VIRGO man cries too much

  • About a year ago I broke up with a Virgo who I had been with for 3 years. I'm an aquarius so I didn't do so well with him. I tried and tried but he was actually boring. He barley talked about anything. I'm always social. I could never tell how he felt. I express everything by the way I feel. He had the same routine everyday. Again I wake up and go as I feel. Everydays different. I'm sensitive and sometimes he was mean and uncaring. He also got comfortable in his routine with me and I didn't like it. I was bored. He's nice just to quite and shy. I'm very social. Well now days I'm in love with a scorpi man. He's very intense.. Puts me threw a ride... I'm never bored : ) my prob. Is my Virgo ex is still crying over me. He thinks were soulmates. He knows how I feel for scorp. I've rejected him I dk how many times and he still tries. It's been a year. I mean litterally he cries. He won't date or go out. I feel bad but I don't love him like that. I've tried ignoring him. Doesn't work. Tried the friend thing. Doesn't work. Tried being nice and mean. Doesn't work. Scorp knows and never liked it but I dk what else to do. Is this normal for virgos? He was born sept 1. He's 27 I'm 22... Please help!!! I don't want to diss virgos. My sisters r virgos and I lobe them to death. They are fun! But as in a relationship.. I can't do it. Help!

  • My b-day is Jan 21

  • LOL xtine... you are an aqua and couldnt do anything with a virgo. then imagine me!!! im an aqua (sun) with virgo moon and rising... i cant do anything with myself!!!

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  • Katie- haha we prob. Wouldn't make it in a relationship but we could be great bestfriends lol. Although I do like planning : ) that's the one Virgo anything I like!

    Coffe- no thank you! I guess I may just have to stay firm with him. I don't play with his emotions or lead him on but he just doesn't get it. But haha scorpios are intense I was addicted from the start. Virgo hates that lol aw : (

  • will you please stop generalizing Virgo signs or any other sign????

    my husband is a Virgo, and this man is not boring. he is very outgoing, and a great conversationalist. I am a Leo and quite shy and takes awhile for me to warm up. my virgo is

    not that way at all, he is loads of fun.

    my virgo does have his routine, and is quite set in his ways about that. most people do have routine, and the fact that you are very young and immature, you actually have the means to just float differently everyday. most people are not like that and as you get older, trust me, you will have a routine, and become set in your ways.

    your ex, is only 27, and while he is now upset, he will move on. what I like about my virgo, is that he is true and steady, and would never cheat. very very reliable, and that is just fine with me.

    your ex was with you for 3 years, and apparently very much in love with you. so, it will take him some time to get over it, and yes he will get over you and move on.

    based on what you say above, you have not been consistent with your ex. if you want him out of your life, make sure you do not answer the phone when he calls, and do not answer his emails or texts. answering him and trying different hats on to try to chase him away is not only confusing, but just plain crazy.

    good luck with your scorp. boy they can be quite intense, and have awful tempers. oops, I am generalizing.. slaaaapp!!


  • I had a friend who was a Virgo. He was really fun and loyal to his partner. I knew him many years and he was dedicated to her heart and soul. Unfortunately, she did string him along. She left him for someone else and he committed suicide. 😞 Maybe his love is a true one. Just because someone is the one for you doesn't mean you are the one for them. Give him some time.

  • Mssunny- my Virgo is exactly how I explained. I have aqua traits but I'm not exactly the same as ur next aqua girl. So ya ur husband maybe different. But for the most part there are similar traits. Second of all being 22 doesn't make me immature. I really just don't have a routine. I go as I feel. Ya I take showers and brush my teeth everyday but Virgo... Never steps outside his box. I just have a mind and I use it. I say how I feel and how I feel with virgos... Just not a good mix. Like I said I have 2 sisters who are Virgos. One is crazy fun and the other is like my ex... Except with more humor. I didn't say virgos are all boring. Just my ex! I need more in life and I'm not afraid to say it or get it. I've told him that and he wanted to stay as he was. Which is fine. But not for me. I don't know his moon signs and sun stuff right now so I'm just gonna say virgos in general. I can give advice on an aqua female doesn't mean were the same but I know her traits : )

    I will try once again to ignore it's the crying that kills me. I love him as a person just not in love. It's been a year and I wish he would let it go. Thanks for the advice.

  • you have every right to your feelings, as your ex has his, and your scorp has his as well. you are not married toyour ex, and there are never any guarantees of 2 people staying together forever.

    you are trying your best to end it, but again, do not talk to your ex, you have explained again, and again. my feeling is, he was not prepared for the break up, and is having a hard time moving forward without you in his life.

    as for your age of 22, you are just barely getting started. trust me when I tell you, you will not feel the same about a lot of things in ten years from now. people do change over course of time, and well that is just the way it is.

    you have deep feelings for your new love scorp, but I wonder if he feels the same for you? he could end things with you after a year or so, and will you be as understanding, and just let him go?

    Scorps tempers scare the heck out of me, and I stay away from scorpios. not all scorps are the same, but the majority of them are way too intense for me. I can't handle that, and I prefer mellowing, peace, and I know exactly where I stand with my Virgo man.

    good luck with your spiritual journey.


  • oh, I forgot to ask you.. and I am just curious. what is the difference between being "in love" and "love that person". I really am curious, because being 57, and going on 58 this coming August, and I have heard that term a thousand times, and I still do not know what the difference is.

