I need help with a (possible) vision

  • I went to bed about 12:30 last night, and woke up about 15 minutes later, feeling like I was not in my own bed. That in itself is not unusual, as I have astrally projected myself in my sleep numerous times. However, the first thing in my mind when I woke up was the image of a bathroom, done up in yellow and white, with a window that let me see the bright sun outside. I got the feeling that I was in a man's bathroom - despite the femininity of the decor- and that it was the only bathroom in the house. Perhaps the man was only renting the house? More importantly was the fact that I seemed to know this man currently or will know him, although the vision did not extend enough to reveal his identity to me. And, further complicating things, I spoke with a friend, who had a dream that featured a bathroom with a yellow color scheme. However, the yellow she described was different from the yellow I saw. Any advice to be had on this?

  • This dream you had speaks volumes to me. Because I don't care to go into my history, I'll relate what I feel I know about this. Do you pray in your bathroom--

    Bathrooms represent cleansing, even baptisms. Spiritually speaking, it's very good to have a dream like this. I don't know if you are Christian, but I believe that God is speaking to you and I would suggest to pray about it. I believe the male presence is Jesus. He wants to reveal Himself to you.

    If you have gone thru a recent struggle, this dream is trying to give you hope also.

  • Well, recent major struggles have left me with something of an agnostic outlook on life, a very uncomfortable concept for one used to having strong faith in some higher power(s), whether such power(s) are Christian in nature or not. The image - as I was fully awake when I experience it, I choose to not call it a dream - suggested that I was visiting someone of my acquaintance, and although someone specific leapt to mind, I hesitate to say the image had something directly to do with him. And I still have no clue why my friend would have such a similar dream.

  • I believe, if you take my advice and pray God will reveal himself. Visions are not one sided. They usually don't have just one intention or one meaning. Because your friend had the same I would suggest that although your situation may not improve Someone knows of your struggles and is offering Hope. More is on the way. I very strongly believe God is offering you Hope.

  • SilverRose, I too believe as you do - higher power/Universe. I'm a Gnostic and metaphysical minister. That aside, are you by any chance single? I get this strong feeling that you are about to meet your mate!

  • Hi silverose, Nice vision, Yellow is a colour of the mind and thinking so expect some brilliant new idea to come along, but take notes during the next few hours or days as this may be a passing phaze in your life, because HE was only renting, so this will pass by you if you dont use this time. You know already what this is about (as you said you thought you new the person) and if you had a wish to fulfill, or an ambition now is the time. One more thing, yellow is a great colour for people who are loners as it will help them to join more with others ie come out of themselves. For sure its all good!!

  • Spiritbeing - I am single, but I hesitate to conclude that this is a "meet your mate" situation without some other sort of sign, which hasn't happened yet.

    Maria - I'm sure my subconscious knows what this is about. Now, if it would let my conscious self know, LOL! I am very much a loner, so I will think about the meaning of yellow more along the lines you suggest rather than some of the meanings I've found researching this dream.

  • This post is deleted!

  • I have a question, before you were strally projected, before you went to bed, what was on your mind?

  • Hmm tries to recall I'm not sure what I was thinking on that particular day, but what I can tell you is that vision came when I was in a very deep depression about issues dealing with some online friends and acquaintances.

  • I looked up the symbology in a book called "Dreaming" by Julia & Derek Parker, and this is what I get from your vision:

    Bright Yellow represents the light of the sun - intuition, faith & pure goodness. There are powerful associations between yellow and the abstract idea of health, so dreams in which yellow plays a dominant part should be related to your wellbeing.

    Dreams featuring the sun are also alluding to something vital to your wellbeing. The heat of your own personality may be under scrutiny, and, depending on how you were affected by it in the dream, it may be commenting on your psychological development.

    White is equated with simplicity, spiritual authority, chastity & the purification of the soul. A white dominated dream may suggest that you see yourself as untouchable, or distanced from problems.

    In my opinion, I think this dream may be your subconscious mind's attempt to make you aware of health and wellness issues that your conscious mind has dismissed or ignored.

    **Note: You can relay this message to your friend... Dark, muddy yellow symbolizes treachery, faithlessness, secrecy, betrayal & treason. Saffron yellow stands for renunciation, humility & lack of desire.

    Also, I couldn't find anything on Bathrooms in particular, but it did say that dreams of different rooms can relate to different areas of your waking life, according to the nature of the room. Obviously bathrooms are used for cleansing your body & releasing waste, so this could also be interpreted as comment on your wellbeing, thus adding to the wellness theme already mentioned.

    Freud asserted that, in Men's dreams, rooms are almost always symbols for women, especially if the ways in and out of them are represented. If you accept this, whether you were trying to get in, whether you exited, etc., is clearly important. This may explain why you thought it was a man's bathroom.

    About the window... It says that looking through a window is likely to be a comment on your view of yourself and your actions or another person and their actiions. There are several symbols to be considered are whether you were looking into or out of the room, whether the glass was clean or dirty, whether or not there were curtains, etc., and the interpretation of each one is worth serious thought because this dream is probably making an important point. If there were curtains in the window, and I'm assuming there were since decor was emphasized, this symbolizes that your view is partially blocked and may explain why you feel like you know the man who belongs to the bathroom but are not quite sure about his identity. It may also symbolize that your view of yourself is blocked and there is something about yourself that your subconscious is trying to make you see.

    Hope that helps!

  • I looked up the meaning of the varying elements myself, and am planning to do a Tarot reading, as well. And actually, your comments did touch on some aspects that I did not consider. The window itself had no curtains at all, and the glass was clear. The window may even have been open a bit - it was one of those where you have to raise the bottom pane to open it. As for whether I was trying to get on, etc -- I was ready to leave the bathroom, but hadn't reached for the door handle yet. Whatever presence was in the vision was waiting for me, but not in a confrontational way, which suggests I was a welcome guest/friend there.

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