Love on-line

  • Could you possibly fall in love in 3days, with a person you can only be with on line?

  • I dont know if yo can fall in love on-line, but i think you can fall for the idea of the person.

    My own experience recently too, was on line.

    We talked for a month, i was really cool to start, but i loved how he came across in his emails, new his grammer, that put me of some that did'nt anyway his cheeky sense of humour, before we new it we emailed everyday, even twice by the end, and talked on msn too, for like 2 hours.

    In his profile he was ideal for me it just semmed to good or i was damn lucky.. but fate intervened, we set a date to meet.. them his mother had a stroke so everything went pear shaped, i personally was very frstrated in the sence i never got to meet him..

    In mosp you cant beat meeting a person in the flesh first, i know i was infatuated, with him and i proberly played a part in the ending of emails and texts.

    You could just be feeling like this person semms great and is ideal..

    My man was a gemeni tuarus rising myself aries, gemimi rising i think.

    what about yourself.

  • No. You can fall in lust (attraction) but not in love with someone after only 3 days online. I think it's impossible to love someone romantically whom you don't even know. You have to know someone's true character, heart, mind, soul, etc. to love them therefore it isn't love but most likely the idea and dream of being in love.

  • Please, Please.....Face to Face interaction first....You are worth it. The internet , IM, e-mails, texts even phone calls may be great tools, many times all these can and often breed deception either by desire or design.

    You can weed people out fairly quickly by requesting a meeting face to face first, coffee? Tea? whatever make it short and sweet no longer than 1 hour. You would be surprized...

    Love? Let a man earn it by actions not merely words....Words are easy.....Don't you agree?

  • true2yourself, I quite agree, you cannot beat meeting people for real first. if you trust your gut then you'll know then, instead of the bloomin frustratation they have caused through not meeting them.. it can do more of your head in like that, at least if you seen them for real you've got that real first impression and gut instignict.

  • I think you can fall in love with someone online, I just think 3 days is kind of quick. I have fallen in love online before, it was a friendship, but it was real and lasting and loving. If you can find true friendship and companionship online, you can find true love. My advice would be to not put a stamp on your feelings quite yet because it is so soon. If you only talk online and don't have the opportunity to meet each other quite yet, then try to talk on the phone a bit at least. Let your relationship grow for a bit, build trust with this person. If you two continue to talk for awhile and both feel comfortable enough to meet each other, choose a very public place to meet and feel things out. Try this out a few times. You may just have started something great. But also remember that on the internet people can be whoever they want to be. Actually take the time to get to know this person a bit. My mother just started online dating. She met this guy online, talked for a bit, started talking on the phone for a couple weeks, and the decided to meet for coffee. They liked the coffee so much they went to the movies afterward. She really enjoyed the conversation, she said the man was very nice, but the chemistry was not quite there. You can feel love for a person online but you won't know if the spark is really there until you meet face to face. If you live far from each other, if it is real love, one or both of you will find a way to meet. Even if it means waiting and saving money, or whatever, if it is true, eventually you guys will find a way to make it work. I think 3 days is soon for love, but sometimes, that connection is just strong. The man I am with now, we met one day, talked on the phone for a couple weeks, went out together, and have seen each other every day since for the last five years lol. It is all about how the two of you gel. I wish you luck, I really hope it works out 😃

  • I have to agree 3 days is quite a short time to fall in love, however, I do believe you can have a strong connection with someone and know right away. My friendship has lasted with my online friend for over 2 years. The attraction is there, the love is there, the connection is there, and the compatibility is there, when you meet in person, you will know if it is real or not. It is unbelievable.

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