A little direction needed please...

  • I was dating this man for 9 months I have never been more in love with anyone. We split suddenly this weekend. It came out of nowhere. Literally we were happy one day and over the next. Tell me should I wait this out, move on, is there any chance we can reconcile? I am struggling with this. I am an Aries and he is a Leo if that helps

  • Blame it on the Moon. Moon transits and Mercury retrogrades do affect emotions and communications. Ride it out. He'll be back.

  • I love him more than anything and this has been crushing for me. Is there anything I should do to ensure this outcome?

  • Firefly is it possible to go into more detail as to what you see?

  • Sweety, I don't know how old you are, but the Leo fella has very likely found himself a new lioness. Relationships that end that suddenly happen because the guy just isn't mature enough to end one relationship before entering into another. The only time, really, that one can expect reconciliation is if the relationship had been going on for years and years and only after he realizes that the grass ISN'T greener in someone elses bed, then he starts to miss the one who 'UNDERSTANDS' him. You.

  • thank you. I know what I have to do and what is going to happen but it is so hard. I am absolutely heartbroken. I feel lost and like I have nowhere to turn to escape what i feel

  • I can guarantee you that I have been in the same position as you. I'm 60 now and just lost that love of my life to death. I had met him back in the 70's, fell MADLY in love, but didn't allow it to go anywhere because he was a musician (as was I) and had enough groupies to last him a lifetime. To quote Dr. Phil, he wrote on the slate of who I am. As fate would have it, he re-entered my life 25 years later when I was 49. He came into the small clinic where I was working at the time as a patient suffering himself from a broken heart (I did his ekg work-up). My clinic was completely out of the way from where he lived. which makes it even odder. It just so happened I was on duty that day and he was my last patient. At first he didn't recognize me, but after explaining that I had met him so many years ago, he sat up and said he'd been wondering what happened to me. He even remembered my old address . I tried to collect myself, but the old feelings returned and after he left I fell to the ground and just SOBBED uncontrolably. I proceeded cautiously, but desinty seemed to re-connect us in order to complete some karmic lesson. The next 11 years proved to be emotionally draining but enourmously rewarding at the same time. It started out as a Star / star struck admirer, but ended up as a mother / son relationship. With all the emotional ups and downs inbetween. So I know your emotional termoil very well. I kind of think the circumstances surrounding you and this person, maybe karmic and the pain you're feeling now is nothing more than a soul memory come to surface.

  • Wow that was all very confusing. Honestly I would do anything to have him back right now just so I dont feel this pain. I want him back I dont want him to be with anyone else. But honestly I don't really understand what you were trying to tell me

  • Hi, Did he end the relationship or did you all get into a disagreement. I agree, if you don't hear from him, it's probably another relationship. If it is, move on. If you feel it's another person, you are only going to hurt yourself by holding on. I'm sorry your feeling a lot of pain. Talk with those close to you and take care of yourself. Time is the best healer of all.

  • I don't know who ended it. He had things he needed to sort out. I felt I couldnt wait for him to sort it out. I do believe there is another person. None of the people I talk to seem to be able to help. I came here so I could get some insight and maybe something to look forward to in the future

  • I really just want to know if he will ever come back and if things will work out with his ex. I don't think I would ever want to be in a relationship with him again but I don't want him completely out of my life

  • dear Junglbunny.. If he says he's got to sort things out, that means he's gone back to his ex. But, she's an ex for a reason. It most likely won't last long either. OR he's found a new girl to play around with. Remember what I pointed out the first time? If you were having an affair with this guy, then it was only for his benefit. He's a Leo. They need visibility. You're a cancer I think you said. You are very willing to sacrifice yourself for him. Actually this combination is strangely compatible. What I was trying to convey in my last message was that I fully understand the pain and suffering you're feeling. I suffered for 25 years but he came back into my life, old and worn. The question was: WHAT was I in love with? I'm not sure i've even figured that out to this day. He was mean to me while I was kind to him. I cried more than I laughed with him. What was so charming about him that I felt I needed to degrade myself for a MAN? At 60, I've kind of concluded that friendship of any kind is the very BEST relationship to have. It's pure and honest and fair. Freedom and liberty to live a life that YOU want for yourself is so much more rewarding than sacrificing yourself for a man who doesn't respect you or LOVE you like you wish he would. Remember the old saying: Let him go, if he returns ... beware!! It's probably just a booty call.

  • He is a Leo I am an aries. I was not cheating with him they were in the process of divorce way before I met him. She chose at the last moment not to sign the papers to make the divorce final. Her sister told her he was seeing someone. Our relationship got pretty serious. He asked me numerous times to move in we even went engagement ring shopping we had a lot of issues with time because he live in CT and I live in NYC. Things basically fell apart in a matter of days. I was supposed to spend the entire week with him last week he had a last minute work trip and I went him he was upset. He wanted me to come back when he got home and I couldnt.

    He also told me he felt that I wasn't taking him as seriously as he was taking me because I he hasn't met my family and I dont want to meet his but I just wanted to make sure we were on solid ground. His ex started calling in the middle of last week. Its so long and so complicated I tried to keep it short I am just so confused

  • djangolili, I want to tell jungle bunny she needs to just wait it out ,this guy sounds like he is being pulled in two directions and only her patience and time will clear the air I feel bad for you jungle bunny and I wish you all the best. Now to dj. WOW! I have posted here and my story is similar to yours only it is new I am sure you will find it , and I have made many posts in regards to it I hope to hear from you. Leonida thankyou

  • Thank you . People say move on but its not that easy. He captured my heart and I havent been able to take it back yet

  • Junglebunny2,

    Do you have his date of birth? Your date of birth? If you know the time the both of you were born, I will be able to give a more accurate reading based on your charts. Time of birth is essential due to the transition of planets within the period that you both were born that shows more accurately how the two of you relate and how well suited you are will be in the astrology section.

    My first impression was that he is confused and needs to understand how he really feels.

  • my birthday is april 12 and he is July 29

  • junglebunny2,

    here is the picture I got....you would have to interpret it yourself.

    I see an angel hovering over a very high mountain...right over the peak...hovering

    and staying right there...that is the best I can do....

    man, it sounds rough...I can feel your confusion and disappointment.

    warm wishes,


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