• two weeks ago my friend(cancer) sent me a text message saying this" i need you a friend, somebody that can be my girlfriend, im tried of playing games.holla@ me..he wasnt direct(temp cancer), i was so happy that he told me what he felt, because i was too shy. Now im confused because

    1.) hes single idk if he is over his ex,(broke-up a yr now)

    he left her once for me but we never mad it into a relationship.

    2.)i felt alot of pain from him when things were good they were great, when things were bad they were terrible.

    My friends think i should be with him, but what if it dont work then i dont think i could be friends, im thinking so negative , can i get sum advice plz??? serious answer only..god bless(ALSO WE ARE CHILDHOOD FRIENDS)

  • In order to protect yourself, I think you really need to find out from him what he clearly wants of you. You said he left his ex for you, but you never made it into a relationship. Is this because he decided to go back to his ex? You need to know whether there’s a possibility of this happening again. Secondly, you say that when things were bad they were terrible. Are the things that made it bad resolvable? It all depends on what made it bad in the first place.

  • your right about finding out wat he wants from me . i had knew him first... 5 yrs longer than her i had came back into the picture n at the time the relationship with the girl was only 2 months . ok everything was good but heres the story i left for college and he still is in our home town i tired to move on so i stop the flirting and keep it light , well v day i sent him a card saying i .appreciate the beauty of a friendship, so a month later he sent his friend to try n talk to me i was very hurt he tried calling me had his mom call me... 2 months later we started talking he never brought it up,, i jus wanna know what was his objective...do u kno??

  • Considering I have heavy Piscean and Cancerian energy in my astrological makeup, I can sometimes recognize both. Pisces can be a bit vague in their approach, Cancer approaches indirectly. If you understand the difference, I will then ask you, what were your intentions when you sent him that card on v day? You said that you made an effort to move on and to keep things light when you left for college. I don’t know what transpired to cause you to feel so hurt, but from what you’re saying here he would also be feeling hurt and maybe abandoned. Your little card was toying with him, so I think he’s telling you to stop playing games and that it’s up to you to decide. I’m sure there’s more to the story here, but this is my take on it at this point.

  • ok i sent the v day card because i want to be friends but im a lil confuse cuz i still do have feelings for him. so after that he sent his friend to me , sayin me n the boy should be friends or something more then he called me his sister, NEVER in our friendship he ever called me sis n also he would get jealous if i even talk about a guy so why would he do that 2 me???.. idk can u answer.

  • Ok. Believe it or not, my Cancer has called me by a family title (no, not mother! lol) before. I would have been put off by it if we hadn’t had a discussion before about something that happened to him in his early years, and how I reminded him of this family member. The second time he called me that I gently said to him “I am not your --, I am me”. He never did it again. Regardless, most Cancers are about family, tradition, security and the home. It’s difficult to get into that inner circle of what he considers family, but once you do get in he pays you the same regard as he would them. Being a family member doesn’t make him blind to their beauty or lack admiration for them, but he has to know where to draw the line. You need to talk to him and find out where calling you a sister is coming from and let him know that it’s not ok if he doesn’t consider you as such.

  • Oh my....did I just mis-read your post? Did you mean he sent his friend over so that you could hook up with him??

  • Oh my..I read the very same YIKES and I thought I was going in circles! Indeed I am but doing ok dealing with it. The communication has been slow, he stating he's tired of picking up phone and/or texting.. Same ol same ol song and dance. Hi Aqua, I'm hanging in there still, I am just laying back and letting him do whatever he feels he needs to. Maybe he's contemplating.

    Tarot reading wasn't to favorable, not sure I buy in to that anyway, time will tell and a great deal of patience! Hope all is well with you.

  • Hey Gem, glad to hear that you're hanging in there and keeping well. Sad to hear that your man is still hiding out (kind of). All is good with me, although I threw out my neck so I haven't been on for awhile. I've had some favorable and unfavorable tarot and physic readings and I've also followed some advice that in hindsight I shouldn't have. In the end, we can't let something or someone make decisions for us, we control of ourselves, right?

