I'm sorry...

  • Hi everyone, I haven't written here in awhile; just been observing and ready. Hope everyone is well!!!

    I could really use some insight that something that happened to me about 20 minutes ago, if anyone can help?

    Well, I was just lying in bed, I just woke up, but didn't feeling like getting up quite yet. It's my day off..Tee-Hee.! 😃

    Anyhoo....I'm laying there in a meditative state, not dreaming, not sleeping,..completely aware of my surroundings but my mind was blank and I heard a very loud... "Steph; I'm sorry" I had absolutely no visuals with this. It was just a voice.

    At first I thought the voice sounded like my ex. My first ex. We broke up about 6 years ago and although we've spoken briefly I haven't seen him in years. He's wanted to see me, but I honestly have no desire. But when I really think about it, I'm not so sure it was him.

    My insight isn't working for me right now for myself.....anyone have any ideas of what it was and why?

  • ..and "READING"...not "Ready." UGH..I'm still half asleep. 😃

  • bump.

  • Bump.

    Somebody Haaalp.

    It's driving me crazy. lol

  • Buuuump

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  • bump

  • Hey, what does BUMP mean? Is that something bad?

  • No, just bumping up my Thread so people can see it and answer. I don' think anyone is gonna. =(

  • im not sure what your voice was - but hoping someone will know!!! BUMP!!

  • i also hope you get a answer,

    try posting to hanswolf, from what i read from the answers he replys, i believe he gives very good insight,

    you can also try Brain traisam,

    sorry if i misspelled the name but you will find it in the posting and post under pyshic

    light , blessings to u

  • Thanks guys. I have tried a few times in the last few months and haven't gotten any answers the last couple of times I've posted.. One was directed at Hans. After that, I kinda gave up on here, just reading. Guess it wasn't meant to be answered, though I really felt someone here was going to have some sort of insight and help; that's why I came straight here as soon as I woke... it still bugs me.

    Ahh, well. People are busy. It happens.

    Take care.

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