Need a reading?

  • Hi Everyone!

    I have some spare time and would like to practice reading tarot. Go ahead and ask me some questions if you like! Thanks.

    Best wishes,


  • Hey doormousey (WONDERFUL name, simply WONDERFUL!?)

    I appreciate your offer here. I have a simple question really: what do I need to do to become financially independent? I live in a small country town with little to no job prospects which is why I'm askin' 🙂 Thanks so much; I look forward to what you get for me xoxoxoxoxoxox

  • Hi cris!

    I pulled a few cards out for you...

    Your situation starts with the King of Wands - as you said you are looking to become financially independent. This proves you are an independent person who is capable of going forward to meet your desires.

    How you can do this? I have the 6 of cups, which indicates there is something from your past that might be involved in finally attaining financial freedom. Also, the 6 of Cups also rules publications or communications so it might be you could find work through something where you write for the public.

    What advice? The Hermit and the 4 of Cups. You will feel frustrated, but you need to believe in yourself and know you have the capacity to make your dreams a reality. Look to making connections with people and deepening connections with yourself.

    Finally, The Star, Strength and the King of Cups. I see that you will most likely overcome the odds and find yourself in a career that revolves around the home or doing something at home.

    Hope that helps! Let me know if that seems right.

  • Tremendous! Very insightful stuff and definite food for thought. I've thought for yonks that I'd be working from home more than outside of it, after years of being on the treadmill. The writing also sits very well indeed, although my muse has up and left of late, but might just call him back 🙂 I'm real pleased with this reading; you used a bit of psychic stuff here too, didn't you? Really good work; I'm impressed and will print this out to carry around with me. Thanks so much doormousey (jaysus I hope that's not what you truly think of yerself!!) xoxoxoxoxoxox PS: I'll take a look at your post requesting a reading again - couldn't get anything earlier, but will try again 🙂

  • Awww, I'm glad that helped you! Good to know it resonates with you a bit. And thanks for looking at my post again! 😄 Let me know if you've ever got any other questions! I love to help out.

  • Hi doormousey, I thought your last reading was very insightful. If you have any more time please would you do a quickie for me? I am wondering whether to change career direction. I used to work in the media and have been doing temp jobs for a while but want to get my teeth into something more interesting and involving. Do you think I should aim to get into a big career job or branch out into something more holistic on my own as I have interests in this area too.

  • Hi doormousey 😄

    If you have the time and energy can you look into my love life for me?! I guess my question would be if you see a reunion reconcilliation for my sweet sweet boy and I?! just incase our bdays are his: sept 19, 81 and mine is: may 25, 82 .

    THANK YOU!!!!

  • I've been reading some of your responses to people's questions and find you have a mature and balanced approach. I too am learning to interpret the Tarot cards, though have been proficient in astrology for years. It's hard to read for yourself sometimes. As I just explained to 'junglebunny' I recently lost the love of my life through death and am wondering what you might see in the cards for me. I've pretty much eliminated all unwanted energies from my surroundings and feel pretty balanced in my daily choices at the moment. I've discovered a new diversion (boating) that strikes a strange chord in me to pursue. Maybe you could direct me further by giving me your insight?

  • i would be interested in a reading.

    thanks so much

  • When will things turn around for me?

  • Greetings doormousey! I'm sure you have received an abundance of requests and I am hoping when you have a moment you can give me some insight to my current situation. My mom was recently diagnosed with breast cancer (again). I have been her care-giver since August 2007. Her sign is Cancer and mine is Pisces. How does the outlook appear? Thank you so much for your consideration and keep up the great work! If it is more conveinient you may send the information to or post on this thread. Again, thank you so much!

  • Hello doormousey,

    I am currently looking for a new job. I am uneasy about it because it is a change from what I am doing now. I have two questions. First, can I say with the company where I am working and move up, or do I need to look elsewhere. Seond, will I be successful in this new career.

    Thanks for your time and consideration

  • Thanks, you are gonna get over-whelmed soon, too many folks. What can you see for me, don't be afraid of the not so good news, what do you need birthdate? 11/20/65

  • Thanks doormousey. My DOB is 09/12/76. What comes up for me ?

  • I have a Question about a recent request from my ex-hub involving a hypnosis session he is about to do, do I post the question here?

  • Hi Doormousey,

    I just applied for a job Monday. What do you see? My DOB 10-21-63

    Thanks Rebecca

  • Dourmousey

    Three months ago I met someone. This person basically flipped my life upsidedown. An Emotional upheavel I have never experienced. He had to go away for a while, but now he is back. I cannot understand why I feel so strongly for this person...Sometimes he can be cold and distant and it's painful for me. I need all or nothing in this situation. I need to know whether I should be patient with this man and keep going with what we have or if I should cut him out out of my life for good. His bday is 6/27/83 and mine is 11/30/83.

    Any guidance will help. Thank you!

  • Hi:

    It would be great if you have time for a reading. I am wondering if a relationship I have had with someone since Jan. 3/09 will work out. His birthday is Feb. 7 and mine is July 26th....


  • Hello Shineystar,

    I find it very interesting when people ask questions about their careers and it is one of my favorite topics to address with the tarot, so I pulled a quick three cards for you:

    Nine of Pentacles

    Queen of Pentacles

    Ace of Cups

    You are already a well-established woman who is in a league of her own as far as your career goes. You are self sufficient and you enjoy the independence your career direction has allowed. The Queen of Pentacles would indicate you do have a creative side and that you do get enjoyment out of holistic living, writing, astrology. This is just an inkling, but I get the feeling that you do like to blog quite a bit or would benefit from blogging. With the Ace of Cups, I do see you branching out and starting an endeavor of your own. You might have been working on a project for a long time and you have been wondering when is the right time to unveil this... Well, I see you doing this now. The best advice to keep in mind: 4 of Swords. Your wishes are in accordance with higher beings and you should retreat to organize your plans further. I believe you will be a great success!

    Hope that helps. Let me know fi you think it's on!

    Best wishes,


  • Hi doormousey 😄

    If you have the time and energy can you look into my love life for me?! I guess my question would be if you see a reunion reconcilliation for my sweet sweet boy and I?! just incase our bdays are his: sept 19, 81 and mine is: may 25, 82 .

    THANK YOU!!!!

    Dear marsm,

    First, I would like to ask you if you have indeed looked at some compatibility charts on this site or others? Sometimes that really helps to clarify whether the partner is the right choice for you. Virgo/Gemini relationship can run very hot and cold (I should know! I just got out of that same match!). If you so wish, I'd be happy to take a look at your chart for marriage/relationship prospects if you'd like.

    From this point, I'll pull a few cards.

    You feel your Virgo hunnybunny is the 3 of Pentacles, that he is a good provider and that he can provide a good foundation for you.

    He feels you are the Queen of Swords that says he might find you a tad emotionally distant, cool and collected. However, he does seem to view the relationship as the 10 of Pentacles, which would indicate he also sees you as someone he would be able to settle down with eventually. The key word is EVENTUALLY. Geminis have a tendency to want everything yesterday. You must learn to patient, espeically if you are going to have the affections of a Virgo man.

    Will you reconcile? 7 of wands and The High Priestess. I think you already know whether you will get back together with him or not. If you use your intuition the evidence is already there. Also, the 7 of wands indicates that you have the power to win the romance you would like.

    The outcome of the situation is the Ace of Cups. My intuition says this relationship might not progress as quickly as you want, but he does adore you and you will probably cross paths with him again.

    I hope that seems accurate!

    Best wishes,


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