    Going to bed now....neck still hurts a bit...good night

  • Geeezzzz .... physic = psychic

  • after i sent him a v day card his friend tried to talk to me , he had told me his friend wanted me. i was so hurt that he even set this up hes always been the type to get jealous when i even talked to another boy so why would he do this???... well he tried calling me 4 weeks but i didnt pick up..what was his objective??

  • Aqua, sorry to hear about your neck, hopefully it was in the throngs of passion..lol jk. Know how lousy that feels, been there done that.

    Yes, my guy back stepped in a big way, seems like it's almost a chore for him to stay in contact with me. Sad but true, there's nothing more I can do except go on with my daily life. He knows how much I care/love him, I don't see that changing on my end, there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about him and long to be near him.

    I so enjoy reading others experience's in these posts with re: to cancer, so I don't feel so alone or slighted with the behavior they exhibit, how unfortunate when all you want to do is embrace them.

    As for predictions and physic's..not a factor in my decisions. I'm the only one responsible for me.

    Take care my friend, hope your neck is feeling better!


  • Gem, haha…although it did happen in bed (slept funny), the only throngs of passion were in my dreams at the time. I wish I could give you some tips to push him along, but with his moon he won’t budge unless he decides for himself. I know, I’ve tried...he’ll only dig his heels in further. Take care my friend and keep your chin up.

    lilmisspretty05, I’m sorry I got confused with your original post and the events leading up to it. Hopefully, I have the full picture now. I completely understand the hurt you’re feeling, especially if both of you never discussed moving away from a relationship to be with other people. I don’t know why he would do that to you, but I will share a little story that my guy told me about a long time ago. He was dating this girl and they both came to the conclusion that they were not suited for each other. He told her he knew the perfect guy for her, set her up with him and they ended up getting married. They are still friends to this day. One time I was angry at him and asked him if he had any eligible friends he could set me up with, he said “sure...(long pause)…is this a test?”. He never did.

    Honestly, I don’t know if it was a test or if he really felt that you would be better off with someone else. The only one that can answer for certain is him. Don’t be afraid to talk to him (or any man) to get the answers you need, it’s better to know than to draw your own conclusions, and then always wonder if it was the correct assumption.

  • ok i hear you aqua but this man have never even like me talking to other guys he goes crazy( so y start now).. but if u go back to the orginial post .. when he tried to hook me up with a guy in May now its sept n last week he sent me that text saying " i need you a friend, somebody that can be my girlfriend, im tried of playin games"hes been real sentitive to me now cause he knows he fucked up. I know this man long enough to know if you gonna do something like that he would ask me first . this " hey this guy likes you well you be interested in talking to him." hes that type to do it like that. But it seem sneaky as hell when you tell me somebody likes me and ive never seen the boy nor has he seen me "(I KNOW FOR A FACT WEVE NEVER MET this boy). SO WHAT DO YOU THINK HE MEANT ABOUT THE TEXT?? AND THE OTHER STUFF??

  • You can solicit all the different opinions (mine is a little wordy but it hasn’t changed) out there and pick the one you want, but you will never know unless you talk to him. You are a Pisces, what does your intuition tell you? Are you afraid to speak to him about any of this? Communication is key in any relationship, so if you want one with him then you need to communicate with him. Your mind won’t be at ease otherwise.

  • He isnt worth it. Pfff, he is still playing child-hood games. Let him play hop-scotch while you come over with the adults, your setting yourself up for heart-ache.

    (PS - if yall are going to be picky about mis-spelled words, yall have along way to go before being perfect yourself's)

  • Ahhh…considering I was correcting myself, I know I’m not perfect. Physic and Psychic are not mis-spelled; they have 2 totally different definitions.

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