    Thanks, Sunny

  • oh, I forgot to ask you.. and I am just curious. what is the difference between being "in love" and "love that person". I really am curious, because being 57, and going on 58 this coming August, and I have heard that term a thousand times, and I still do not know what the difference is.

    Thanks, Sunny

  • Mssunny- I love him as a person and care but I'm not in love with him as far as wanting to get married and have kids and give him my heart again. While we were together he did some very rude un caring things that really just pushed me. He sees it now but it's to late. I fell out of looking at him as a potential mate. I will have to stay firm and not stick around. You are right about the age thing. He's at the age where he talks about marriage and kids. I'm so not there. I'm thinking about getting my masters and Career and stuff. I do agree in 10 years I will b different. I get along with scorp cause he is the same age and Is not looking for marriage. I have independence with him with no pressure. He could break my heart or I could break his. We could be together for years to come or we could go our seprate ways. Yes it would hurt and I would cry but not for a straight year. I would eventually start dating and getting on with life. If he kept rejecting me like I have to Virgo I would not continue. I would let go and take it as is. It was hard leaving Virgo but it was best for me. There's another girl who suits him just not me. I just hope he finds her. I will tale your advice though. Thank you it has helped. I have a big heart I hate being mean and cutting people out but I deserve to be happy too.

    Pieces- yes he's talked to me about suicidal things and that's what scares me to leave him alone. I don't lead him on in thinking there's a chance of getting me back but he acts so depressed and than refuses my no's I'm growing tired of it. I fear if I ignore him he may do something bad. But I may have too. Like everyone I deserve to be happy too. I gave him many chances to work with me. A whole 3 years!! But in the end it just wasn't meant to be.

  • after I logged off, I started thinking of my daughter who is also an Aquarius and when she was 18-19 she met a man who was 11 years older than her, and after a year or so of dating, he wanted to settle down and get married. she was so not ready for that, and other plans, like college, and travel, and then get a good job.

    Aquarians are freedom lovers, and usually have many friends. hard for many aquarians to settle down no matter what age you are.

    blessings with your spiritual journey.. Sunny

  • xtine

    what is your dob and his?

    I'll see what I can find

  • Katie1982, I like what you said whrn u say,, I can't do anything with myself. I thought that was awesome. I love that saying.

  • Xtine are you making him cry. You know what they say Aqua are cold, which I don't believe. In order for us to be cold we are pushed to that level. Over all we are really sweet beings.

  • Leo- 1/21/90 me and 9/1/83

    anything would help!

  • Hi Xtine

    Finally got time to sit down and look at his DOBs

    He is a Virgo with Gemini moon and north node. Sag and Virgo are dominant in his chart. Sag, virgo and Gem are mutable signs. The good thing is he is a communicative and expressive person. The bad thing is he is more about communication and expression, rather than feelings and control. This is why he is cruel and nasty to others. Because he expresses himself, without paying attention to the impact on other people’s feelings. Moon in Gemini is a good placement for ability to communicate his OWN feelings, but not the depth. Because he doesn’t fully explore the depth of his feelings, it’s difficult for him to understand other people’s feelings. He may relate to you well intellectually, but emotionally – it’s going to take time for him.

    You, on the other hand, has quite a wide range of emotions that you’d rather avoid relationship that has no ‘depth’ or suffocating. Pluto in Scorpio is adding to your will to throw away what is not necessary or not helping. It helps you move forward to a better and more likeable relationship, hence you broke up with the Virgo and move on to the new guy almost without too much effort.

    His Venus and Mars are both in Leo. He either showers you with gifts or attention, or he demands you to do so. If you don’t, then he will get upset. Like a child not getting toys on Christmas or birthday. Mars in Leo, is a lot of energy. He either channels it right, or he will end up restless and provoking people into arguing with him or even physical fights. He often misjudges people, particularly friends. It is possible that he trusts the wrong friends, and if these ‘friends’ don’t like you, he will trust them and then treat you the way they told him to. Either that, or he doesn’t like your friends without knowing for sure why. So every time you go out with your friends, you upset him. But instead of telling off your friends, he tells you off. Like your Scorp, this Virgo has a problem with getting his message across. Moon in Gemini helps lessens the difficulty, but not eliminating it. He really needs to work on this, or he will end up with more enemies and manipulated by so called friends.

    Neptune conjunct his South. He needs to examine his beliefs, his way of thinking, his perception over matters in general. If he can, it will help change his entire attitude, including attitude in relationship. Give him time to do this, then you can decide whether you want to give him second chance or not. Neptune’s illusion is great. This is why he treated you cruel when you were with him, but when he lost you, he wanted you back. He has to get out of this “fog” and find out what is real and what is not, or he will never be at peace with himself and with other people.

  • Hi leoscorpian, can u tell me what mine and a guy I'm seeing, what our rising suns are? We're both virgos and I know that's not enough to go off of. My dob is 8 27 82 and his is 9 21 74. We've been really rocky, actually not sure if we're even still dating. But perhaps your insight can give some clarity. Thanks!

  • hi orchid

    I only do general reading by DOB,

    I don't require time and place of birth

    therefore I don't read Rising sign

    will try look into your DOBs soon

    I have some pending work due this week

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