Need a reading?

  • Hi Doormlousey,

    Could you pls help me? i'd be grateful if you'd try your tarot reading on my issue. I've been trying to get into a specific industry, but seem to be battling too hard, and get almost there, but never that clsoe. Will i ever be successful? Am i close?

    Many thanks

  • Dear Doormousey, I know you are getting alot of responses and are busy but I'd like to know

    If there is a woman (a new relationship) in my near future will my love life get better.

    Thank you for your time and advice.

  • Hello!

    I´m new to tarot and I´m kind of having some trouble with getting the readings right, I was wondering if you would mind doing a fortelling on me about two boys? B and T is there names and I really need to know which one that is the one for me to choose and if we will ever become a couple, how, when, and such things because I´m really struggling with this, been heartbroken so many times that i really need to know before I put my heart into something new, I can´t take another heartbreak

  • Hi, Doormousey,

    The last few years have been extremely difficult one, dealing with family issues, traumatic divorce. Now I am laid off work, and having family and love issues. I am so down. Is it going to turn around?

  • Hello Doormousey

    Sorry for being such a bother. I see that you have lots of request already so if you ever get a chance to do a quick reading for me i would really apreaciate it. if not, then its alright, i know how bussy you are so dont worry about it. If you do have the free time then this is my question:

    Would i get a job any time soon? I recently graduated from high school and i have been searching for jobs with no luck. I need it so bad bcuz i want to start college in january i feel like i wont be able to. And would i accomplish my goals someday?

    Thank you very much for your time Doormousey!

  • Hey if you get a chance to do a readin for me that would be great. I would really appreciate it. I feel so lost an confused. my ex an i broke up in march we were engaged to be married next year. we have a son (21mths) together who he struggled to bond with and still does now. it is a constant conversation between us to get him to see him more. we speak unnecessarliy often as he calls me alot to chat and he visits my house to see his son when i am there and hangs out with me instead of taking him off. What is going on? Thanks a mil

  • Hi Doormousey,

    I see that you have a lot of requests and I can't help to add one more in. If it's ok and I would really appreciate a reading when you get a chance. A guy I love, his name is E, broke up with me a month ago but I still feel he still has feelings for me. My question is will we get back together? I want to know if he is going to come back me. I do have other questions about the guy and relationship, but I think one question will be enough for a request.

  • I am a bit troubled by my health. My doctor can not find the answer. Can you find a answer with a tarot reading?

  • Hi doormousey.

    Thanks for the offer.

    I dream about having a spiritual family in my town. When will this happen?

  • Can you tell me if my relationship will evole....9/14/1948, him.2/09/1958

  • Dear Dev,

    If you do not do these readings professionally, you might think to do so. Your reading was

    "dead" on accurate. Being a reader myself, you can only attain so much from the cards and the

    rest is intuition and psychic ability. Congratulations and Good Luck to you in whatever your endeavors. I appreciate your time and your gifts.

    Brenda - 8th house sun

    P.S. Let's hope it is a marriage coming for me and not a baby. LOL!

  • Hi doormousey.

    I need a reading please. Can you tell me if my husband is cheating on me again and if so will i be getting a Divorce ?

    thanks for your time.

  • i need a reding for my life as a married woman and my near future love life

  • Doormousey, would you please help me? I´m so confused right now, you see there are two boys, b&t and I need to know if i will be girlfriend to one of them, I can´t just go ahead and go into a relationship with one of them if I don´´t know that they really want me, i´ve been heartbroken so many times now, please tell me if it will be me and one of them, and please tell me when, where and how plus education, will I be a hairstylist(cut and color) or something else?

  • Hi Dev, Wanted to say again, Thank You! You had good and true things to tell me. I appreciate the reading and am looking forward to moving on and finding some romance, fun, and joy again. He IS out there and we will find each other. As I have heard before, "When the Universe deems you ready, true love will track you down like a cruise missile." Beam me up, Scottie!!

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  • Hi Doormousey 🙂

    I have a reading I have already done but need some help interpreting. It is an eleven card spread. Would you be interested in helping me?

    In a nut shell, the reading was regarding family dynamics.

    If so, here are the cards;

    Higher Power: Temperance

    Recent past: King of Cups

    Situation: Death

    Self: 9 of Coins

    Challeges/Opportunities: 4 of Coins

    Near Future: 4 of Cups

    Foundation: 3 of Swords

    Long Term: Justice

    Advice: 6 of Wands

    Allies: High Priestess

    Blocks and Inhibitions: 2 of Swords

    Thank you very much, and even if you are not able to help thank you for putting yourself out there 🙂

    Peace and Blessings,


  • Hello I am new to this but I wanted to ask if you could please tell me who the person might be that is causing me to have negative energy and bad luck that has been surrounding me through out my life?

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