I need help from a clairvoyant with this issue. . .

  • I need some help understanding why my Scorpio man has been emailing me for over two months but won't call me? I could not figure out which place to post this, but I would like to have someone do some kind of clairvoyant reading on this situation because I am totally at a loss.

    My birthday falls within seconds as Pisces turned into Aries, but my personality traits are completely Pisces. The only Aries traits I have ever found are the ones that show up when I am overly tired and cranky; then I feel like a two year old with a temper tantrum. I get vibes from him constantly. We seem to affect one another's moods and thought processes. He is totally psychic, and I pick up things, even visions from him.

    This is definitely an unconventional relationship but we are so tuned into one another that even our likes and dislikes are the same. We have a truly astounding communication and a greater depth of (for lack of a better word) cohesiveness--like glue--and he lives approx 500 miles away from me. We met, crazily enough, online and not through any conventional method or chat room. It was like our guides have been trying to get us together. The weird part comes in geographically. I live across from a tourist lake/dam area and so does he. Even the names of the street we live on are the same! Our parents ancestry is EXACTLY the same as my ancestral roots! And we each, never having met, knew what the other looked like and how our desk is arranged, right down to which direction we face at the computer.

    Now, my Spirit Guide is tickled pink that all of this wonderful communication is taking place and we are filling each others' needs and seem to go together like ham and eggs. We both care about one another deeply. His manner, as a Scorpio sun with Venus in Scorpio and a Cancer Moon, of expressing affection is totally opposite from my airy Gemini moon, Venus in Taurus' earthy show of affection that I believe I must be getting mixed signals.

    We have rarely EVER gone a day or two without emailing each other some silly something, and I know myself well enough to know that I love his inner beauty, because it shines like a beacon to me. What I wonder about is how is HE affected by me??? So far, he has been overly cautious when telling me how he likes my brain (LOL) and finds me interesting or else he would not have kept up the effort.

    My question is: What do you believe his feelings are for me? My gut instinct is to draw closer, and now he seems to be backing off. Why does he doooo that???

    What do you think???

  • He's worried the reality won't match the imagining, for you anyway! He's got self-esteem issues even though he may "talk" like he's one confident, strong dude. His feelings are getting stronger and he's getting scared that if you talk then eventually meet, that lovely feeling of unwrapping the present will be over and the actual gift won't live up to expectations. This is the first time he's done this I feel and it seems to be scaring him more than actually MEETING someone and going out somewhere. Maybe he feels like an ugly duckling or inadequate? I don't know, but there's some hesitation and I don't think it's because he's an egotistical jerk who thinks YOU won't live up to expectations, but rather HE won't in your eyes. He's very shy and I think he just might have a little stuttering problem, or some other thing with his speech that gets affected by his nerves (maybe he jumbles those words up?) ... But he writes like Shakespeare; very eloquent and well read.

    Why don't you write to him and suggest you'd love to talk on the phone with him, but you feel very shy yourself after all this time just writing? That way, you deflect the "worry" away from him. Gotta be worth a go, don't ya reckon? And see what unfolds ... btw, I get that he's kinda cute 🙂 GOOD LUCK!!

  • Hi, Just from reading your post I can tell that you really like this guy. I find it very easy to relate to Scorpio as a friend. They're talkative. In my experience, this sign has always tried to boss me. They have very concrete ideas about certain things. I find it hard to relate to this sign on anything other than friends. So, my advice is to take it slow. You may find some differences between the two of you. Hold your thoughts on what you truly want in a relationship.

  • In my opinion it seems like you have connected with your spiritual twin from a past life that you were both very connected. You both want to connect but are both afraid of what would happen as you are both on the same level and read each other like a open book. So there is no mystery into each other. The only way to truly find out how things would work for both of you is to actually find a place to meet together. What I mean is you both find a place to stay separately but meet togehter on a daily basis for a long weekend and see where it leads.

  • Dear Cris1962:

    You hit it right on the nose! You 're quite good at this. You picked up signals that I did not even mention.

    I have him my phone number quite some time ago. His is unlisted, of course, and he has no cell phone. I realize I could "force" the issue by making a trip, but I believe it might backfire in a way that will make him disappear.

    I've tried all sorts of ways and right now, he's chosen to not even make contact. I know this sounds silly, but not hearing from him for three days is VERY unusual. All I want, for the moment, is to be reassured that he will hang in there, even though I'm picking up some odd vibes.

