Leo Woman Unlucky in Love !:^{

  • I'm a Leo w/Taurus Ascendant born August 17, 1955 @10:21 PM .. I'd love to know why I seem to be always attracted to men which never work out. Is there some thing in my chart that can explain why I'm so unlucky with love ..

  • amblush617, you give your all in love but also have high expectations. On the outside, you appear very self-confident and almost aloof, but on the inside you are a well of emotion. Men probably see the strong side of your personality which you show to the world, and not your inner sensitivity. You are also extremely loyal and this may have been taken advantage of in the past.

    To find lasting love, show your sensitive side. You may be afraid of getting hurt, but in love, hurt is inevitable. You have many attractive qualities--you are affectionate, kindhearted, gentle, and sociable. In love, you may get along well with a Capricorn, who can provide the stability and security you desire. Good luck, and best wishes!

  • Junemoon26: THANK YOU! Yes, I have been hurt a lot in my life & now that I'm disabled, am starting to believe that maybe I was meant to be a lone .. my only contact is on line now & have met a lot of wonderful people, but none live near me .. story of m life, lol thank you again, you've pretty much summed me up ..

  • HI Im just wondering on the same subject as Amblush..Im a Cancer/libra/aries and some how when I find someone and show them my feeling they run away real fast...I just met a guy online a week ago and we both really do like ea other ..well i thought that he did, but last nite we got in to a very big arguement due to that I caught him in a lie and he didnt like it so now hes done with me cuz of me catchn him in a lie...I really do love the guy and he said that he loves me too but he loves another girl also...It seems like every time I find some one and give my all to them they run...what am I doing wrong....his bday is May 2 , 1972 and mine june 30, 1963

  • You're welcome, amblush617. Believe me--you are not meant to end up alone. No one is. While online companionship can be rewarding, it is even more important to try to meet people you can talk face-to-face with. Think about what you enjoy doing. Do you enjoy art? Volunteering for a cause you support? Try joining a fun class where you can meet people with your same interests, or see what volunteer options there are in your area. Through volunteering, you can help people who are going through difficult times also, which in itself is very rewarding. Good luck, and best wishes!

  • June moon, just now getting back, wish they'd send a notice that someone has replied .. I'm afraid my disability would stop me from volunteering or taking classes .. I have arthritis on my spine, actually have it all over my body .. but it being on my spine caused another condition for why I was disabled .. it's called Spinal Stenosis, narrowing of the spinal column, in other words .. all my nerves from my lumbar to my neck are being squeezed 24/7 .. pain can be unbearable since I'm allergic to all the good meds ..

    No, am really thinking I'm right .. been a lone most of my life, always seem to pick losers .. only a few times I can think of that I was happy, like the birth of my kids, I've raised them by myself ... but thanks again for answering my question .. I guess I really knew it, just wanted to see if you or someone else could tell me I was wrong & there was someone in my future .. I try not to let it get me down & for the most part, am a very positive person ..

    thank you again ...

    take care

  • This post is deleted!

  • There you go again. Why are you posting this everywhere?

  • huh? am answering her back, same thread, think you are confusing me w/someone else, sweetie ... !:^}

  • amblush617, worthy1248 was commenting on someone (a few days ago) who was using the site for advertising. Apparently the people running tarot.com realized it and removed that post. It was not directed at you! By the way, I'm sorry about your arthritis.

    I just wanted to tell you...I know on thing about soul mates and finding true love. I read this somewhere years ago. It basically said, "If you believe you will find your soul mate, you are correct. If you believe you never will, you are just as correct." Sometimes while we are ready to meet our soul mates, they still have preparations to make. The best thing you can do is to try to be happy, but always expectant. This is certainly not easy, especially if you've been waiting a long time. But for now, try to become your best person and sort out any issues in your life that you can to prepare yourself. Also, try to meet people! You have many attractive qualities, but no one will know if you never go out! I feel like you'll meet someone sometime the next month! Good luck, and best wishes!

  • Junemoon, Oh, ok, was just so surprised when I read that, lol I have seen advertizing getting worse on a lot of forums & message boards, all over the net ....

    Yes, you are right, I DO need to think positive about meeting someone .. I guess since getting ill, have this bad doubt in the back of my mind, that men will not accept the limitions, my illnesses have brought to my life .. am into my 13th years of being diagnosed w/it .. last 2 years have been the worse, & am into over 6 months of a downward spiril again ... Doc told me this would happen & still positive, Arthritis will not win!!

    Yes, need to get out more, just been too hot here the last 3 weeks .. thank you again for your insight .. will follow your suggestions ..


    have a good one .. bye

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