Need advice!

  • ok heres my deal. im 21 (Sagittarius)and never had a real relationship cause ive ALWAYS been just "a friend". but i like to think that im wise for my Inexperience cause ive helped out so many friends out with there girl problems(i feel like dr.phil lol)but ive met this girl (Libra) going on 3 weeks ago threw a dating website(my brother found her for me lol) and its scary how much we have in common. like really? is it possible to be that much alike? lol but anyway shes only had one serious relationship a few years back and the guy was dumb cause she wanted him to talk to her more and everything. then they break up and then a year later he tells her how he feels but still doesnt want him back . then she finds me.and she wants to take things slow which at first i wasnt ok with cause i like her ALOT but im fine now im enjoy talking to her. we are both really shy people at first but not now, cause we both feel comfortable around eachother. we've hung out 3 times and had lots of fun. but im still wondering if i should make the first move for a kiss or not cause we've told eachother how we feel but still i dunno maybe i just wait until she makes the 1st move cause shes more worried about getting hurt than i am,which i wont do to her. but i dunno tell me what u think. complicated i know! lol

  • sry for the double post but i remembered some stuff. shes also going to school to be a nurse and working on weekends and barley has time to do anything so maybe that could be why she worries about gettin envoled with anyone cause she needs to be focused on her school work. ok sorry lol

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