    Thank you for sharing.


  • I am very honoured to be of help to YOU my friend; you've given me some very fine insights indeed with other posts. So go for it and good luck! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxox

  • Dear Cris1962:

    Thank you soooo much for your wonderful insight. Too bad we can't read for ourselves!

    I believe I have found the problem. I left out a word (like NOT) in a sentence and did not clarify matters when I told him my ex had called and wanted to meet me at some bar. I'm pretty sure he went ballistic around that time and decided I was a "distraction" he did not need.

    I sent him another email, and he closed one email account that I know of, and even blocked me from his avatar on Yahooanswers. So, I have a pretty good idea that he's just mad. I'd been feeling these crazy vibes and it finally dawned on me this afternoon that he misread what I had written or else I failed to clarify how the situation stood.

    The fact that my ex still calls me probably made him think I talk to him a lot, which could not be further from the truth. He is an addict to the three letter word we can't use online, and he is an alcoholic. He only thinks of me when he's run out of women to hang around with.

    I know this seems rather silly, but I should have known he'd go nuts since he's a Scorpio. Maybe it was a subconcious desire to see if he'd squirm and how much would he squirm? He expects total honesty from me but I'm not allowed to know every nit-picky detail of his life. Sound familiar?

    These are a lot of words to let you know I did as you suggested AND sent a corrected email. I hope you are right and this is just temporary.

    You have a real gift, lady friend! Keep us in line!!!

  • Hi Cris,

    maybe you can give me some insight as to what went wrong in my relationship and what direction my life is headed. How do I let go of the past and move on when my heart is still stuck in the past?

  • G'day firefly - glad you uncovered the problem as such. This is one sensitive fellow and I get that his disappointment here was HUGE, like he was about to take that final plunge and had to pull back. Shew! I don't envy you the eggshell path you're on at the moment, but I gets the hint you'll handle that just fine 🙂 And you know a few love stories of old began with the written word over long distances, so, heck, it's your turn to say "You've Got Mail" and give old-fashioned love the boost it needs in these material times (which're ending if the Mayan calendar has anything to say about it ... ) And look how many twists and turns happened to the romances in YGM and Sleepless in Seattle, etc, etc. Movies are movies, sure, but don't tell me they came from imagination ONLY 🙂 AGain, good luck.

    junglebunny, hmmmm, didn't know they had bunnies in the jungle 🙂 Look, I get that there has been a fair bit of neediness in your relationships; almost bordering on "what time did you have breakfast, what did you have, where are you going now, who's she/he??" This could be you or your partners - can't see exactly who (it's late over here in Aus, can't sleep but am tired) but either way, there is a neediness or an attraction of it that is causing a stifling and smothering in your relationships. You're beginning to come out of this phase though, hence your question, so take a good look at who's been the needy one and then an even better look at why. If you are/were the needy one, what happened to cause this? If they are the needy ones, what do you think you do to attract this? Actually, here it comes ... you ain't the needy one, it's THEM. You've been a fixer all your life and played the willing saviour haven't you? I think you did this for a parent and younger siblings even, and this has stayed with you all your life. This last relationship fizzled because I think you just didn't bother to clean up this person's messes enough; how dare you!? So off she went, blaming you in the process. Good riddance I say; let her go and suck the blood out of someone else's veins.

    So, my suggestion is this: you've done your bit, you've more than earned your stripes. Let go of other people's miserable lives and focus on your own. You can't save anyone, unless it's a child about to be hit by a bus o'course, but you can try and point them in the right direction; the rest is up to them.

    And go easy on yourself will you? You've a heart of gold in there, but you need to protect it a bit from the inherent gold diggers out there, as I think you've just found out. Take a break from love my friend; recharge your emotional batteries, liven up your friendships which I think have been a bit neglected and have some real fun. Oh and how about you buy that car you've been eyeing off? Gorn, spoil yerself 🙂

    If I'm right off the mark, please accept my apologies. It's 1.40am over here. Tried me best, but mighta got it a bit wrong. Feedback would be welcome, so I'll know to not pop on the 'puter when I can't sleep ... If I am way off the mark jbunny, I'll have another go when I'm a bit more "alive"!!!

