Could someone do a reading for me?

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  • Hello alenabrz,

    I saw your post and I decided to pull a few cards for you. Initially asking if you would pass your exams, I pulled the 5 of Swords, which is a card of anxiety and feeling like you're going to fail. Upon pulling two more to more adequately explain the advice surrounding the situation, I got the Queen of Cups and the 7 of Wands. This means you either know someone who is the Queen of Cups (Scorpio,Pisces,Cancer) type woman who will or is willing to help you or that you intuitively know the answer to the question you are seeking to answer. The 7 of wands means if you are willing to work very hard studying, you are in a position to pass your exams!

    In conclusion, I pulled 3 cards to describe the outcome of your decisions and you got The Magician, Page of Swords and 9 of Cups. I feel that because of this, your career choice is one that you see as giving you a sense of control and being one you are very eager to have - this has been your dream for a very long time. So keep studying and you should be golden!

    Hope that helps you out.

    Best wishes,


  • I have been trying tarot readings online and I have a hard time interpreting the meaning of the cards I get. My question is what does the future have in store for my boyfriend and I we split this past weekend but there was so closure it doesnt make sense. I just wanted to know if maybe reconciliation was in the future

  • junglebunny, I pulled the Chariot card for the chances of reconciling with your boyfriend. I interpret that as meaning if you truly want to get back together with him, it is in your power to initiate this. At the moment, it is in your control.

  • how do I go about this. I dont think he wants to talk to me right now.There is also another person involved a woman from his past. Does this make a difference?

  • I pulled a few more cards on your situation, jungle, and I get the feeling this man is not the one for you. The Queen of Wands with the 5 of swords came up indicating there is indeed a woman from the past interfering. The advice for you is the 8 of cups and the 8 of swords. I feel that even though you might be sad about this situation, you are a strong woman and you are still in control. You must take the initiative and walk away from this bad situation. If it is meant to be, he will most likely try and weasel his way back into your life. However, your future love prediction card is The World. There is still much for you to discover and I feel a soulmate type love is very close to you. All you need do, is go forth with confidence and this person will come into your life!

  • wow this is not at all what I wanted to hear. I never thought of him as a soul mate but he is where I want to be right now if that makes sense. According to your cards is he going to be with the woman from his past?

  • I don't think his relationship with the other women really matters in accordance to your situation, but I don't see it as a relationship that lasts for a very long time. Don't let yourself be sucked into the whats and what-ifs. These things take time. If he is really meant to be with you, then he will come back into your life. Did you dump him or was the split mutual?

  • I also have this male friend we have been friends for the last 11 years there has always been an attraction between us but we have never acted on it. Is this something I should persue or not?

  • Ha! That makes so much sense in your reading. I pulled some cards for this man and it was the Ace of Cups and the Sun! I think you already know what direction you really want to go in...

  • I just sort of gave up because he couldnt give me what I wanted and I can't exist in limbo. But honestly I have never felt this way about anyman I have ever dated

  • I actually do not want to persue a relationship with my friend just i have been thinking about it now because of the comfort and distraction it would provide.

  • sorry for the million and one questions but I have so much trouble understanding how to interpret tarot cards. How does the first card the chariot that you pulled initially relate the other cards you pulled for more of an indepth reading or does the initial card become meaningless with more cards pulled

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  • junglebunny - I believe the Chariot factors in because it is you with all the power in relationships. Also, sometimes the Chariot means that someone is not ready to be in arelationship at this time, but they are jumping from relationship to relationship to find one that is right for them, which might be the case. Please do not take offense at that! Right now, I feel you need to find what your heart really desires and straighten that out first. Calm your heart and you will know the right path!

    Dear alenabrz,

    I'm glad I could be of assistance. 🙂

    Best wishes to both,


  • I know my hearts desires. I dont necessarily want to be with him again but I want to be able to talk to him sort my emotions out I have everything bottled in and it is killing me. Is it possible he will want to communicate with me in the near future.

  • I also dont feel like the one with all the power this time. I feel like he has the power this time. In past relationships I did have all of the power but now it seems like I cannot make him do what I want and before this split I did have all the power in the relationship. Its just hard we never really fought before this split. I NEED to talk to him I just need to know if it will ever happen. Can you gain any insight into how he feels about me the situation and what is going on at the moment?

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