Seeing many repeated numbers help?

  • I have been seeing many repeated numbers in the past two weeks, especially the past two days.

    First I saw a 222

    then saw a couple of 333 and 33

    I saw yesterday several instances of 444 and 44 for example looking at a clock for another country it was 4:44 pm and then my time was 9:44 pm, I played a game and the numbers on my score were ending in 444.

    then another game it was a 1313 score.

    today I have seen that I have exactly 111 contacts in my email addresses and exactly 1212 emails in a certain folder.

    Can anyone tell me what is going on? what do these mean? I have seen repeated numbers before but not this many and this often before!

    I am going through some difficulties in my life.

    Can someone tell me something about all this??

  • This happens to me with the numbers 7 and 11. In different combinations. I was having major problems too. and things are papidly changing in my favor. i hope this is true for you too. i think it means you are on the right path. I am not sure what your spiritual beliefs are but I have been working hard on meditating and prayer and that is when I started seeing repeat numbers and gaining a clearer perspective on where I need to be focusing. I am not exactly sure if this is true for you but it seems like a positive thing to me.

  • Things have been very very bad for me, and a lot of emotional pain as well as mental health strain. I saw two sets of the numbers 55 an hour after I posted this topic.

    I don't see things getting better for me, so still do not know what it all means.

    There are different things on the web about what reoccuring digits showing up but they dont seem to agree with each other.

    I hope someone can shed light on this.

    Spiritually I do believe in an afterlife, reincarnation, Mother and Father God, angel spirit guides animal guides etc.

    I have not been meditating and find it very hard to do it. Mind is hyperactive.

    Please can someone let us know what the numbers showing up so very much lately mean??

  • okay, I have seen even more numbers repeating but the one that I remember strongly is a time on the clock:


    can someone please shed some light on the numbers??

    I hope that lovinmylife is right, but I do know that there is more to this... please help

  • May these number are for you to play them on the lottery.

  • Maybe you need to play those numbers. I may be important gift from God trying to tell you something.

  • Ok, I will try the lotto with the numbers. Not much of a chance of 11, 22, 33, 44 coming up etc. lol

    I just saw another repeating number 1010.

    I have been doing some research and saw on another thread on the forum here about this website:

    It has a lot of info on the numbers 1-9. so much info there and some free small tests to take, that I haven't read up on them yet.

    There are so many numerology books out there, some have similar meanings for numbers, some don't.

    I am getting the idea that these numbers I am seeing so much recently is not connected to a general numerology description.

    I think that God, Angels, someone, is trying to get my attention. Either a message or it could be only a sign to say... there is more after this world. Keep Believing, keep trudging along in the muck and mire, there is something much better after your work here is done.


    I so wish someone could give me a definite answer. Seems like all the questions I have about everything are never answered. Always in a state of confusion.

  • update, seen even more numbers...



    and one I am not sure about, doesnt look like a "sign" and yet was odd enough for me to notice:


  • Another thing that has been happening this week is that I will all of a sudden think about a "line" from a movie.

    Later that night or the next day... that movie comes on TV.

    I do not have a tv guide... they are too expensive for me.

  • Sable it sounds to me like something is REALLY trying to get your attention. Have you spent anytime meditating on clarity or direction? Its not going to happen overnight but its sounds like you arent getting the message. Did you watch those movies? Did anything stand out to you? Pay attention to any subtle clues that God may be trying to show you. You are sensitive spiritually I think. Try to find someone that can help you understand what your spiritual gifts are. We all have them but they need to be recognized and you have to practice them for those gifts to fully develop. I feel that you have a talent that is not being used and God may be trying to show you what that is. Stay humble in your heart and ask if that is what it is. Meditate and dont meditate on an answer, meditate on clarity let God know you are hear to humble learn what he wants you to know. It may be very simple and when you get the answer you may still see repeating numbers as a clue that you are on the right track. Best of Luck. ( :

  • lovinmylife;

    thank you for replying!!!

    I am still seeing lots of numbers and today have even had change given back at a till with total of double digits.

    I am NOT getting whatever message I am supposed to.

    I have tried meditating and it is extremely difficult with ADHD. I was trying to find the answer, so I will try again and meditate for clarity as you suggest.

    Thank you again.

    This is really puzzling me and feeling frustrated not to understand what it is I am supposed to know.

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