  • Thank you. In our relationship I think he was the needy one. His ex wife left him and that left him scarred I think. But God I love him and its so hard to focus on things. I just want him back so badly. Do you see things working out between him and his ex? They were so disfunctional I can't imagine why he would want that in his life. When I imagine all of these endless months without him. I don't have younger brothers and sisters but honestly growing up I always felt like the older one.

  • Ah dear, I got that you were the guy and the ex was the gal ... sorry! But maybe that's because you are the strong one in your relationships, providing more of a male sort of energy within them. Honestly, I am getting that you've been a bit of a sucker for emotional parasites (which is how people are when they're weakened; doesn't make them bad people, just needy) and you get left feeling like a worn out sock at the end of it. Look, nothing much is going to work out for your ex and his ex; he's a mess at the moment and you getting back with him could mean you'll be a mess too. I know how hard this would be for you, trust me! But you need to take time for YOU and stop trying to pick up the pieces of broken bottles other people have dropped. The energy you're giving out at the moment is one of abject exhaustion and a feeling that this man - or any man - is going to pick you up and make you feel energised again. Of course they will in the first instance, then once the "honeymoon" period is over, you'll be back to sorting out their problems again.

    All I can say is if he comes back, give it a go if you feel that strongly about him. But try and keep a bit back for yourself, if you know what I mean. Don't do things for him if you don't really want to. If he can't cope with that, then he's not right for you. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, eh?

    I truly wish you the best and hope you come to the realisation that it's okay for people to fix their own problems without your endless help and devotion. And by the way, I have an older sister (who I don't speak to anymore) but I felt like the older one too for similar reasons; just like I felt like I was "parenting" my parents at times. It ain't no fun and takes too much from your heart and joy in the long run; I'm living proof of that.

    Good luck and take care of YOU for a change 🙂

  • thank you you have given me the best advice so far on this site. You want to know what is so sad about this all I want to be there for him when she breaks his heart. I dont know if that means I am weak. I felt so being alone before him but now it is just so hard. Thank you so much Cris. Haha that is his name too

  • Dear Cris1968,

    You were soooo right on target about his disappointment being HUGE! He stomped around all weekend, muttering to himself over an email mistake I made, which he misunderstood, and I did as you suggested, and I got an email an hour ago. The vibrations were all about HIS disappointment, HIS jealousy and HIS over-reaction. He was in the blame mode, still a little weirded out but feeling consoled. . . and admitting (even if only to himself) that he DID misunderstand and got into the ballistic mode of jumping to conclusions about me still talking or seeing my ex while we were emailing.

    The funny thing about is how, all along, I HAVE turned down dates because it really did feel like I would be disloyal and betraying his trust. When I read it, the back-handed, back-door comedy of it all struck me funny.

    HE already feels like he's made a commitment and I am distracting him from his work. He was already frustrated over a project he's been working on and went a little overboard into a full fledged temper tantrum over HIS frustration.

    The whole situation is now clear to me and hopefully to him, too. I let him know he will always be considered as a precious gift, and that is not something he can take away from me.

  • jbunny, so glad to be of help in some way 🙂 By all means, be there for this fellow if you feel this depth of caring for him. Just remember not to lay yourself out like a sacrificial lamb; your heart needs nurturing too and if he can't give you that, well be his friend, nothing more, and feed your own soul.


    Ah, good luck with this fella. Sounds like he's almost bordering on over-sensitive, but didn't you mention he's a Scorpio? Fits that profile as far as I know! He'll settle down and realise his stupidity in this also. I think he may even offer an apology which'll be no mean feat for him. Keep on writing and hopefully there'll be a ring on the telephone some day soon with him on the other end of it. Or even better, a knock on the door ... well gee, what's 500miles??? 🙂

  • Cris my ex and I are currently not speaking. Do you have any insight into the way he feels? I need to talk to him I need some questions answered just so I can be free. Will he ever call will he want to talk. I just feel so lost I do not know what to do

  • Dear Cris1968,

    The fact that he took the effort to make a reply shows me his feelings are definitely in the hot, hot, hot category, and when he's not boiling mad, he's a terrific guy.

    When I went back and counted the emails, there were 17 from me over the course of 4 days. One message the email account sent more than six of the same reply, making it look like I actually sent him the same message over and over again, akin to torture by water, drip, drip, drip. My Pisces nature is moving water, and his is fixed. Reminding him that flowing water CAN move an ice floe, my nature is to persist.

