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  • Thank you in advanced, I've been employed with my hospital for over 16 years 2 supervisor positions opened recently, I've applied for both, will I have any success?

  • Hi doormousey.... I was wondering if you could help me. 3 months ago everything in my life turned upside down and I moved to Melbourne, for it seemed fate pushed me that way. It now seems fate is pushing me back home.

    Do I stay in Melbourne or move back to NSW?

    Will things settle down for me? (job changes, housing changes, relationships)?

  • This the first time doin this. I want to know if i will get my dissability money this month?


    Yes, I have looked into a few compatibilty reports, but not in the marriage area.

    Yes, we, actually, more him than I, run very hot and cold. Patience is a virtue, one of his, but not one of mine.

    In the past, both he and I ( when I did it it was more to see how he would react lol) when trying to explain something or point of view we would use us an example ( i.e. if we were married or if we had kids...etc) we accepted the example just as an example, but i dunno.

    I really really really hope we reunite. Ill keep my fingers crosssed 😄

    If you have spare time i would love it if you would go deeper...if not, I appreciate this small reading. Despite everything, I still have hope and havent completely given up on him...

    Thank you again!!!

  • Wow, Doormousey, you are quite incredible! Thank you so much.. your words really resonated with me. It's true that I have achieved quite alot in a career already, but my interest is all but disappeared in that direction. Hence the temp jobs to pay the bills. I am very interested in tarot (do a bit for friends, but may progress with this professionally), am a reiki master and have studied life coaching, but need to get my practice hours in to get my diploma. All these things have been on hold, but I feel now is the time to get moving with it. And yes, I feel I'm on retreat at the moment - the temp jobs are not coming in but am trying not to worry about this. I feel that spirit is trying to guide me and giving me time out to plan and progress with these different areas. I also volunteer with a major holistic living and spiritual events group in London and am getting wonderful and free teachings in alternative subjects, which I think will help me on my path. Thank you so much for your validation. I feel you have a true gift. Lol Shineystar xx

  • Thank you so much! Be Blessed!

  • You are correct in that something unexpected has happened. A former love has contacted me about 1 1/2 years ago . Because of our current situation (both married) we are not now in contact. I am wondering if he will try to reach me again after rethinking his situation. I am a leo and he is a Taurus. Your insight would be apprciated.

  • Hello Doormousey...I hope you still have time to do a spread for me....There is man around me that I am very much in love with.....we are not together now just friends...will that change..his dob July 2nd 1959 mine feb.21st 1954...I appreciate your help

  • Thanks.......

    I listed my birthday as 07/26.....does that make me a Leo or Cancer? I have given the Aquarian all the freedom he needs, his problem is that he is terrified to get hurt. Will I hear from the Aquarian again? I am also dating another guy who is a SAG.....Dec 9, but 12 years older than me. Is there any insight into this relationship.

    You insight into these questions would be appreciated........

  • i been in a long distance relationship with a 7-26 -46 i'm 12-3-49 what do the cards say about us . things aren't going well right now.

  • Hello, I am new to the tarot readings and honestly a little sceptical about what I amm getting into...But I have been really depressed lately. I want to know when and what job will i begin working? Should I persue purchasing a townhouse that I am looking at. Can you tell me the first name or initial of my soul mate? I know there are a lot of questions what you can..I have a lot going on....Thanks

  • Good morning doormousey! I have married since 2004. We separated in 07 but we still see each other. I live with someone now but he dont know. My question is should I go back to him or is my happiness with the one I live with? P.S I love them both!

  • Hi! I'd like to know how my life will turn out in the next few months....

  • Dear Ms. Supergirl,

    After pulling a few cards on your relationship, I feel like something must be right with it! The cards are the 9 of Cups, Ace of Wands and of Wands. Even if you are sad now, I see that in the past being with your Scorpio man seemed like something of a wish coming true. In the future I see a lot of movement with him... Something is going to come up that will reinspire love. Not to sound crazy, but the Justice card has also come up, so I do see a marriage of sorts. A traditional marriage for you. Perhaps it is necessary for you to really think about what it is you want now and share it with your partner? At any rate, I see this relationship as very beneficial and full of love even when it transgresses unhappy periods.

