Do any of you guys believe ...

  • I have always heard that you can't discuss politics and/or religion without an argument-it was like a taboo or something. I was raised in a holiness church half my life. Tho much of it i agree with, I remain open to others' views. I mean, how we gonna learn if we do not discuss/communicate with each other? I do believe in karma(good produces more good and vice versa). Think about it: Say you feeling quite cheerful and you walk into a room where there are nothing but depressed, sarcastic people. All the negative energy that generates from them will bring your mood down if you stay in that enviroment. The idea of ying/yang(if i understand correctly), is balance. Isn't that mere physics? Some say you have to help yourself before you can help others, and I agree with that to a certain extent. Once again, there has to be a balance(the ying-yang thing). You can't help others if you are too self-indulged; greed and selfishness develop when the scales are not balanced. You have to try and keep that at a happy medium as well. Harmony and balance is the pot of gold over the rainbow and our religions are the paths that lead us there. Most of us are heading for the same goal, just taking different paths(like roads that come to an intersection: different directions meeting to a common ground). Peace Out and Bless you All-muah!

  • I pretty much agree with all the open minded (non-negative) views in this thread. As far as the concepts of energy, karma, etc. I view it all as pretty much the same concept just with a different name or title. Yin/ Yang, Good and Bad Karma, positve and negative energy, live a good and proper life and you'll see it all come back to you, the power of positive thinking, etc. etc. etc. It's pretty much all the same concept. This theory is even discussed with scientific theory when you delve into quantum physics. I equate it all into concepts of energy, which us and everything else is made up of and interconnects everything, and everything we do both creates and uses energy. I have a tendency to base my concepts with that interconnectedness of energy in mind.

    I have always been somewhat of a 'fence sitter' when it came to the concept of God. I started asking the question of whether I truly beleived in God or not when I was 10 years old, and never arrived at my answer until I was in my 30's. I do believe in God and faith and spirituality, but I don't really believe in 'religion' per se. To me religion seems to only be the 'rules' that you try to wrap around your faith so that you can define it. I feel my faith, and it is centered at my heart. I don't need the 'ritual' that goes along with it.

    Western religions, ie. Christianity seems to be all rule based and not results based. That if you follow all the rules, then you are a 'good Christian'. Never mind if you actually 'get it' or truly feel and live God's message. Not to mention within Christianity there are several different religions that are all centered around the Bible, yet all all 'different' in their own way. Even within the same Christian religions, each Church can be different in what they believe based on how they interpret the Bible. Every religion or church seems to be much more influenced by the politics of their church, and their 'rules' seem to be centered around the best way to increase membership and revenues of the church. Every time the Bible has been retranslated it is translated to fit the current political and/ or economical climate of the times as well.

    I like many of the Eastern religions because they seem a little more results based in the fact that they talk about the importance of arriving along a certain 'path' and not focussing so much on how you got there. Hinduism seems to be the religion that most closely matches my own views. But it still has many rules and rituals that I do not believe in as well.

    When looking at them all from a higher view, they all pretty much speak the same message in the end. The deity may have a different name and a different story and 'rule book', but the message is still pretty much the same. So I disregard the 'rules' and therefore the concept of 'religion' and prefer to just accept the message. ie. Faith and spirituality without the religion.

    Any Christian will agree that God created the Earth. Therefore God predates the Earth. But that was billions of years ago. Christianity has only been around for 2009 years. If God existed, then the Earth was not God-less before Christianity. Even many of the pagan (ie. non-Christian) religions believe in the concept of God, or else a concept or deity that sounds pretty much just like Him. Yet Christianity denounces that because they do not follow the same set of rules and rituals.

    Satanism I don't have a problem with either. It's my understanding that Satan was not an evil being. In fact, he was God's greatest angel. He just didn't want to follow God's will. He believed in a different path, and had many followers of his views. This resulted in a revolt against God, which resulted in a war, which resulted in Satan's exile. It's not necessarily evil to want to follow your own path rather than that of another.

    The bottom line is that it's not the rules that you follow that make you a good or a bad person, or make you have a good or bad life. It's how you live your life that counts, and how you use that energy that is available to you.

  • Dreamer my views are very much along the same lines as yours. But I must seem very naive to some people in that I don't believe in evil. I believe people do evil things but I don't believe in evil. I believe in negativity and in that it grows and it can suck you in. I believe it is taught and past down in familys. But I have never had an experience with evil as something. I believe that religions change to suit themselves. They have gotten too far from the barebones of be the concept to be the best person you can be and help each other. Its simple. You don't need all the rules and frills. And I was raised in a church that couldn't answer my questions so it was don't question and have faith. And it is a case of they didn't know the answers. If people would just think for themselves and not be one of the sheep. They may see clearer

  • LibrasLair, those views do seem similar to mine. I too discounted Christianity as a child the very moment I was told that I was not allowed to question the faith or what is written in the Bible. The minute you tell me that, you lose me. I will also agree that pretty much everybody is born pure and good. Most people are born wanting to love it seems. It's society that then teaches the concepts of hate, and envy, and destruction, and pettiness, etc. These are all human traits that are mostly learned. I wouldn't go so far as to say evil doesn't exist though. I think that there are some few people that are born with a 'built-in' appetite for doing evil things without needing to learn it. I cannot say that I believe that there is a conscious entity or deity that exists for the sole purpose of spreading evil. But, who knows. Evil acts exist, so I figure that's got to come from somewhere originally.