Any opinions on an horoscope reading are gratefully welcomed

  • To anyone reading this-thank you..

    whilst I'm not new to the world of intuition ,I've only been using Tarot for just a little while now.

    I recently did a horoscope reading.

    I've done my usual referrals to websights that I feel 'happy' with, & my tarot books ,coupled with my own feelings on the 'subject' . I look for patterns in multiple readings(be it tarot,runes,i ching etc)& I know there are patterns. I started nearly 2 yrs ago, asking particular questions-and whilst I'll appreciate that ' patience is a virtue', & that time is not linear...& 'they'(or our inner selves) don't work on our egos' time scale...for 2 yrs or so -nothing seems to have physically changed....( part of the 'pattern' involves a physical life changing move- this is also what I feel) .though-i guess there have been some emotional changes..-

    So..I guess,I well-still 'worry' there's no -well-physical evidence . ( I sound so western scientist! lol )

    anyway. I am however a little unsure on the positions & resulting meanings behind this horoscope spread....if anyone is kind enough to offer any ideas & opinions-I would be most thankful to you....

    so-here they are..

    position (house) 1 - ace coins

    position (house)2 - moon

    " " 3 - 9 cups

    " " 4 - king coins

    " " 5 - lovers

    " " 6 - ace swords

    " " 7 - 3 swords

    " " 8 - death

    " " 9 - wheel of fortune

    " " 10 - 10 swords

    " " 11 - queen wands

    " " 12 - page wands

    so,there you have it folks!

    'death' has come up in so many of my readings-I guess this ' old life of mine must be on the verge of changing.....3 swords has come up so many times too- mainly to do with my boyfriend....of more than 10 yrs....& great kids together.....

    I'm more & more thinking in a certain direction for work & life -though,I've been a housewife n mum for many years...& I'm very un-confident about myself on 1 hand-& my awkward relations with others...

    anyway-thank you for reading ...

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