Need a reading?

  • Yes... Thank you very much. I did move due to a job but I think I will move back to NSW.

    (Well thats the plan but life often puts other things in place for me). I am torn between a Virgo and Aquarius (water bearer not a water sign).

    I am glad to hear my prospects will improve, and thank you so much for your guidance.

    Kitti Kats

  • Thank you for the were on target with a lot of things. My additional question to you is about 2 women that i associate is very needy and complains constantly...the other is confused with her sexual identity. Bothe women consider themselves to be a good "friend". I am getting strange vibes,, could you elaborate?

  • I was wondering if you could give me a little more insight? I have started preperations to move back to NSW.(which apparently will not be sucessful) I am looking for a new job and still confused about my love life. my birthday is 12/11/84 born at either 3:37 pm or 3:42 pm

    Thank you for your paitence, time and guidance

  • Hello Everyone,

    Because of all the reading requests (I'm so surprised!), I am finding it difficult to keep up with replying on this forum and keeping straight who all I have given a response. In this case, I am going to post a private e-mail here and from now on if you have a question, please forward it there.

    Also, I would greatly appreciate it if the rest of you who have yet to get an answer from me copy and paste from this thread and forward your request. Please be patient as well! Right now I have more free time to do readings, but in the future it may not be as easy.

    And to everyone who has written me nice feedback, that completely makes my day. I'm glad to be of service and give all of you guidance. Let's hope this system works a bit more efficiently and I don't get an overload in my mailbox! Thanks you!

    Best wishes,


  • Dear kittikats,

    I don't know why I keep insisting, but I think there will be an opportunity for you if you stay in Melbourne. It seems to me you will get some kind of unexpected surprise that will make you want to stay there. For whatever reason, within the next 3-6 months I see you in Melbourne. Please let me know if this turns out to be wrong.

    You seem to be deeply in love with the Virgo man and he seems to be deeply in love with you. He is a very loving individual... I picture him wearing glasses or liking to read a lot. Don't ask me why!

    Hmmm. That is about all I can conjure right now. What city were you born?

    Best wishes,


  • Hi Linda,

    I think you must have been involved with a water sign type man who hurt you very badly. You walked away from this situation, but you have never really been able to recover from it. I take it you built a family with him, may have a few children as well. I also see he might have had an affair, which is what caused you to leave. Do you have a fire sign son? I don't know why, but I pick up on that. You may be estranged from him at the moment or he is physically in a different location.

    Could you verify these? I think I'll need to go deeper... It's all a bit farfetched, really.

    Best wishes,


  • Dear toledo51,

    I regret to say I do not believe this Capricorn will wander back into your life. He is too fearful of committments and is too immature to be involved presently. Right now, I feel he is doing his own thing and trying to concentrate on himself. There is no room for love in his life.

    I do however feel a Pisces might come into your life soon or someone who acts like a Pisces. He will be very flirtatious and offer to take you out places. As a Libra, you will enjoy this and enjoy the sort of fun you two will have together. You also have to be patient with love because you have a tendency to rush into things.

    Open yourself up to love and you will find it almost everywhere.

    Best wishes,


  • Dear hopefulinAL,

    With the Knight of Wands and 2 of Cups, I believe you will return home to the suburbs in Chicago sooner than you think! Is there a child in Chicago? The Page of Pentacles indicates you will receive help from a nephew, niece, son or daughter. It may be a possibility to return home as soon as next June or perhaps sooner.

    I hope that helps you!

    Best wishes,


  • Dear Dev,

    I am eternally grateful for your time! I don't think you are an Angel, I KNOW you are an ANGEL! Thank you for your insights. Due to your readings, I remain hopeful in AL. Best regards and wishes to you and yours. A believer, Suzy

  • Hi Dev!!!

    thank you so much.. It took a long time for me to finally get to the point of putting my foot down now I just have to stay focused on that... I really needed to know that there was some one out there for me & I am worthy of being loved & treated well. After all these years My self esteem has deminished but I'm on the way to a better life I can feel it...

    I am getting back to you re looking at my natal chart what info do you need?


    Now, for the cards. I see The Tower which means disaster in the past. You are The Empress and you care very much about your children and your family life. You are a wonderful mother and caregiver and you would do anything for your children. In the future, I see The World and the King of Pentacles. This man is your soulmate. He is an Earth sign type person; I am drawn to say Capricorn... or he might actually be a Gemini/Virgo. Even a Taurus! But this man is going to offer to take care of you. Perhaps you already know him, but it should be a beautiful match.

