I checked the clock, it was around 3am.

    I told my bf about it and said it might be my spirit guide trying to comfort me. Cos I've been having problems lately. But I said, why did he show up now? I've never seen or dreamt about him before. And it scared me. My bf said it's impossible that it's another spirit because others spirit can't come near me without my and my spirit guide's permission.. Something like that.. And now I'm puzzled.

    Do you think it's really my spirit guide/guardian? Why did he showed up in my dream now when he never let me feel his presence before? .... Or is it really just a dream? .. Does everyone have spirit guides? Cos my bf sees only some people with spirits following/guarding them. But not everyone.

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  • Miw, sounds to me like you have a few things going on, number one you are interested which you seem not to have been before. Simply wanting to know may on some level make it easier. I think it's great your bf sees things and guides etc, that is a gift not to be taking lightly. However, I'm not sure I totally agree with him that spirits can't approach you without your or your spirit guides permission. One things stands out to me that you were afraid. I could be wrong but I don't believe you would be afraid of your guide even if this is new to you. Although I have not personally met up with my spirit guide yet that I know of anyway. I think you could feel their presence but I don't think you would feel breathing. I'm wondering if you don't have another spirit of some sort where you are, who is obviously trying to get your attention. Again, I could be wrong but this is my feeling. Hoping others might offer their insight.

    I do believe everyone has spirit guides, some more than one they come to you at different points in your life as they are needed although you may have one or two who seem to be with you for this lifetime.

    You ask why in a dream? Because in the dream state your subconscious is more open. I hope you will get a greater response than mine soon but I hope this helps in some way.

  • Hi! Thanks for your response. I don't know but I did feel scared and I was afraid to sleep again. I am afraid of ghosts and I guess I kind of associated my spirit guide as a ghost. So I guess that's the reason why I got scared. So, I am not supposed to feel the breathing?? How do you feel a spirit guide's presence? My bf says his spirit guide would sometimes touch him or caress him. Is that how they make you feel their presence?

    It's scaring me even more knowing that there's a posibility that another spirit/ghost is lurking around. But IDK if it could be another spirit. I lived in this house for around 20 years and I never had any experience with ghosts or spirits and I never felt any presence before.

    I guess what my bf meant by my spirit guide's permission is like maybe my spirit guide is meant to protect me from other evil spirits. And that no other spirit can just come to me if its just going to harm me.

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  • hello, i want to say that i had same kind of experice about bad ghosts. Same couldnt move, just feel. this happen when they see that you are more sensitive or in a hard part of your life. they "eat" your energy when you are afraid.

    one week ago i had a bad accident with car and i think my guardin angel saved me because it was really a magic i am still here.

    dont be afraid!

    have a nice day

  • Thanks isabellaelia. yes, I know that bad spirits can do that especially when your at your lowest. I really hope it's not a bad ghost or spirit... but my bf said that, even if there are bad spirits who wants to do harm to me, my guardian will protect me from them.. Well, that's what he say..

    Oh btw, I mentioned that my bf has a spirit guide, too. But other than that, he also mentioned to me that there are 7 other spirits/ghosts that are following him. I'm not sure if they are following him or if they are staying in his room. But something like that.. Why are there tons of spirits following him? Do they want something from him or just because they know that he can see them or something?

  • Miw,

    Your spirit guide would not scare you. Spirit guides know how to offer you comfort without scaring you. I think that you may be interested in the spirit world and you have fears of the unknown. This is finding it's way into your dreams. I don't think the spirits are following him. Spirits come and go when a person needs them. They may want him to pass messages to the living or to try to resolve something for them.

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