Need a reading?

  • cThank you very much.. I had been seeing a guy "m" for some time... I guess we broke up all for the "wrong reasons". I had tried to get back in touch with him recently (we are both back in northern europe now) and I tried to really send to him cordial messages,etc. but he still will not respond. is there a chance that we can start communicating again, at least as two grown up people as friends ? I would really appreciate knowing... cheers.

  • Thank you ! You are right my husband is gemini and my boyf is a scorpio.

  • yes pleaseeeee, i would like to know about my love life! i am a virgo, he is a cancer! i like him sooooo much but cant stand his disappearing mode! i need to know if we will stay together, get married or just i should move on in my life....

    thank u sooooooooooooo muchhh

  • hi and a good evening to you! my question is in regards to my surroundings. i've been through a lot of trials in the past but just when i think ive put the past behind and started a new life for me and my kids things start to get troublesome and confusing. mostly in the relationships and communication area...wether it be with family or friends. could the problem lay in how iam analyzing things and people or is the company i keep really the type i shpul (which id be around. i've been getting bad vibes for consequent day now but yet cant pin point as to what it in regards to. if you could pls see if there are certain people i should refrain from or be cautious about. should i continue on wth the same circle of friends, the same path that i have been following? thanks much in advance!

  • Hi doormousey,

    I would like to know about my love life and career. I really like this guy but we are not together. Can you see a connection between us in the future or should I move on?

    Thanks a lot!

  • Hi Door Mousey

    Need a reading bad. Husband died, dog died wihin 8 months. Also health problems.

    Laid off from job of 30 years. I'm a 58 year old sag. What is happening? Is there

    anything left?

  • Doormousey

    I need desperately need a reading. I life has been at a stand still for about 15 years. I have been in an unhappy marriage for 47 years. He is a good person, but cannot emotionally connect. Being a nurse, I have been the caretaker for everyone and am tired. Will life get better for me and will there ever be someone who connects with me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  • Hi Doormousey,

    I am currently in a roller coaster relationship - can you please let me know if it is worth pursuing??


  • Hi Doormousey, I would really love a reading if you can spare the time!!!! I am confused with a man and I'm not sure whether to hang in there or let him go.

    I've been seeing a guy casually for 9 months, I have realised I have feelings for him and hope he has feelings for me. I feel this guy is special and although the situation with him is frustrating me a little, I feel like we are meant to be, I don't seem to be able to walk away from him and have him on my mind constantly.

    I have asked him for more, told him I want to take things further, he has said no. But he gives me lots of mixed messages and confuses me no end. I get the feeling that he has more feelings for me than he is letting on and I can truly "feel" what a really lovely guy he is. Am I doing the right thing by waiting for him to realise that there is more between us or am I perhaps wasting my time with my wishful thinking? I'm starting to worry a little that maybe I'm too emotionally involved to be subjective here!!!!!!

    I was a little frustrated last week after a few things that went on and when he text me to meet up, I told him no and told him it's best that we don't see each other any more because we seem to want different things. He tried a little to change my mind, but I held firm even though it was killing me and I really wanted to see him. Then I was afraid that i'd really blown it with him, but at the same time, I want him to appreciate me and I would like a "real" relationship with him.

    My birthday 4th May 1971, his 2nd May 1979.

    Any insight you could give me on this would be really appreciated. Thanks so much.

  • Sorry Doormousey, I have forwarded to your email as per your request.

    Thanks! 🙂

  • Dear Doormousey, My birthday is 1/4/49 and I am experiencing many changes in my life right now. My husband is very ill, wondering how long this health battle will continue. Also what do you see for my future- career and as far as selling a house. Peace and Blessed BE! and much thanks for your insights of course!

  • Hello Everyone,

    Ugh! Everything is going wrong this weekend and as a result, I haven't answered as many questions as normal. Please forward your questions to

    To the woman who recently lost her dog and husband, I am deeply sorry for your lose and your post really stuck out to me. I have not had the chance to do a full-on reading for you yet, but I do see the King of Wands around you. This is a man who will help you grieve - he is most likely your father, uncle or brother, a Sagittarius, Leo or Aries. I actually feel he is a brother or someone who is rather close like a brother. Please do not worry about the future unduly. I know it is quite difficult when things are crumbling down around you, but these things will pass. At any rate, if you contact me through e-mail, I will try to read for you more indepth when I get a chance.

    ALSO... I am in the process of setting up a blog! How exciting, right? I'm going to address different topics on a daily basis. Right now, since everyone seems to be quite into the notion of finding soulmates, I'll probably start with that including readings, different advice and learning to connect with your soulmate through meditations and whatnot. From there, I'll probably go onto spirit guides, some more esoteric and perhaps listing up book recommendations and the like. Let me know if that sounds like it would be interesting or if you have any ideas to contribute!

    Best wishes,


  • Hi Doormousey (Dev),

    I think the blog sounds fantastic! I'm always interested in expanding my knowledge and learning new things so I look forward to it.

    Keep us updated on the progress.

    Thanks 🙂

  • Hi, I have been out of work since Dec. Can you tell me what line of work I should be loking for and possibly when I will return to work. Also my car needs alot of repair work ..should I fix it or sell it? Thanks so much for your time.

  • Hi I was needing to know a little something. My name is Kelsie. I have been talking to this guy Zach for months now and he told me he loves me. The thing is he has issues commintment issues. Which were caused by his ex who cheated. I need to know if he is a lost cause and I should just leave. Or like I am hopeing is he the one for me? Hope to hear from you.

  • Hi doormousey

    I hope i got the name right it is so kind of you to offer these readings.i would like to know how my internet business is going to make out,i'm trying to start a online internet business and if theirs is anything else you may be able to tell me about my life

    Thank you in advance

    be bless

  • i would like if i will ever find love and peace in my life have a couple enemies on the job i stay to myself but with some of the women on my job it is a problem all i want is peace and a promotion. will it happen for me? thank you----panama

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  • How good of you to get better at doing readings. I'm new here and not to sure what to do. If and when you have time respond back .I do wonder if we ever get a so called soul mate. I'm with him right now or will I meet him a few yers down the road.

    Thank you for your time.

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