    Please get back to me and let me look at your natal chart. I would like to see how many marriage potentials you have.

    Best wishes,


    thank youu so very much I sooo needed to hear something positive!!!!

  • Recently i have written an exam will i pass successfully. How will my carrer path be?

  • Thanks doormousey (dev) for hopeful words.

    I need to tell u that you have told me that once one of us admits that we like him/ doors will open up , n we feel very passionately fr each other, n share a very good friendship.

    All this is very true.

    But we were friends/relation from a year n half, after which i told him thats its not just friendship but love from my side, but he refused..ever since then still we've been good friends as we were before. At times Ive told him we can stop being friends, but he doesnt let go of the friendship, we still meet as we used to, but he says he can't marry me because of his family. I really love him, can i expect that again at the right time things can wrk out if i ask again or there is no scope at all in d future. We share d same rapport n pleasure n excitement on meeting n talking even now. Nothing has changed after i proposed n he rejected.

  • This is ur old reading for me dev, kindly guide me again, just once!..I will follow ur advice after that.

    Dear drgagannagi,

    Your coupling has great prospects. The Emperor and Sun would explain how you both rather enjoy each other's company and how you like being together. He feels The Tower about you. Normally, that would be a disasterous card, but in this case, I take it to mean you have completely turned his world around and he returns the passionate feeling you have about him.

    The future of your romance is the 2 of Wands. I believe once one of you admit you have feelings for the other, a whole new world will open up. This is a very special pairing and I feel even if things do not workout, you will still maintain a beautiful friendship.

    Best wishes,


  • Dear Doormousey,

    Kindly do a reading for me , I am a new member here. Recently i have written my exam, which will be a turning point in my life. Will i pass my exam? and how will my carrer path be? I shall be greatful if u do this reading for me . Thanking you in advance. My date of birth is 3 june 1969. Thanks



  • Please...give me a basic reading surrounding the issue of money as of most recently, I borrowed some with the hopes of receiving monies to replace that of which i borrowed and to pay off some debt...Now, i am down and out again off all concerned monies mentioned.Thank-youvery much...

  • Dear Doormousey,

    I am in need of a reading, please. My boyfriend and I very recently ended our relationship. We had many things in common. We would have disagreements, but he would always come back to me. Well without me typing a lot of usless stuff, because what you see is what it willl be, I will just state the question. Should I just move on, or give it a little time and call him. Or just wait to see if he calls. I would like for us to work it out, but I don't know where to start. His birthday is 10/17/62 and mine is 9/7/72.

    Thanks in advance!

  • thank you doormousey for my reading, although it makes me sad. you are very sweet and kind...

  • DoorMousey,

    Love your name, too! I'm a non-threatening KittiCat who could use a reading.

    I no longer work outside my home for health reasons, so I've started some writing projects. A few are internet articles that won't lead to any financial gain.

    There is a major fiction story I started working on in February, but I learned recently that I need to approach the story from a different angle. My hope is that there is a possibility for publication or some recognition from the story,.

    Lately, I've been battling depression and discouragement in part because of my health, but also because my former employer owes me money and doesn't acknowledge me or lies about working with me on the money issue. It's affecting my ability to focus.

    I guess I need some reassurance that writing is not for naught. Should I persevere and just write - especially on the major story?

    Any insight you can give is sincerely appreciated. If I should focus my energies in another direction, please let me know.



  • Hello Guys,

    Could you please forward your requests for a reading to ? It has been much easier for me to efficiently answer queries this way!

    Also, I've noticed that I messed up three astrological readings because I forgot as an American that those of you who live in Britain and Australia use a different format for writing out the dates. Please let me know where you are from or write out your birthday like 14 June 1985 or June 14 1985 as I don't want to make any mistakes again!

    Thank you very much and it has been loads of fun giving out readings for everyone! You're all such nice, interesting people. 🙂

    Best wishes,


  • Thank you for the reading. I have been worried about our relationship. he is not one for expressing his feelings and I feel insecure being that we are in a long distance relationship. Yes I am afraid to commit, but I want to commit to him, yes he had planned to move closer, I don't know if that is still the case, can you so a reading on what the future holds for us.

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