Ughh boy does my life suck right now

  • In the midst of all of the drama with my exx boyfriend. There is a friend I have we have been friends for 12 years there has always been this sort of attraction between us but we have never acted on it. While I was with my boyfriend he seemed jealous. I like him we have been friends for a long time and I know he would be open to more but at the same time there is my ex that I love so much and can't stop thinking about and i don't know when i will stop missing him. What path do you guys see me taking. More than anything in my heart I want my ex back but I am truly doubtful it will happen (unless someone can inform me otherwise) but right now I need to comfort and loving of a man what should I do

  • You are not ready to enter a new relationship at this time. You need to allow yourself to heal from the old one before becoming enmeshed in something you are not ready to handle.

    Relationships take a toll on our emotions AND our bodies. While we may crave a man's warm shoulders to snuggle against at night, at the same time, our bodies need and crave "me" time AWAY from all of the negative emotional energy. Try doing nice things for yourself. Not only will it make you a happier person, the right person will become attracted to you for the right reasons. Positive energy attracts positive energy.

    You have heard the saying "misery loves company?" Actually, company hates to be around someone who is miserable when no help can be offered that you will accept. Your friends and family know you need more encouragement to get out of the house and go to the mall or go to the movies or just do something for the fun of it. Becomind distracted by other issues helps us to restore our emotional and spiritual equilibrium. That, my dear, is what you need most of all.

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