VIRGO man cries too much

  • Hi leoscorpian,

    I've been having some problems with my Virgo man. We've been together for three and a half years and I'm not going to hear any wedding bells anytime soon (even thouh we were engaged). Anyway, if u could give me some kind of insight concerning our birthdays I would reallllly appreciate it. (Me: 8/7/85) (Him: 9/16/83)

  • Hey leoscorpian, thanx so much for the reply. I look forward to hearing from you! Whatver info you can provide would be great!!!

  • hi Sas

    will do yours after I read orchid's

    probably next week for both of you

    I just got back from work and it's Sat night LOL

    take care

  • Orchid

    Here is quick look at your DOBs

    Your Sun and his are both in Virgo. Virgo and Sag are both dominant in both of your charts.

    Sun conjunct Mercury in Virgo, both of you are intelligent and do not jump into things, everything is taken into consideration, but once you come up to a decision, you can be quite stubborn. Patience is needed, when dealing with each other.

    Your Saturn conjunct Pluto in Libra, you may feel a push and pull when it comes to relationship. Sometimes you enjoy being in relationship, sometimes you are worried that you will be dependent on other person. Pluto makes sure you stand up against unfairness and betrayal no matter how small, but don’t let the intensity takes over you. It’s hard to avoid being sensitive. Your moon conjunct Neptune, you ‘feel’ deeply, probably make a big deal out of small things. You are compassionate and generous, watch for being manipulated and cheated. But on the other hand, don’t take it too hard when bad things happen to you. Just be cautious next time and move on.

    His Venus in Libra gives him a certain charm not easily ignored. Conversation with him are most likely pleasant, because he adores beauty and harmony. But when it comes to serious talk, he may back off or somehow become defensive. Your Venus and his moon in Leo, you both are quite expressive in terms of feelings and love. Nothing but the best is Leo’s motto.

    There is quite a possibility of emotional conflict between you two. Your Mars conjunct Jupiter, you tend to push the wrong buttons at the wrong time. Jupiter bestows luck, but if you push your luck then it won’t be good luck anymore. His Pluto in Scorpio gives him the power to retaliate and push back hard. His Mars conjunct Uranus, he can be short tempered one day and quite patient the next.

    He may also have problem committing himself to one woman because he enjoys the fun of flirting and he may even go too far with it. You have a tendency to change someone, to be the person you call ‘ideal’. This is perfectly normal, everyone wants what is rare. But you can’t change anyone, he has to want to change, or change will not happen.

    I hope this helps.

  • Sas8785

    Here is quick look at your DOB s

    Your sun is in Leo and this sign is dominant in your chart. With Mars and Mercury accompanying the Sun here, it would be hard to not notice you. You are inspirational, assertive and fearlessly fighting for your right or your opinion to be heard. Watch for Pluto in Scorpio doubles your intensity. You may end up hurting those you don’t mean to hurt. Stay with the positive side of this placement, your heightened intuition. If you nurture it, your intuition can prove its worth of gold.

    His Venus and Mars also in Leo. He may treat you as a queen, but he may not take it lightly if you try to take charge of the relationship. Try not to be distracted by the material value of gifts and possessions. Only gifts that come from the heart, are truly precious and worth keeping.

    Both of you seem to have difficulty getting your points across. Maybe something happened in your childhood, nobody takes you seriously, or you just seem to be ‘out of sync’ with the world around you that it will take you extra effort to make people understand. Be patient with each other and be willing to try to understand each other’s point of view. His moon in Cap makes you think he is cold and insensitive. But he has feelings, he just doesn’t show it. If you really look, you will see subtle signs. This is where your intuition can help. Both of you fear of being cheated and controlled by others. This is perfectly normal, nobody wants to be a slave. But watch for trying to dominate or being dominated. If this happens, the relationship will be power struggle instead of peaceful interaction. Both of you are free thinkers, it would be a plus if you can discuss and share your ideas and views rather than competing against each other.

    Hope this helps.

  • gotta go sleep now.

    it's been exhausting week. with death in the family and all.

    but we all have to take the journey 'home' someday, don;t we?

    will be taking a break in the weekend

    I hope you all have a good weekend

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