NIGHT PARALYSIS; very scary stuff!

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    Can anyone explain to me why it is that sometimes (at least 2 or three times in my life I can think of) I've gone to sleep, either at night or for a day time nap, and experienced a strange buzzing or thumping sensation in my head then I can't move. It's like I'm awake, but my body isn't. It's really weird, and often I'll have images of things going on around me too either with my loved ones or other people I know. I wake up and feel a bit strange, like this morning I have a slight sort of pain down the back of my head and am a bit dizzy and not quite on the planet. I've heard this described as sleep paralysis, but has anyone else experienced this and what does one do about it? I'm experiencing a period of high stress at the moment and don't want to get scared of going to sleep!! Any help/insights would be appreciated 🙂

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  • Thanks HW. I did some googling and came up with my actual symptoms as being those of astral travel. I'm not ready for that, so I've asked the Angels to not take me there, at least when I'm conscious of it, because it scares me to death. Like being out of conrol. So I'll just have to go with it and hope that I don't get too much conscious awareness of this when it happens. Thanks again for all your help as always 🙂

  • I have read about people travelling out of the body and into the outer space. Like God teaching them about the life in Gods perspective, kind of thing.So if you - again - learn to surrender your soul and trust the highest, the allmighty, who cares for us and nurtures our souls to reach "Him", then you might have some wonderful experiences.

    Some say that God created seven heavens. And that these are also physical places. If this is so, the ones that has experienced astral travelling might be able to confirm this by referring to their experiences. So it might not be so dangerous, and at least not if you choose to surrender everything to God when you experience it. The trust you feel will then change the whole experience. It might also be a perfect opportunity to learn how to trust God. As long as you trust God, then you might even meet angels and have good experiences in this astral trip. Although I think I have experienced it myself once many years ago, and that was quite frightening. But I do think it is an opportunity to trust God and then have a quite good experience instead.

  • I think you're right, but at the moment I feel like I need to keep my feet on the ground and my inner self firmly anchored right there too. Maybe later I'll feel okay about it, but it's always scared me as I don't like being out of control. Still, guess I just might have to learn to surrender ... just am afraid I won't come back!!! Thanks again HW 🙂

  • cris 1962 as I understand this travel as long as you can see the cord that's attached you are ok. Not much comfort if it scares you. My daughter did it a couple of times when she was young and it scared her to death. And she blocked it herself. My x said he traveled and he would go and check on his children. Or any place else he wanted to go. It isn't something I do so can't give you more than this. Try sleeping with some lavender and see if it helps you relax enough that you can sleep. I will keep you surround with the love of the white light. Peace and harmony.

  • The cord is attached to the pituitary gland and has a length of about three days the speed of light. Hence the burial after three days dead. This gives the spirit time to detach from the body earlier burial is why we have "ghosts" that haven't crossed over yet. The popping sound is the astral door opening or closing. Most people wake up at this sound and the travel is lost. Once mastered we can go anywhere through space or time, and even stop to get friends along the way. Often the return to body is almost violent. (one friend actually did a flip in his bed upon return - confirmed by his wife laying next to him).

  • This has happened to me on and off for years. From what I understand it's connected to narcolepsy. It happens when the body is falling asleep or waking up. It is truly not fun but what I tell myself is I know I will wake up and it will pass and it always does. There are lots of sleep sights w/ more info. I found I automatically start saying part of a loving kindness meditation "I am safe and protected from all inner and outer harm" to subdue the fear. Since it's a very vivid dream it seems to be easy to bring in conscious choices (thoughts) even tho you can't "move". Best of luck.

  • Chris,

    Have you had your blood pressure checked lately? Perhaps all the stress your going through has elevated it.

  • Thank you for more insight on the out of body travel I am not able to do this so I can only repeat what I have been told. Thanks so much I will show this to my daughter.

  • Cris1962,

    Sorry. I've re-read my typing below and it's a long message. I really don't do "concise and to-the-point" well.

    This does sound like astral travel, as others have said. I've only had that feeling once, the popping, the not being able to move, being able to see the room though I can feel my physical eyes are closed, and the sensation of my inner self being rocked loose of the sheath of my actual body, but sadly woke up in the process, so I've never had the whole start-to-finish experience I've read about and envied.

    I believe I have travelled astrally many times, though usually only become aware of it while I'm in it. I've only been able to positively confirm one of the trips, though. It was to a ladies' restroom in Selfridges in a shopping mall in Milton Keynes, England, of all places! It really startled me to walk in for real two years ago on a visit to the UK and actually see this place I'd visited years before on the astral plane. Could hardly breathe or move with the recognition. Luckily it was England and everyone minded their own business, so I don't think they saw the stunned look on my face (or if they did, they pretended not to notice)!

    If you're fearing the sensation, once you're in the flow of it, it's really hard to tell it from vivid dreams, which most of mine are. Personally I have never seen the cord, but then I've never looked for it. Maybe it really is there. As for the fear of loss of control, maintain a childlike innocence, trust, and sense of love and faith in whatever higher power you believe in (even if that higher power is simply "actual reality"). You won't be lead to anywhere you don't want to go or where you won't be safe, as long as you remain calm and curious. I am not overly-religious (spiritual, yes, but distrust organized religion), but do find the 23rd Psalm to always be a comfort to me ("The Lord is my Shepherd..."). You could also try to bring a chant or meditation to mind, or even your daughter's voice telling you everythings fine.

    Also on the fear of loss of control, I used to get this often in my dreams, so I'm assuming the feeling you get with impending astral travel is the same (as mentioned, when I'm in it, I really can't tell that it's not just a vivid dream). That's reflective of one's fear of loss of control in actual life. This is why I encourage you to move beyond it. It's hard to let go. It's taken me years. Baby steps are fine. So, if you feel fear, stop in your tracks. Face the fear and try see it for what it is, and decide on fight-or-flight as you see fit, just as you do in real life, only on an astral trip, you have the added security of being able to snap back to your body and out of the danger in an instant. You do really have control, though, even if you are afraid. You know better than you think you do (and I can see this is true from the wise advice you give in this forum). Maybe put your "mum" hat on. Think of your daughter, as though you have her hand in yours, walking through a dangerous place. You know how to remain calm and alert to protect her. So try to do that for yourself.

    Please try to trust the next time it happens. Astral trips (and vivid dreams for that matter) really can show you insights you might not otherwise be able to see. They could lead to truths that you might not want to know, but you will know deep inside if it is the truth. Clarity comes with the territory. It may also give you a crucial moment of peace, serenity and escape you need to calm your waking life amidst your current tragedies... even if all you do is visit a ladies' loo halfway across the world!

    Wishing you strength and comfort in these troubling times.

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