    Once I read his email, I could literally "see" the surprise and dismay that he had so much mail in his inbox and got upset because he found himself spending more time opening mail than in doing his project. I admit it. It was a little insensitive of me to keep on poking at him. I was sending cute stuff I found that I hoped would make him lighten up and laugh because he tends to take himself too seriously.

    I could tell from the way he answered that he was purposely holding back from saying how upset he really was. I apologised and told him I would back off so he could get his work done without being overly distracted.

    Your insight helped to resolve the issue in a more positive light. With his being a Scorpio, he desperately needs his quiet, "me: time more than most of us to refuel his energies. Plus, he relies heavily on his 6th sense, feeling things out before taking action. This time, however, he over-reacted to me over-reacting, and it felt kind of like the air might feel just before a nuclear explosion.

    I find it somewhat amusing (but I don't tell him that), and it makes life interesting. Never a dull moment with Scorpio, that's for sure.

  • Hey jbunny,

    I think this is happening everywhere. Full moon and all that - tends to have a skewy effect on communication and mood, especially for crabby crabs like me, we're the ones who cop the no contact usually!

    Your ex is one very confused soul at present. I think he is a genuinely caring person who is withdrawing a bit as he feels like he's being a burden. That said, he's also the type of guy (this is my impression here, not necessarily gospel) who gets angry when he can't get those darned words out. So instead of spewing them out, he keeps them in and seethes then eventually blows. He's also a bloke and blokes do go off and think by themselves rather than share what they're feeling. He loves you; I get that, but he feels some sort of obligation and strong pull towards his ex wife which I feel is a past life echo. He needs to sit and figure out why he can't seem to live without her. Are their children in this marriage - I can't seem to get any child energy here. So if no, then his reason for going back to her then leaving (which has happened more than once I feel) definitely is some sort of past life echo where he may be feeling he still has unfinished business with her. What I get here is that the karma has been well and truly balanced between them and it is time for both of them to move on (she has similar problems with letting him go) but neither of them are aware of this. Something will happen in the near future - maybe weeks - which will cause him to sit up and realise what the truth of the matter is. Now once he leaves her for good, which he will, he probably won't come straight back to you romantically. I get the sense that this man is going to try and sort himself out for once and for all and that he won't want to mess your life up anymore, or his own. You need simply to be there for him, as you mentioned you'd do before. This is the best gift you can give him at the moment; and yourself God knows!

    So please take this time as I've said before to give to yourself as much as you can and you just might find things working out between the two of you. It will take some time, but neither of you will benefit from getting back together before you've both sorted out your issues. But the friendship between the two of you will always be there ... with the promise of more to come ... 🙂

    Hope this helps some!

  • thank you Cris, there arent any kids. They have split multiple times before. He does get angry when he can't find the words. I also get the feeling he feels a lot of guilt. Its crazy how accurate you were. Wow thanks

  • Hi Cris......and you are an Aussie Girl too!!! I'm from Melbourne. I was reading the things you picked up on with the others on this blog and wondered if I could please ask you to give me a little insight? I am waiting on a guy I have been seeing casually for nearly 9 months to decide how he feels about me and if he wants a "real" relationship. He is (8 years younger) Taurus with Cancer moon and Cancer rising sign and I am Taurus with Virgo moon and Virgo rising sign. I have been healing after divorcing my husband and going through a tough time with him not accepting the split, and wasn't ready for a relationship and wasn't prepared to let any guy get too close. Then it just kind of hit me one day how special this guy is and although the situation with him is frustrating me a little, I feel like we are meant to be and I don't seem to be able to walk away from him and have him on my mind constantly.

    I have asked him for more, told him I want to take things further, he has said no. But gives me lots of mixed messages and confuses me no end. I get the feeling that he has more feelings for me than he is letting on and I can truly "feel" what a really lovely guy he is, how lovely and good hearted and kind and gentle and compassionate etc etc etc that he is, although he doesn't show that side of himself to me. He remains closed up and shuts me out. Am I doing the right thing by waiting for him to realise that there is more between us or am I perhaps wasting my time with my wishful thinking. I'm starting to worry a little that maybe I'm too emotionally involved to be subjective here!!!!!!

    I would appreciate any thoughts you may have on this. Thanks so much in advance Cris.

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