Please do a reading for me!

  • I have no job no license and a car that needs help.

  • Would you please give us some more information? Where are you at this stage of your life, your age, date of birth, in or out of a relationship and what led you to this point in time?

    Unlike speaking on the phone, we pick up vibrations from what you share rather than a few disconnected words ending with a period. Newcomers to online psychics seem to share the same thought--that we can read your mind, and that is what comes across when we read questions like yours.

    We do not perform magic tricks, unfortunately. Some psychics have different skills. Right now, I only get a sense of curiousity rather than a heartfelt plea for help. So, if you don't mind, would you please fill us in on your expectations and your story so that we can share?

  • Sorry I lost my job in dec. Lost my licence shortly there after do to paying a fine late. I was born on 8/20/1959. MY car needs 2000 work. I have sent out 48 apps or resumes, no one has even called back. Will I find a job? I have no license because I cant afford to pay the ticket or the upped insurance. My boyfriend lives with me but isnt much help. Should I stay with him? Thank You SOOO much.

  • oh yeah my boyfriends birthdate is 09/20/1961

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