A question for the Captain

  • Good afternoon Captain

    Captain I have a question. It is about a scholar I applied for. I applied for this scholar for school and they told me that my gpa was not good at the time they did the paper work. But my counsler at school said that my gpa was above what the school is asking for. So I was wondering should I call them back, the people that was going to give me the scholar and have them review it again. Because my counsler was very surprised to hear that I did not get it. I have gone thought some hard times and still stay in school and kept my gpa at good standard for school. Even when I had my heart attack I still came home and did my papers for my finals. And I think that I have worked hard for this.

    Thank You so much


  • Yes, ring up and ask them why you did not get it.

  • Good Evening Captain

    I am going to call them on Monday. Because this is money that is due too me and I think I have worked hard. And I am five classes from getting my BA. I could use that money to help start paying some of my school loan off. I will let you know what happens


  • Captain,

    I am starting a new relationship with (close your eyes) the one guy in high school that I always wanted to date. It is 40 years later and we just reconnected. I just ended a psychologically abusive relationship that had been dead for the past 3 years. This relationship lasted so long because I had a daughter that was 1`3 years old and was afraid to end the abuse.

    My new man is the most supportive and nicest man in my world. I want to know if we could spend the twilight years together?

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  • Thank you! Did the new post show up yet? I appreciate your guidance.

  • Good Afternoon Captain

    Well I just got off the phone with the people that I should have talked too. And they told me that I passed everything, but when they started to add the numbers up there was where my score was below because with all the other people that apply for the grant this year so I am not able to get the grant. But what I don't understand is how they said that I passed everything then I should have got it. There is something else that they are not telling me and probably will not tell me. Well that is the end of that. I really could have used that money. I am got eight of my classmates to sign up for it and all of them got it and not me. How crazy is that. You something I would like to know I am waiting for some money do you think I will be getting it soon. It is a class actionsuit. And will it be a nice piece of money.

    Thank You so much for all of your help

    You are so awesome.


  • You passed but other people scored higher than you and there were only so many grants to give out. Did you ask if you could apply again?

    I don't feel a lot of money coming to you soon but I feel there is a way you can save money in your present budget by dropping some unnecessary expenses.

  • Dear Captain

    Yes I can do it again in March of next year. But I will be finish with school and then in May I will be starting on my Masters. Well what can I say. I try and maybe they needed more than I

    did. So do you think it may be about two thousands dollars or less. I don't think my spending habits are unnecessary because the only things that I spend on now are. Is the rent, gas, electric phone cable and food. I don't have enough to spend on anything else. That as all stop

    I don't even think that I will be sending my son too the day camp this summer. Ok that is enough sounding like I am crying.

    Thanks so much


  • Do you have any habits you can drop like smoking, drinking, gambling, or eating bad food?

  • yes i do smoke. but if i dont have money for the cigarettes i do without. I really jus like

    a this time I will have to do things that I don,t want too put too keep food in my kids mouth

    and the bills paided. I have even been looking for siomething to do at home to help.

    It just seems bad at the moment. Nothing is breaking for me. Well I guess that is how i goes sometimes.

    Thanks again Illona

  • Do you have any talents you can use to work from home? Even doing domestic chores like washing and ironing or grocery shopping for someone?

  • Dear Captain

    I think there may be something that I can do. I type very fast and I think I may try that to see if maybe I can help somebody with putting the information in the computer for them. But Captain I have a question. Stevie will be doing a show on August 28 at the Greek Theatre and I want to go. Do you think that will turn out too be a good thing. That gives me a enough time to get myself together. Like I want him to see me. And there are going to be some other groups that I know and that will be nice to see them too. So what do you think there are some other places they are going to be but when I seen that I just got chills over me. Can't stop thinking about that. So I just can't wait. So please tell me some good things. Captain has his friends told him the things that I have asked them to tell him. Like I ask one of them to tell him I said Happy Fathers Day are they telling him that they have talk to me. OR what. Thanks you are so awesome


    Maybe I can do some typing for you. Or maybe doing some data entry for you or maybe some of your friends.


  • I have already told you that I doubt your relationship with Stevie will turn out well for the long term. I think you are fantasising instead of seeing your relationship for what it really is. Are you attracted by the glamour of his work perhaps rather than by the man himself?

    No I don't need any help with typing or data entry, thanks. But try around your area.

  • Captain

    I don't want something that is long term. I enjoy all the fun that I have had around him. And right now I think there is something that I am looking for not a real relationship just something to make me come back alive. I understand that you said that it will only be a passion sexual relationship and not stable. But I just was asking do you think that he would be happy to see me there. I know Mr. Shockley. One thing we have never had any lies between use. ANd I know some of the things that he likes now. And I understand. I don't know how to explain it but I am going to have fun and enjoy myself.

    Thanks again. Illona

  • You know, he has other women in his life so you would not be his only girlfriend. Still this could be OK if you aren't looking for anything heavy or exclusive. All his women take a back seat to his work.

  • Captain

    Thanks for that. I know that Stevie hs always been with alot of other women. He does know how to treat people. He is not like some other men. He does not lie he will tell youthe truth right up front and I have to give that much to him because a lot of guys would lie before they told the truth. But that is one thing that we have always had with each other. And I know about his music my father was like that too. HE as on the road must of the time that I grew up and then he worked in the studio. I would never get inbetween his music really l like all the things that goes with him. The times that other people are jeaulous of you because yu are with him or just ith the group. I just can't wait to see him. You said there willbe a passion for the sex I hope so because that it was good before and I know it should be even better. He has learned some things. One question Captain do you think that night I go too the show we would spend some time together.

    Thanks so much Illona

  • Do you mean will you sleep together or just spend some time together - because he will be surrounded by people most of the time? It might be better just to slip him a note and see what happens.

  • Also it is possible you see Stevie as a substitute for your father as they are so similar?

  • Good Evening Captain

    It could be there is a lo t of things they have in common. Ok yes I was wondering if we would get to spend some alone time just me and him and would want to spend some time with me. And I will give him that note. Yes that is going to be a crazy night.

    I am very excited about aug 28th. Cant wait to see him.


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