One issue resolved. . . and I need help with. . .

  • I need help, hopefully, from a clairvoyant or clairsentient about if you can pick up anything on my finding a job soon that would be worth my time. My inbox gets filled with all the sales offers, and I have come to HATE sales because the next day, customers cancel, and I never really make any money. It feels like I am wasting my time in the sales arena.

    I got my degree in healthcare and allowed my license to lapse because I got a HUGE promotion with an equally huge salary increase within a very short period of time, and do not wish to take 10 giant steps backwards into a job making less than I am worth and still have people hover over me who don't even know how to do their own job. It is so frustrating to find a good fit with a company who appreciates diversity instead of conformity as if everyone must be the same personality type. I am not a carbon copy of anyone else. I am me, and doggone it, I have done my grunt work and earned a place on the ladder of ambition where I feel comfortable.

    If anyone has any suggestions or insight, I would be most grateful. Thanks to all of you lovely people on this Forum!!!

  • what happened to the job with the huge promotion? OR am I missing something? I would think since you already did so well with what you are doing to stick with something in health care. Maybe go ahead and renew your license and see if you can take something a little smaller but move up quickly once you prove yourself to a new company.

  • I guess I forgot to mention that I got laid off with a benefits package from the fabulous job. It's too involved and part of it is confidential in nature, and I cannot discuss it online as it would be a compliance violation.

    Most of the employers I have dealt with in my part of the world, Tennessee, are downright stingy with their pay scale and benefits. If they offer insurance, then they believe they are being reasonable in only offering $9-12 an hour, which would be a drastic cut in pay and about 10 giant steps backwards. Being ambitious and moving UP the ladder--not down--is the only possible solution. I simply do not wish to get stuck in a restrictive, constricting environment where the dragon is constantly on watch as if no one can be trusted to perform their jobs without constant supervision.

    Since I am in the healthcare/insurance/accounting field, I would prefer my job to contain all of the elements for which I am trained, that's all.

  • firefly01-

    I can give you some feedback since you asked for it but...if it doesn't make any sense to you just ignore it and more on...but this is some information I got I thought I would pass along.

    Although it may not seem like it due to the fact you have not gotten the job you want yet

    my guides told me the fact that this happened...losing your job is actually a really really good thing and that it is cause for celebration (oh god, I can hear you groaning now) lol.

    they said to keep your focus on looking "up" and that that is where you will find your answers.

    They also said that you have a strong personality and that sometimes may come across

    in a way that may intimidate others and that they may act agressively towards you because that is how they interpret you, although that may not be your true intention at all.

    let me know if this sounds absolutely looney or what...Ok?

    best wishes, inwonder

  • Inwonder,

    In many, many ways you are right about it being a celebration. If you have ever experienced feeling guilty when you take a day off or take a vacation, then you will understand why I feel such great freedom and celebration.

    Although I am more of an introvert and very reserved when it comes to opening up with some people, at times I do have a strong personality that shows up when it comes to doing the right thing or when I feel that I have been wronged.

    My rising sign is supposed to be Sag, but I was born in an Army hospital, and I strongly believe the clock was wrong or else no one really paid attention to the time because the traits I project towards others is Scorpio rising. In a professional setting, I come across as this powerful, intimidating person with oodles of self-confidence. In reality, I do not feel this way, I feel like the quaky, quacky Pisces with self-esteem issues.

    Since my work background is filled with legal, compliance & fraud issues with a smattering of tremendous psychology and studies in ethics, my manner is authoritative when I know what I am talking about. In my recent work history, I operated with great authority and in a positon of power that was backed up by Federal guidelines and Medical Directors. While I am not allowed to go into greater detail (due to confidential issues at the heart of the matter), the company I worked for went to great lengths to back up their employees with a tremendous amount of appreciation, ongoing education and perks you cannot even begin to imagine. I loved my job.

    In this crazy economy, even highly successful companies have had to lay off some of its workers, but NOT because they wanted to do so. Big companies are pressured by corporate offices to keep a low profile because they are constantly in the news. In a way, it's like working for a very popular country music star, which I have also had the privelege of being employed in that capacity. I have had to be in positions that require aggressive, strong personalities in order to achieve expected objectives.

    In my innermost being, constantly being in the spotlight is not fun. It is emotionally and spiritually draining. So, no, you do not sound looney. Perhaps, this will give you more of an idea why I am more interested in a job that is a challenge but not so much so that I dream about it at night.

  • Hi Firefly, I'm sorry to hear that you got laid off. Especially in this economy. My advice to you is to do plenty of follow-up. Make direct contacts with people in charge and in person, if possible. If you have held a management position, that can open doors in different fields. Talk to different people in different fields. I hear what your saying about management being the dragon and constantly watching--what a waste of time and money. I see the same problem. You have to know peoples strengths and weaknesses to get a feel for the situation. I'm in management and if I can't get in and help, then I'm useless. You know, that wouldn't work in a small business. The Owner is often the backbone (long hours and work.) So, I don't know why big business doesn't act like small business. I wish you the best.

  • Hey Firefly,

    Thanks for filling me in with so much information...I certainly hope you have the chance to

    live less stressfully but still be challenged to the level you want. I am also glad you

    are enjoying great freedom and celebration....good luck with the job hunt/life changes.

  • Now that I have had time to reflect upon how events have worked out, I can understand why Imwonder said this would be a blessing in disguise.

    First of all, I moved to a better location, a REAL energy efficient apartment and have enjoyed it immensely. Once I had settled into my space, I worked for a staffing firm under a contract, which was for 3 months, except that it ended up being only one week. I felt cheated because now I don't qualify for any unemployment. Then, I got very sick with an ear infection and then my mother had an accident, breaking her collarbone shortly after I recovered. Since then, I've been helping her but feel torn because I'm at the mercy of charity and dislike having others tell me how I should be living my life.

    Since I grew up in the Army, and all of our relatives live in the Chicago area, I did not pick up Southern speech patterns, even though I now live in Tennessee for over 40 years. It is not by choice but due to family. Perhaps, I am a bit of an eccentric and not of the usual sort. However, I appreciate everyone who offered advice and hope to find the most suitable employment to last at least until I reach retirement--that much would be nice.

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