    As far as whether you will find employment, it will take patience on your half. You will most likely work at a job where you help a lot of people or maybe even teach them. You are wise beyond your years and have a lot to offer the world, it just might take a while to develop these skills to their full potential. Keep plugging away!

    Best wishes,


  • Dear drgagannagi,

    Your coupling has great prospects. The Emperor and Sun would explain how you both rather enjoy each other's company and how you like being together. He feels The Tower about you. Normally, that would be a disasterous card, but in this case, I take it to mean you have completely turned his world around and he returns the passionate feeling you have about him.

    The future of your romance is the 2 of Wands. I believe once one of you admit you have feelings for the other, a whole new world will open up. This is a very special pairing and I feel even if things do not workout, you will still maintain a beautiful friendship.

    Best wishes,


  • Dear carmelade2,

    All readings aside, if your ex-husband is ever going to treat you and your children with respect, he must first deal with his addiction issue. If he is not willing to do that, he will continuously disappoint you and his promises are completely meaningless. For too long, you have allowed this man to walk all over your good nature and now you need to put your foot down. He can't come back to you if he is not going to address this problem of his. End of story.

    Now, for the cards. I see The Tower which means disaster in the past. You are The Empress and you care very much about your children and your family life. You are a wonderful mother and caregiver and you would do anything for your children. In the future, I see The World and the King of Pentacles. This man is your soulmate. He is an Earth sign type person; I am drawn to say Capricorn... or he might actually be a Gemini/Virgo. Even a Taurus! But this man is going to offer to take care of you. Perhaps you already know him, but it should be a beautiful match.

    Please get back to me and let me look at your natal chart. I would like to see how many marriage potentials you have.

    Best wishes,


  • Dear Brenda,

    For an overall view of what is coming up for you, I would suggest looking on this site for some of the astrological tidbits! They are very valuable in revealing such things.

    As far as what is coming for you in the next 6 months...

    September: Death

    October: Justice

    November: The Hermit

    December: 3 of Pentacles

    January: 9 of Pentacles

    February: The Sun

    Are you have some kind of legal troubles? They will be solved soon. This month, something will happen to you that makes you realize you must start again completely. For the next few months, you will be building up your life, most likely you will be concentrating on earning money or getting your career in order. However, by the end of the 6 month period, you will be ready to enjoy life much more fully. I also feel like you will be getting married soon or that a baby is coming into your life. This is linked to someone with Sagittarius in their chart.

    Best wishes,


  • Dear Khadija,

    I feel like you will find a job soon. It might be any day now and it also might be catering or bar-tending for the timebeing. Anywhere you are a part of food and celebration. I'm not sure what area you are looking to get into, but I think you will greatly enjoy your new job.

    At the present, I do not see someone in your life. Right now you are transgressing a period of isolation and are not open to receiving love as you normally would. Please let me look at your chart. This is the best way to adequately find out when and who you will marry. Tarot cards are more useful to answer shortterm questions within 3 - 6 months.

    Best wishes,


  • Dear sexygem,

    You haven broken your back at the hospital you work at for the last 16 years and you are very good at what you do. However, I feel there is going to be a bit of a struggle and you will still have to prove to your superiors that you what this job. Perhaps you will have to go back for a second interview or you will have to meet a set of requirements you haven't previously.

    I also see that someone who acts like the Knight of Wands may have a part in you getting this job or may be competing with you for the job.

    The outcome is that of the 7 of Wands: You are in a position to win what you want, but you still must fight to have it yet!

    Good luck and I hope you get that job!

    Best wishes,


  • Hi There 🙂

    It is great your building your experinces! And assists us all in a little guidence as well 😉

    I am at a point where options are opening and I have this lovely fear of making the correct movement. I would be interested in seeing what the cards have to say 🙂

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