CAPTAIN can i get your blessings and wisdom and a reading?

  • Hi captain can you give me a reading for me and my significant other 4/28/1982 2.50 am MST and her bday is 10/29/85 3 07 pm MST ..will we have a successful relationship? how can we diffuse our anger and opposite energy and when we do explode or fight how do we make up?

  • Opposites attract - and how! A strong magnetic pull is present in this relationship. And the initial attraction is nothing compared to the energies that can be generated - both for good and bad - once the relationship gets moving. Indeed this matchup runs the full gamut of expressiveness, from the most brilliant to the most intense and passionate. Yet you are both quintessentially fixed personalities and your synergetic melding presents a solid and formidable exterior to the world. In short this can be an unbeatable combination at work, on the playing field, or in a social group. Problems can arise with a love relationship, however.

    Should you two fall deeply in love, you are likely to soar to the heights of physical sensation and sexual ecstasy, but you must beware of getting stuck there. Your passion can also be the prelude for spiritual forays but too often you get mired in issues of possession and control, codependency and love addiction. Destructiveness can climb unacceptably here with the relationship being rocked or torn apart by fierce battles for supremacy. Indeed the relationship's karma seems to demand going this far before such conflicts can finally be resolved.

    Marriage doesn't usually do well here if it grows out of a love affair. It has a better chance of success when it evolves out of a friendship where the bonds of trust, respect and tenderness that are so valuable in marriage can form in a less competitive context. If you have allowed passion to overwhelm the need to get to know each other first, there may be no chance of going back and starting over again. There would have to be an enormous effort on both sides to try and 'like' each other before you 'love' each other again. Passion cannot take the place of the true intimacy that comes from knowing the other person very well.

  • thank you captain you are so kind..this we have felt, we both recognized each other as long long soul mates or living many lives as something with one another..we are or have brought out the dark in each other..but also seen the light..i dont' knwo where things will go i think this thing has run its mark or what it was supposed to do..i hope that in her area of work that she sees or understands the karmic issue and can forgive me ,jus like ive forgiven her..and that we can work forward after a second karmic outburst of sorts..i value your reading and opinions..if you have any deep insight or can see that she and i will return to the loving light that we had going, will she return to my arms? i do understand that with such a beckon of light of love and energy coming forth , that this also led to the dark force or energy wanting to sabotage such a great thing..i do know one thing..we both helped each other grow in this limited time of knowing each other ..thanks gain kind sir

  • I think you have both gotten out of the relationship what needed to be learned and can now move on to apply those lessons in other relationships.

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