Please help .!!

  • Hello all I am seeking some help

    I was seeing this man we started out as friends and became close started a relationship. He wanted me to move with him. But he took a trip to Africa and things suddenly changed. There is someone else and I just want to know if I should even wait for him. What is in store for my future. All together 2009 has been one of the worst years of my life. I am so lonely and alone I just want to know what is there to look forward too

  • Hi, Waiting for someone, I think, is the worst thing that you could do. You might just be feeling let down. Don't be lonely and alone. In other words, get busy doings things that interest you. It may take a while before you meet someone so don't fret. Join the club. Look on the positive side--there might be a reason why ya'll aren't together. Maybe you were saved.

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